Weekly Poll: Do You Still Trust Your Mac’s Security?

We’ve seen countless Chicken Littles screaming that the sky is falling for years, but in 2012 we seem to be seeing more stories than ever about the supposed end of the superiority of Macs when it comes to security flaws and outside attacks.

New reports are pouring in weekly of threats that Mac users need to be aware of: Flashback, Luckycat, password security flaws, the list goes on and on.

In our poll question this week, we want to know whether you buy into all the doom and gloom or you think it’s all a bunch of hype like we’ve seen in the past. There’s a basic but critically important question that needs answering: Do you still trust your Mac’s security? By this I mean the built-in security measures provided by Apple.

Once upon a time, most Mac users would’ve scoffed at the idea of downloading third party virus protection software, is this still the case or are these days long gone? Are we joining the Windows crowd in the need to personally take steps to safeguard our computers against outside threats or are Macs still safe “right out of the box?” Cast your vote in the poll and then argue it out below!


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  • OS X has never been a bastion of security, it’s been a bastion of obscurity. It just wasn’t worth the effort to write nastiness for OS X when you could be spending the time writing nastiness for Windows and hit 900%+ the user base.

    3rd party tools will do nothing because they don’t know about any security holes that Apple doesn’t know about.

    Just like Windows, the best security is knowledge and (un)common sense – don’t download, run & install everything you find on the Internet.

    • Ditto on points #1 and #3, but not one #2. I spent a decade in IT as partner in private consultancy and I know better on that issue. The real problem is that good security isn’t affordable or manageable for the average user. But there are things to be done that cant help a little, because the biggest security risk is the user… and they ALL make a mistake sooner or later, though only some will get bitten for it.

    • I feel a little obnoxious writing this, but if I could, I would ~like~ this comment.

      It seems like such common sense advice, but it’s always surprising how few people act on it.

  • i’m more worried about internet/information security than osx security.

  • I know a number of windows users who also do not have any security software running. The idea is, don’t download virus.

    Thats the way I work with my mac, I don’t bit torrent music, movies or similar things.

  • a better option would be “Yes! I don’t see a need for any third party security tools, because I know what I’m doing.”

    • Word, my brother.

  • Security software.. for a Mac? Ha. No thanks.

  • Having worked on the machines with all types of OSes, as spending a decade in IT, I have learned too things…

    Never believe the security claims of any company involved in OS development; leave that worship to the fans (the cattle).

    And the concept that good practices, conscientiousness, and clean living in the connected world will keep you ultimately and completely safe… well, that’s for the cattle as well. It might keep one mostly safe, and that’s good enough for most, but I made a living for a while saving such people… who were using all forms of operating systems. ‘Nuff said.

    • ADDENDUM: I never trusted OS X in the first place, because I knew that I and my privacy weren’t secure from its practices, let along any malicious code floating around.

  • I think the best way to stay away from Viruses / Malware, is number one. use your brain, and don’t go by untrusted site’s. stay informed on whats going on in the world, by reading some type of RSS Feeds daily, as far as ”Mac” and that alone can be your Anti virus Protection.

  • Absolutely yes. Mostly because I’m not a dumbass.

  • Mac is still very secure, although a lot of security firms claim that imac or os X for that matter isn’t save anymore. Apple is still the best in comparison with you know who…
    Also the user must be aware which sites can better be avoiden, you know like xxx sites… that’s asking for trouble. So in my view it’s machine and man, the man i can not be sure about, but the machine, imac, that’s a certainty!

  • Only the nicest people use the internet, so what could go wrong?