Weekly Poll: Do you own an iPhone and a Mac?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone 5 years ago, many downplayed the device’s significance to the industry but still assumed it’d sell good thanks to Apple’s Mac fanbase. The iPhone quickly proved it could hold its own in the world, and thanks to the App Store and iCloud, you could easily use an iPhone today even if you didn’t own any other computer at all. Many iPhone users have never owned a Mac, and despite most Mac users love of all things Apple, there’s still many Mac users that have never owned an iPhone.

I’m one of those. I’ve owned an iPod Touch, and loved it, but continued using my old phone for voice calls and txts since iPhones are only sold unlocked in Thailand and cost more than an iPad upfront. Even with Apple’s upcoming launch of the next iPhone, I’ll be paying more attention to details about the next iPod Touch unless they seriously cut the unlocked iPhone’s price.

Whether for cost or just because you don’t use the phone that much, there’s still many of us who don’t have an iPhone. Are you in that number, or are you more devoted to your iPhone today than your Mac? We’d love to hear your thoughts in this week’s poll on the eve of Apple’s next major iPhone launch.


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  • Don’t the poll need an option?

    I don’t own an iPhone nor an iPod, but i do have 2 mac computers

  • My white MacBook (late 2008 model) was my first foray into the Apple world. I have always wanted an iPhone and lusted after the 4S when it came out. Sadly, because of it’s huge price tag, I know I could never afford it at my salary. I initially thought of going for an Android phone but no matter how much I play around with my friends’ phones (various models too), I could never seem to quite like it. Recently, I got a Sony Xperia Go, mostly out of necessity because my old phone quit on me & I needed one bad, and I’ve adjusted to it. It’s got great features, pretty fast for a mid-level phone and it’s waterproof to boot. Still, once the new iPhone comes out, I’m sure I’ll be wanting to chuck this one out and wish I had the moolah for Apple’s new phone. But then, I’ve been without it for years. I’ll survive.

  • You can get a contract-free and unlocked iPhone, but it is going to be very expensive (but then most Apple products are!). Honestly, few years ago iPhones were the best phone you could get, but these days Android and other mobile OSes provide very similar experience and you can save few hundred bucks.

  • white iPhone 4 gsm, ipad 3 white 32gb wifi/4g, 2008 macbook pro, and an ipod nano!

  • Anything I need to do with a phone that requires something that the iPhone does, I can easily do with any of my other devices (Android) and then some. I use a PowerBook (2009) and even that was overpriced. I give the PB some props because it is still humming along just fine even now, and I can grind a machine to the bones the way I work and play. And I run multiple OSes in tandem or nested and sometimes run 3, 4, or more power programs (not piddly stuff) all day on top of the usual email, browser, etc.

    I won’t be buying another Apple computer unless there’s a way to open it up and work on it myself for things like boosting memory. The price they charge to do that in-shop during or after purchase is about 6x the cost of just the sticks of equal (sometimes greater) value. Same for other components inside a Mac… and it’s ridiculous. Yes, I know what’s in a Mac vs other machines I have used and do use.

    Perhaps in the time left on this machine, Apple may come to its sense, as there are those of us out here who are not dazzled by superficial fluff and a McDonald’s “have it our way” mentality. As to the iPhone… its worst case scenario of all of Apple’s downside.

  • MacBook Air 11, iPad 2, iPhone 4

  • I own a MacBook mid-2007 and a MBA mid-2012. I rushed to buy the iPhone 4 when it first came out, and I’ve regretted it ever since — the weak phone signal is really a PITA. I will not make the same mistake with the iPhone 5. I will probably wait for its improved version before buying one.

    Never wanted to own an iPad. I find it redundant.

  • So, when are you guys going to start posting actual polls instead of just trying to spark comment threads? A poll would allow us to see statistical results.

    • Well, this one does have a real poll too. What more could we do in that direction? Even this one does give a bit of a clue as to how many Mac users that read our site own iPhones…

    • Howard, do you use Ghostery on your browser? I used to think “duhh, where is the actual poll?” on these posts, until I looked at Ghostery settings and told it to unblock PollDaddy. Now I see the poll results.

      I suspect you have something blocking the poll element, or you wouldn’t have made that comment.

      • Oh, very interesting. Thanks for commenting. Hopefully too many people aren’t having that problem. Perhaps I should include a direct link to the PollDaddy poll at the end of the post in the future.

  • I own an Android phone and a Hackintosh. Nothing really fits me in the poll. :P