Weekly Poll: Do You Scan?

After my flatbed scanner died around a decade ago, I completely gave up with owning one. They were slow, clunky, and something that I only used half a dozen times a year. Besides, everything was going digital, and we’d soon stop receiving paper altogether, right?

Unfortunately, that never seemed to happen. And eight years later I had two filing cabinets and various files full of receipts, invoices, statements, and all manner of other correspondence. I decided that enough was enough, and picked up a ScanScap scanner to digitise all those documents.

Coupled with DevonThink Pro Office, everything has OCR performed on it (Evernote works just as well), and I’m now filing cabinet free! Scanning once again feels like a state of the art process to be doing, with a modern combination of hardware and software.

But is this something you do? I’m not sure whether a scanner is considered a necessary computer accessory any longer… Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Yes yes yes. As an architecture student, I am always scanning things. But I understand the sentiment that scanners are going out of fashion, especially with how clunky they feel compared to newer technologies.
    Knowing how often scanners are used for documentation, I don’t think that scanners are an easily replaceable technology. That being said, I hope that they can be reinvented in the future to be more compact.

  • I recently had to scan all my I.D. to create copies for national security clearance (work thing). Without a scanner I would’ve been screwed … or up for a massive bill at a local printing/scanning place.

    Plus, every time I buy something that I want a record of, I scan the receipt and keep a copy offsite. There’s no point insuring your precious stuff only to be unable to prove the purchase if an insurance company should ever ask for it.

    • FWIW, I have an Epson Artisan 720 printer/scanner combo. It’s easily the best multifunction device I’ve ever owned.

  • I have a Canon 9000f, it’s very good, fast and can scan lots of negatives at once. Some of the cheaper canon scanners have rubbish software support and this one is one of the most expensive, but is worth it for the fast start up and 9sec page scans.

  • I did the same exact thing as you about three years ago. I was able to get rid of a file cabinet full of academic articles. Now that I have an iPad things could not be better. Also, many universities have purchased copiers that make PDF files. What more could one ask for?

  • I’ve looked at the ScanSnap scanners before, but they’re just too expensive. $300 for something that would only save me a couple minutes on occasion just isn’t worth it to me. If you have a huge volume of stuff to scan then it might be, but not for small volumes.

  • I have the ScanSnap S1300 and love it. Mine is paired with Yojimbo.

  • Where’s the multi-fuction printer option? I use a Canon MPX860 and the scanning function comes in handy even more often than the copy and fax. I could never be without a multi-function printer but if I were, I would invest in a scanner even if it was just for receipts.

  • As long as there are printers there will be scanner.

  • Do I scan? Yes I do.

    Does Time Capsule let me do it wirelessly? No it doesn’t.

    Should TC let me considering how much it costs? Yes it should.

    Am I dumping TC for a new NAS box? Yup.

    Am I gaining a whole bunch of functionality/scalability and at the same time paying less money? Hell yeah!

    • Should you have thought of this/checked this *before* you bought the Time Capsule – yes. :P

      (and I should point out that I have an Airport Extreme – why? Because it’s one of relatively few routers out there that also allows you to reliably print to a USB printer over the network (when I say allows, I mean one that *actually works* unlike several others that I tried which simply failed to work outright, including a so-called ‘print server’ -.-‘))

  • Yes, we are using a few ScanSnap 1500 and digitize all our office documents via DEVONThink Pro Office. Great match if you are using Macs.

    And we backup all the scans to CloudSafe (https://secure.cloudsafe.com). This will be covered soon in detail at the ScanSnap community as well.