Weekly Poll: Do You Use a Mac at Work or at Home?

I’m a fortunate soul who hasn’t really been forced to use a Windows PC since elementary school. For the most part, I get by entirely on Macs both for home and work use.

I recently had the realization though that not every Mac user is quite so lucky. I know several people who love Macs, own Macs and would prefer to use them 100% of the time, but are still forced to use the standard issue Dell or HP provided their employer.

Today we want to know what your situation is with Macs and PCs. Do you use a Mac at home, work or both? For the sake of simplicity, we’ll lump student work and schools in with work.

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment and tell us if you ever use a Windows PC and why. Do you personally find a need to use Windows frequently? Are you being forced? Do you like it just as much or better for certain tasks?


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  • I have never used anything but a Mac

  • Work only. I hate, with a passion, using it for anything else.

    Gaming? Stuck with few options and they can NEVER look or run as good as a windows machine. Not to mention some of my joysticks do not work on Mac.

    Music? There’s not a single good music player for mac. The only thing that comes close is VLC, and it’s really just a last resort I-really-want-to-hear-that-song app. Flac support is such a pain in the ass, big media libraries is too as well as external HDD support for media libraries.

    Video? That area is alright. But that’s only thanks to VLC, which works slightly better on my Windows machine.

    Browsing is the only thing that might be tied in both Windows and Mac. Safari is horrible, but so is Internet Explorer. I am a Firefox user (due to my job, mostly) but I like to fire up Opera when I intend to only do personal stuff; and Opera works just as well in both platforms.

    I really cannot get to like my macbook as much as my Windows computer for anything other than work. That being said, I’d HATE going back to windows for work stuff. The apps on mac are priceless.

    • I use Clementine as my primary Music player on both Mac and Windows, amazing free app.

    • seriously not a troll? iTunes is the best music library / player there is, I currently have all mine on a iSCSI san shared across all devices in the house.

      all 80,000+ tracks and never a problem, you wont understand big media libraries till you see how much space 50k+ .WAV’s takes up . . . . . . . .

      • I prefer Clementine for it’s speed – most of the cases it’s faster than iTunes. Also it’s playlist solution is easier for me.

        And sometimes I use the “get info” and “get lyrics” tabs as well. Not a must-have feature but faster than searching for lyrics (it’s a single click).

        And an additional one I love about Clementine: last.fm integration. I use it a lot.

  • I love Macs, and despise PCs, but unfortunately, my school is littered with them and it looks like they’re never going to switch.

  • We use PCs at work but I got fed up with it taking 40 minutes just to boot up in the morning so I started bringing my MacBook Pro in. Sat right next to my boss and started using it. I was done with some of my work before my work PC was done booting. Ever since then my boss has been kind enough to let me keep using my Mac. Although I’m sure real soon I’ll have to be back on a PC since they are upgrading everybody’s.

    • Seriously, You work PC boot took 40 minutes?

  • I spend 90% of my time either for work or domestic stuff on my mac and it has been a great experience so far, I mostly do architecture design and 3d modeling, but that 10% of my work has to be done on a PC, because of an specific application… 3ds Max which i hope will be available on the Mac platform in the near future ( but that seems to be very unlikely ) Autodesk has release Autocad, Maya and other apps but NO 3ds max for mac, I think they should realize the amount of business they are lousing by not releasing the industry standard for 3d modeling ( FYI great software ) on the mac, in my specific case that is the last chain forcing me to use a windows PC, which for the most part is a real pain in the/&%·$% .
    Been force to use a windows PC on a regular bases, I can honestly say, even thought it has improve in many areas, it is just not an evolved OS at least not for this day and age, working in a PC makes me feel in the 90’s again… and i don’t mean the good part of the 90’s, ever since the adoption of intel processors by apple it’s been evident that it’s not a problem of hardware, it’s a problem of soul!!!

    P.S. English is a second language to me, so i apologize for any mistake i made while writing this very personal opinion, I still can’t believe Steve it’s gone.

    • Do you use Win XP? Seriously, Win7 is a totally different system. My assumption (you use XP) is based on most of the Mac lovers criticize based on XP, which is 10 years old!!! system. Compare it with MacOS X 10.0, that’s a fair compare. Not with the 10 years newer Snow or Lion.

  • For about 2 years I was Mac only. Then I switch jobs and my new company has as standard Dell. I have a home office and I received one Dell also…

    It was painful ….I rebooted the dell in 3 month more then I rebooted the Mac in 2 years.

    So…I bought myself a MB Air and I made a clone of Dell’s drive and put it in VMWare…it works, I can connect to VPN, email etc.

