Weekly Poll: Do You Think Tim Cook Will Be a Good CEO?

Last week Steve Jobs announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple Inc. and passing the torch to his successor, Tim Cook. To put it mildly, Mr. Cook has some pretty large shoes to fill.

The last time Jobs left Apple, his replacements nearly ran the company into the ground. Profits were in the red, Microsoft had won the marketshare game and Apple’s stock price was at an all-time low. Steve came back as interim CEO in a sort of temporary fourth down Hail Mary that proved so successful that he stayed in the position for another fourteen years. Steve put Apple back on the map, made it the highest valued company on the planet and completely revolutionized a few industries along the way.

Fortunately, this time Steve was very active in surrounding himself with extremely talented people, such as former COO Tim Cook. Most industry experts see a positive outlook for Apple in the next few years, confident that people like Cook, Schiller, Ive and Forstall are more than competent enough to continue Apple’s reign.

Today we want to know what you think. Will Tim Cook, who has actually been filling in as CEO for quite some time, be able to lead Apple into a prosperous and exciting future or will we see a repeat of the 90s?


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  • Ridiculous poll, totally meaningless waste of space

  • Sort of agree with the top message – sort of meaningless. But a couple of observations. I know nothing about him to evaluate if Tim might be a good CEO. A good CEO and visionary are not the same. I have no real idea of Jobs was a good CEO, but he was a leader and visionary. My guess is Jobs had good people under him, i.e. Tim. Reminds me one of something that has been accredited to Henry Kissinger. Something to the effect that aboard a Cruise ship there are two Captains. One Captain actually runs the ship, but is behind the scenes, while the other one sits at the Tables and mingles with the guests, is the “” of the ship. etc. The point is for a number of years now Steve has been sitting at the table and Tim has been running the ship. Still not many in business that are true leaders and visionaries like Jobs was

  • Who is Tim Cook?