Weekly Poll: Do You Use Adobe Creative Cloud?

Last year, Adobe launched their Creative Cloud subscription service along with the newly released Creative Suite 6. Creative Cloud lets you download every one of the full apps from Creative Suite Master Collection to your Mac or PC, and share creative files online for $49/month. That’s still pricey over time, but a huge savings over the initial cost of buying Creative Suite Master Collection outright for $2,599.

If you already have a copy of Creative Suite, though, upgrading to the latest version often still works out cheaper if you have a smaller edition. I had Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard, and upgraded to CS6 Design Standard for far less than a Creative Cloud subscription would have cost me. Another option is buying a one-app version of Creative Cloud, which is one way, say, to get Photoshop for $19/month.

Creative Cloud apps get updates more often than their traditional Creative Suite counterparts, so Photoshop users especially already have new features over those of use with Creative Suite. It’s one of the many ways Adobe is trying to push us all over to the subscription side.

About 15% of you said you plan to get Creative Cloud in our poll last year, and more said you’d consider it. That’s why we’re wondering how many of you actually use Creative Cloud. Has it worked out good for you, or are traditional upgrades still your preferred way of getting Adobe apps?


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  • Hmm, I’m missing the option “Yup, I’ve got a Creative Cloud subscription. But still it’s still missing real team functions, it is kind of useless…”

  • I work at a studio with 5 other designers. We got a group Cloud license for all 5 of us. One designer hasn’t installed anything because his machine is having issues with the installer. Another only installed the one or two apps he uses. Two of us installed close to 75% of all the apps, including ones we don’t use regularly, just to check it out. They update sporadically (I’ll get an update one day, the other person won’t see it until 3 days later), sometimes they don’t update at all (the server is slow and buggy), and logging into the Cloud website to grab updates manually is just painful (their authentication servers were down for quite a while).

    We don’t plan on renewing our subscription, and plan to buy CS7 the old fashion way. The experiment just didn’t work for us. Other people may be having better luck, but we’re finding it to be more of a hassle than simply installing from a disk, once, and updating normally.

  • I have to admit that I only got interested in giving Adobe Creative Cloud because I get a kickback through the Commission Junction program and they had a special bump of $50 for every license sold. I think that Adobe Creative Cloud is a worthwhile solution for people who are comfortable enough with a cloud environment. I prefer to be able to work from anywhere so it really works for me. You’re able to setup with one license one computer at home and one at work. Not having to lunge around a laptop rocks!