Weekly Poll: Do You Subscribe to MobileMe?

Despite many complaints, niggles and annoyances, Apple has stuck by their cloud service for over a decade. Originally introduced in January, 2000 as iTools, it has gone through countless revisions, updates and re-branding efforts. Now called MobileMe, it’s a huge improvement over the years of neglect we saw to .Mac.

But does MobileMe cut it as a cloud service? Although it now does a pretty great job of syncing all your information, it falls down when it comes to file sharing and cloud data storage. There are plenty of rumours circulating about a major upgrade (centred around their big data centre project), but these are now over a year old and we haven’t seen an announcement.

Personally, I’ve been a MobileMe subscriber for the past five years. I love the sync functionality, and consider the price to be justified for this integration alone. Of course it’s possible to use Google’s free option, but it never feels quite as polished to me.

What do you think? Are you a loyal MobileMe subscriber of several years, or is it something that you’d never consider in the present format? Have your say in the poll and feel free to share any thoughts in the comments!

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  • I was a subscriber last year, but when it came time to renew my membership I thought twice about the investment. The only real aspect that I grew fond of was the syncing ability. I like having my own @me account and all, but I found that I had too many email addresses to begin with.

    I’d like to use it again, but I’m hesitating in anticipation that there might be some announcements in regards to this particular servicing in the next month or so.

  • It’s nice having it for syncing…but I’m not sure the $100/year price tag is worth it. I only got it this time because I got a new Mac and it was $30 off. Both Google and Microsoft offer similar services for mail, cloud storage, calendar, and adress syncing, but neither is quite as visually appealing as MobileMe. However, the pretty UI doesn’t really justify the price tag.

  • I order from Amazon every year and it costs $79 (I believe).

    Having recently converted to iPhone (on Verizon) I have a renewed purpose for my MobileMe account. I like how my Calendars, Contacts, and Bookmarks sync across my Macs (and phone).

    Everyone keeps whispering about making it free for all. A smart move would be a tiered plan, where syncing is free, but storage and email cost money. It should come free with the purchase of an iPhone, at least.

  • Now that MobileMe’s Find my iPhone has gone free, I really think that paying £59 on a yearly basis for e-mail (I can easily get an e-mail account with my site), contacts (I can manually put them in), calendars (I rarely use my iPhone calendar, so my Mac’s calendar would suffice), gallery (iPhoto) and iDisk (memory stick).

    Syncing is alright, but as people have already said, this solely doesn’t justify the hefty price tag of MobileMe.

    Plus iDisk has to be the worst thing I’ve used for storing files. Let’s just hope that something is introduced tomorrow for MobileMe.

  • i would have added just one more question to the poll: No, i use an alternative service than MM or Google

  • I’d gladly pay for MobileMe even if it only provided PIM functionality and email service.
    Compared to other paid email providers I get zero ads, no idiotic affiliate links and offers and a chat support that isn’t only reachable almost 24/7, but they also know their stuff.
    It feels great being regarded as a customer and not another bucket of data to sell.

    • mangochutney you took the words out of my mouth – except for forgetting to mention bookmark sync too.

  • Since I have an Android phone, the sync functionality is pretty useless. I already have a lifelong e-mail address. So really, it doesn’t offer enough to be worth a subscription.

  • I’m a subscriber of MobileMe and have been for the last five years as well. Having tried alternatives, nothing comes close to the polished look and feel of MobileMe. I wouldn’t replace the service with anything else. It’s exciting to see that Steve Jobs himself confirmed that there will be improvements with the MobileMe service this year so I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple has in store.

  • I’ve used MobileMe for 4 years. All I care about is syncing email, calendars and contacts across my Macs.

    Do I use file sharing and @me email? No. See no purpose. DropBox beats anything else for FAST and easy on file sharing. @me?? Not when I’ve got multiple emails via my website and gmail all IMAPed to my Mac Mail. Who needs a ‘dedicated’ email for Apple sales?

    But I have a several w/Mobile Me:
    • doesn’t sync RSS feeds
    • doesn’t always sync calendars correctly…THIS REALLY BITES
    • costs about $50 more than it should

    Bottom line…I spend the money every year, I fix calendar syncs every few months, but it’s still the best option for now. On a scale of 1–10, I give Apple a 6. Room for improvement!

  • Just about everything that it does… i get from Google for free. Well at least the email and calendar part. The one thing that i want though is a way to sync addressbooks on two mac with different apple accounts.

  • Of course!, I’m a subscriber for more than two years now, and I’m so happy with it. Yes I tried other free alternatives but nothing will fit right with my needs and the strength of the Mac’s system. I have iMac, Macbook Pro & iPhone, and I can’t work without MobileMe by synchronizing all my Contacts, Calendars, Safari Bookmarks, System Preferences, Mail settings, ect.

    Although I have a couple of issues:
    1. iDisk is not as fast as other services such as Dropbox (which I love and use all the time).
    2. I noticed that that I face a sudden reset in about every two months, it’s like I’ve never synced a particular computer to the list of the connected devices, so I have to sync everything again.

    Finally, I’d love to see more features to be synced, such as Safari’s Extensions (as in Google Chrome). Other than that, I love MobileMe, and I’m excited to know it’ll be upgraded with more features! can’t wait ^^.

  • I sure do! But I dont like it, even the sync function has been showing major glitches in the past few months.

    I am just waiting till I either have more free time to switch to an alternative or till there is a major update — whichever comes first.