Weekly Poll: Do You Use Microsoft Office for Windows on Your Mac?

If there’s one enduring set of apps that’s practically a requirement to use in most business and education settings, it’s Microsoft Office. Love it or hate it, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the de facto standards for their categories.

On a Mac, you’ve got a ton of options these days. You could obviously use Office for Mac, though it’s often a bit behind its Windows counterparts despite coming out for the Mac before Windows was even around (though sometimes it does seem ahead of the Windows versions — see the Publishing layout options in Word for Mac). Then, there’s Apple’s iWork apps, though you might end up with some compatibility issues if you have to regularly share heavily formatted documents (but, for most purposes, iWork really is fine, while being nicer to use than Office. Really). There’s also OpenOffice and its new counterpart LibreOffice, though they come with their own slew of issues. You could also use web apps for free these days instead, from Google, Zoho, or even Microsoft itself.

Or, you could use Office for Windows on your Mac, either in Bootcamp or in a virtual machine. That way, you could use Office 2013 today on your Mac, or stick to an older-and-trusted version of Office in an old XP virtual machine. I personally have Office 2010 in a Windows 7 virtual machine, as well as an Office 2013 trial in a Windows 8 virtual machine for testing and more. We’d love to know if you use Office for Windows on your Mac. If so, we’d love to hear how you use it, and what version you’re using in the comments below!


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  • I use iWork on my home laptop, I refuse to infect my MBP with anything from Microsoft (except for things that are necessary, such as Silverlight).

    I do use Office for Mac on my work MBP however because our company requires it.

  • What’s the point of porting it if Microsoft already make a mac version?? Not like it’s still in the dark ages compared to the windows version…

    • Some people prefer the true native experience. Let’s face it: Office is simply not made for the Mac. Even the version that is doesn’t work well. If you’re going to use it, why not have the best experience (of the worst — I don’t even like Office personally)?

    • Contrary to what is believed, there are differences between the Windows and Mac versions in features, form, and function. I predominantly use the Mac version for the everyday basics; for some special needs, I may use Office for Win via VirtualBox… though rarely.

  • If you want to use Access then you have to use the windows version. And the Mac version of Excel is sooooo slow that if you are working on a workbook which has a few thousand vlookups or similar then you are better running the windows version. I use it in Parallels. It used to be that if you needed VBA then you had to run it in windows but I think that is implemented now for Mac. Apple Numbers? It really doesn’t hold a candle to Excel. If you just need some pretty reports then its fine but for more complicated work you need a more serious tool. Not that a Microsoft fanboy. Quite the opposite. But they are the king of spreadsheets.

    • Agreed there. I wouldn’t have thought so, at first, but statistics classes in college taught me otherwise.

  • No, Pages it’s fine for my work

  • I just use Google Drive…I feel like it has taken over any needs of Windows Office and is cross platform.