    The good news is that Lion has support for Exchange and now I have email on Mail 5 so I do not fire up Vmware often…only when I need some documents that are available on the corporate network so I need VPN.

    My direct boss knows about it…sees that I am more productive and does not might. Whenever I go to the corporate office…I bring the Dell so IT guys don’t catch me :)

  • I’ve been using Windows since 95 came out and switched to a Mac Mini 2 weeks ago. I use it at home (which is also my work place) and will probably never go back to Windows again.

  • I work from home, so “Both!” is the answer :D

  • I use both Windows and Mac at home and at work. I prefer my Mac’s at home for general stuff, but I do regularly use Windows, too – sometimes for specific apps, sometimes for a change. I’m comfortable using both and can do whatever work I need to with either machine.

    OS X does spoil it’s users, making maintenance a non-issue and the experience enjoyable, but Windows 7 goes a long way to match it. Admittedly, it takes a bit more effort to maintain Windows, but not by much -sure, it needs A.V. software updates on top of OS ones, but that’s the biggest difference.

    I also find them both equally reliable. I have had the odd app crash in Windows over the last couple of years, the same as I have on OS X. Here’s the kicker though: OS X has completely locked up both my Macbook Pro and MacMini at least once each in the last two years, whereas Windows 7 has never locked my whole machine.

    So ultimately, I’m pretty platform agnostic – just don’t try to take either away from me!

  • I always used PC.
    Some years ago started using Mac.
    I find the layout way more appealing and with less distractions than a PC.
    Also the OS runs seamlessly almost every app :)

  • I’m so luck ’cause I both work with Mac and use at home, since 2008.

  • I use both Mac and Windows for both work and for personal stuff (I’m a lucky one, most of the times I work at home).

    For serious work I prefer Windows simply because I can switch faster between windows which is a deal-breaker for me. Currently I have 7 windows open, and some background apps as well (writing from my Win7 machine right now) and I can easily manage and fast switch between 10-15 windows when I have to. I hate to switch between windows of the same app in Mac, the approach is just too slow for me.

    I love my Mac Book Pro as well, the multitouch touchpad is amazing and I miss it in my Asus machine all the time.

    Except these things I love to use both systems, both are reliable and both are first-install, no reinstall needed so far. Although my Mac had more kernel panics, but it’s very rare (about 3-4 and a complete freeze once, Win7 had 0 so far).

    But of course I have to restart my Win7 from time to time (or at least I feel like I have to do it :D), but mostly I just put it into sleep, or hibernate, both are really fast, comparable to Mac’s.

    So the only reason I prefer my Win7 for work is the fast window switching, and both OSs work great.

  • I voted for neither only because I don’t own a Mac computer, yet. I have an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch but no Mac. My next computer will be an iMac and we’re looking at getting one of those for Christmas this year. That will be a home computer and I’ll continue to use Windows PC’s at work because the computer is provided by our customer. I work as a contractor.

  • My primary computers are Macs, but I use a Windows PC (set up with Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP) for web testing, and for adding new audio CD info to Gracenotes (surely there’s a way to do this on a Mac by now?).

  • I’ve been using a Mac for both personal and business since 1985. Bought a Dell in 2004, but finally gave it away because I never used it.

  • I have Mac laptop at work because my old Dell laptop is dangerously fragile. I HATE the thing, I really hate it – from the touch pad to the stupid “dock” thing in front. I can connect my old non-mac keyboard to it but I dunno how to assign new key combinations so I could replace the ctrl-c etc, filing system seems absurd, it only has 2 (!) USB ports, I cannot switch between text program’s different windows, my games don’t work on that thing, it has a pathetically small screen and I cannot even use it to the max – no program can be used full screen, and when using it for working with texts – I wanna kill it. Connecting it to a separate monitor wont help – picture looks like shit. I prefer to work with keyboard and shortkeys but Mac seems to expect it’s clients to use their mouse all the time. I hope my 5 yrs old Dell will be working for as long as possible. It’s speed is the same as Mac’s but it makes some very weird sounds when booting, sometimes. There’s no way in hell I will ever buy a Mac for home use. I’ve been using the thing for a month and I HATE it. :S

  • Macs and work don’t blend. Unless that works involves photography, in which case it is not a job, just a shitty paid hobby

  • Used Mac for home and PC (winXP) for work for quite a few years. Then work “upgraded” my PC to Win7. File copies and connections to shares were extremely slow and I was constantly contacting our HelpDesk for issue on my HP laptop. Bought a MBP and virtualized the PC (VMWare). HP problems disappeared. Then I bought Office and loaded Lync. Now I’m 90% native Mac and loving it. Oh, and file copying and share browsing is at least 10 times faster then on Win7. I actually spend more time working than finding out why something is not working correctly.