Weekly Poll: Do You Own an Apple TV?

At the end of last year, it looked like Apple just might release a TV in 2012. Our readers were skeptical, but still, many indicators seemed to point in that direction. But here we stand, with the year all but past, and unless Apple decides to release something in the next 4 weeks, 2012 will end without a TV from Apple.

That is, except for the Apple TV. No, Apple doesn’t make a TV itself, but its $99 set top box just might be the handiest little device you can hook up to your TV. Steve Jobs referred to it as a hobby, but it’s been a hobby Apple keeps coming back to. It’s more affordable than ever, so tiny you’ll hardly notice it in your living room, and with AirPlay and a Mac or iOS device, it can be the simplest way to show off a presentation or play a game on the big screen.

That’s why we’re wondering if you have an Apple TV. If so, do you ever use it with your Mac via AirPlay, or do you just use it to play online and iTunes media on your TV? Or is an Apple TV on your Christmas wish list? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Apple’s non-TV in the comments below.


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  • I was given the newest Apple TV for free a month or two ago from my dad’s friend. I basically use it only for AirPlay screen mirroring. If I want to use YouTube, Netflix, etc. I will use my Playstation 3. I can’t stand typing on the Apple TV with that stupid remote.

    • Use the Remote app on your iPhone or iPad to type.

  • I bought my Apple TV a few months ago and use it all the time. I have an Xbox with Netflix on it but it gets annoying with the pop ups and being bothered by friends when I just want to watch a show. I also use it to watch rented movies and some shows, mostly anime. My favorite part of it is streaming music to it from my iPhone, i used to have it plugged into my surround sound system and had to go over to it if I wanted to change a song. Now I can control it from my iPhone which is alot more convenient. My only complaint with it is that the music occasionally skips and stops all together when streaming it from my iPhone or iMac. I changed the Apple TV to a wired connection using the ethernet cable from my adjacent Xbox and it seems to happen less frequently but still does happen.

  • I use a blu-ray player that has wifi with Netflix, Crackle, and some other apps. It serves my needs fairly well.

  • I’ve had the Apple TV for a few years now and it’s great. I think it’s much better than the concept of an actual TV since it means you can use it with any TV hardware. It’s also portable!

    It would be nice if they opened it up more to developers and basically moved to an app store setup so people can customise the content available on it, including games that could be operated using iOS devices maybe! That would make it a serious Home Entertainment accessory.

    p.s. If Apple are reading this, my advice is always available to you so just let me know ;-)