Weekly Poll: Do You Still Download Apps from the Web?

Earlier today we published an article containing over thirty great apps that you won’t find in the Mac App Store. This impressive selection of must-have software proves that despite the App Store’s wild success (100 million downloads), there are in fact several developers who either can’t get in due to the nature of their app or simply don’t want to distribute their apps through the App Store.

In today’s poll we want to know whether or not you’re completely sold out on the App Store as a user. Do you still find yourself downloading non-App-Store applications from the web or have you decide to stick to the official offerings filtered through Apple’s infamous review process?

Once you’ve voted in the poll, leave a comment explaining your answer. If you only download App Store apps, is it because it’s simply more convenient or do you like the fact that the apps are filtered through a review process? If you still download non-App-Store apps, do you think indie developers with great projects deserve more support? Are they being overshadowed by the App Store?


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  • Rarely, but it does happen.

    I would like a lot that all the apps that i need were in the Mac App Store. But Eclipse, Transmission, Coconutbattery and others, i had to download from web.

  • I never open the App Store. I may have some apps that I could have found easier in the app store, but given that I’m already always jumping around in my browser and trying random apps, there’s no reason for me to use the App Store.

    It may also have some say that I’m a student and thus go primarily after the free and open source alternatives, and I’m under the impression that they’re rarely found in the App Store.

  • I only get stuff off the app store if I have to. I would prefer to deal straight with the seller, and to know that they are getting all of the profits.

    The app store is great for exposure, I’m sure, but I like trial periods, refunds and education pricing, and you can’t really get any of those through the store.

  • i would like to get all apps from appstore, i like how it works.

    but many apps isn’t available there ((

  • App Store = Giving Apple control where it had none before.

    Why would you ask Apple to limit what your Mac can do?

    After I learned how apps have to be limited to be in the App Store I decided to stay faaar away.

  • When apps are available over the Internet I always prefer to not use the AppStore.

  • The AppStore is so very annoying. I dislike giving up control to Apple. Even more annoying are developers who don’t even take the time to make a trial version.

  • I use a pretty even mixture of both. I like the centralised update system of the App Store, but if it’s something I use regularly (like Evernote) I prefer to get it from the Web.

    I always prefer paying for apps on the App Store. It’s much easier than asking someone who has a credit card to do it for me, and purchasing iTunes cards is also much, much more secure.

  • I said Yes I download from the web, however, I’ll tend to head to the App Store first. As mentioned above, the ability for extras and discounts for non App Store apps (see Alfred and it’s powerpack as to why I use the non App Store version) does tend me to check both options.

    The ability to see reviews on the App Store is a great help and has in the past influenced my purchasing decisions.

    As Nathan points out, the central downloading point I really like – one of the things I like about Linux is it’s apt-get system for updating the system and the software and the App Store adds a *similar* functionality.

  • Of course, I do! There are so many incredibly awesome apps that will never, ever be in the App Store.

    Transmission, Wireshark, Nmap, to name a few . . .

  • Sorry but the iTunes/appstores model that only accepts paypal in the US, is unacceptable to me. Credit card scams and hacking (Sony and Steam anyone?) is aplenty and also not everyone uses credit cards, they’re expensive and most times unnecessary, debit cards are just fine.
    A few centralized payment systems such as paypal and google wallet seem much better to me (you can transfer money directly there). Prepaid gift cards, are ok specially because you can buy them for cheap, but it’s not as easy. So until iTunes reviews their model, that is a killer for me making me to rarely use it. (Though of course I prefer it other than that lots of apps are crippled for being there comparing to the downloadble versions)

  • Most of the apps I got pre-App Store I have to download from the developer when I upgrade. That the App Store has no Upgrade pricing or process is redonkulous.

    I will use the App Store for new apps, especially when they’re on sale. I like the built-in updates. For my other apps, I use MacUpdate Desktop and AppFresh for updates. I wish it could all be done by one system, but oh well.

  • The App Store has a Mickey Mouse interface that appeals to noobs. It’s lacking in much real information about the apps, or the substantial user feedback you get from some other software sites. Also most (all?) of the paid applications there lack a demo mode. Also if we encourage Apple in their control-freak behavior, they’ll take *total* control over our Macs and not even let us install software independently in the future. I say — just say NO to the App Store. Deal directly with developers whenever possible, and help them (and yourself) retain your independence.