Weekly Poll: Do You Plan to Try Out Windows 8?

Microsoft isn’t usually the first company on our radar as Mac users, but with their upcoming release of Windows 8, they seem to be actually thinking different, for once. Windows 8 is easily the most dramatic change Windows has ever seen, taking it quite far away from its original Macintosh-inspired design. At worst, it takes some inspiration from the iPad in being a touch-centric UI, but otherwise, everything new in Windows 8 is a Microsoft-based design.

New innovation is always cause for excitement, and even if we love Apple, we’re always excited to see other companies pushing the bounds and making great new products. Windows 8’s new square and typography centric design is at least an interesting step in a new direction. It might be one that leaves most PC users behind, but it’s also one that piques our interest, at least a bit.

Has Windows 8 caught your interest, and are you looking forward to trying it out? Do you think it could tempt you away from OS X and iOS? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • I will absolutely try it out…whether or not I’ll actually use it often is a different story. The new Microsoft Surface tablets look wonderful, but I probably won’t consider getting one.

  • I’ve already installed it on my MBA, with Parallels. I got an MSDN account from my University and I kind of liked it. But on a laptop without touchscreen I don’t find it useful att all. With a specially made computer just for Win8 I think it can be pretty nice… but I’ll never change from my MBA with Mountain Lion (L).

  • Yeah, because having to switch between two different screens constantly is something that I feel has been missing from operating systems for years. If I were to have it, I would put the Start button straight back using one of the tweaks already available. But then why not just use Windows 7?

    For a tablet it makes sense, for a Desktop computer, good lord no.

  • I’ve been trying out the Enterprise version and at first I thought it was fairly nice, at least from an aesthetic perspective. Then I started to use it. It’s awkward switching from the standard desktop environment to the Metro interface. Not to mention I think a lot of people are going to flip out over the fact that practically everything that is “familiar” in Windows has been moved around. Like Alex said, might as well use Windows 7 (if you have to use it at all).

    • I use Windows 7 in VMware Fusion occasionally, and plan to stick with that. Hey, for most purposes, even XP in a virtual machine fits any Windows needs a Mac users has.

  • I already have it running on my machine. At first it seemed a little awkward. For example I had to google it just to find out the location of the Restart command so a lot have changed.

    The metro UI seems promising. The way applications are managed helps creating a simpler mental model compared to traditional window based approaches.

    Compared to Mac OS X, the changes from iterations of Windows (XP -> Vista -> 7 -> 8) are very bold.

    • I agree. Also having it installed since a few weeks (I have an account for MSDN-AA, where it’s been available since mid August or so).

      I think the new UI concepts bring fresh air. Personally, I haven’t used many metro apps, though. Overall, the operating systems feels smoother and faster than WIndows 7.

      I’d also like to see Max OS X getting some bigger updates in future.

  • Poorly structured poll that reeks of bias. That being said, unless it offers improvements for running power programs that 1) do not run on OSX or 2) have wimpy versions for OSX, I’ll stick with Win7 as the baseline. But I will be loading up VMs of Win8 soon as I can.

    And the Metro stuff… who cares… not me. I’m not some little hipster easily dazed and dazzled by pretty / stripped-down interfaces.

    • To be honest, I was having trouble thinking of how to word it in a broad way that didn’t either seem like a Microsoft ad on a Mac site, or a Mac site bashing Microsoft for no reason. Tough to convey a solid middle ground…

  • I’ve had some version of W8 installed in a VM for about six months (I use Windows-only CAD software). I don’t mind “change” if it improves the UI/workflow and I actually kind of like the look of metro… and W8 has some nice improvements under the hood.

    Unfortunately, it’s a total disaster to use on the desktop. It’s clunky to switch between metro and the desktop, and Charms is clunky, and you literally need a manual on how to do anything in metro, or even how to find the restart button.

    For anyone complaining about the iOS-ification of OS X, spend a few days with W8 and you might find a new appreciation for what a great job Apple is doing (in the big scheme of things – that’s not to say Apple hasn’t flubbed some details).