Weekly Poll: Do You Plan to Use Mountain Lion’s Included Apps More?

With Mountain Lion just around the corner, most of us will be running a new OS in the next few weeks. Among the deeper changes that Apple baked into their latest version of OS X, there’s a ton of new apps coming along for the ride: Notes, Reminders, Notifications Center, and more. Plus, long-time standbys like Mail are getting updates along with the rest of the system.

The interesting thing is, all of the new apps are ones that originally appeared in iOS, but Apple’s finally bringing them to OS X. Coming along is the skeuomorphism – mainly with stylized leather – that Apple recently seems to love applying to new apps.

Many of us already have ways we keep up with notes and to-dos, and perhaps have already used alternate email and calendar apps, too. This time around, though, do you think you’ll be using the new apps, or trying out the updated ones? Or will you stick with you existing apps, or perhaps even try a new 3rd party app instead? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • I’ll definitely use them more. Especially Notes and Reminders. I’ll probably drop Quick Note just for the tighter integration with iOS. Notification Center i’m not too sure of yet, honestly. I didn’t mess with MLDP’s enough to try it. (My iMac hard a bad video card and i just got it fixed)

  • I’ll be using Reminders, Dictation (it’s really good), and iMessages a lot. iMessages will likely prompt me to stop using Google Voice (which I use primarily to txt/reply via browser).

    The social tools look interesting, we’ll see. And features like Power Nap, while not actually features a user interacts with, are very exciting for me as an admin.

    Other features like Notes are fairly “meh”. AirPlay is fairly exciting as a professional presentation tool, otherwise I don’t care too much.

  • If I hadn’t switched to Android then definitely. However as none of these (as far as I’m aware) offer any non-Apple integration, it’d be a waste of time. Which is a shame :(

  • I’ve been using Messages since Apple released the beta. I’m sure I’ll continue to do so. I am really looking forward to Reminders. I’ve become completely dependent on the iOS versions.
    Notifications is a “wait-and-see”. I’m such a Growl fan, it will take some solid code to replace it.

  • Definitely! There is no need to use third party tools when there is capable native choices. Looking forward to Notes and Notifications the most.

  • I’m looking forward to Notes most of all. Having notes in Mail drives me crazy, so a separate app helps keep things organized. This will probably replace Evernote for most of my list making.

    I’ll have reminders turned off the first second I get into Mountain Lion. I prefer to work on things in chunks, and notifications interrupt my workflow and train of thought, often with completely unimportant things.