Weekly Poll: Do You Use Third Party Font Management Software?

Choosing between a default Mac utility and a more powerful third party client is always difficult. Tighter system integration and the “free” aspect are on your side with the built-in tool, but there’s often a shortage of the kind of powerful features that a freestanding application offers.

Font management is a perfect example of this. Font Book is a decent way to manage your fonts, but creative professionals and anyone else who deals with fonts daily might find it fairly lacking.

Today we want to know how you manage your font library. Do you use third party software or have you stuck with the tools that Apple has provided? Cast your vote above, then leave a comment letting us know which font management apps you’ve tried and which you like the best.


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  • Apple could put all the other guys out of business if they just put some effort into Font Book. They’re halfway there right now. Until then, it’s Fusion 3 for me.

  • Suitcase Fusion 3 for me, I have well over 2000 fonts. It’s hard to deal with just Fontcase. Also I do not want to install 2000 fonts. That’s just stupid enough to make programs to load forever.

  • Anybody using Fontcase? Only me?

    • Also using Fontcase, but I’m extremely disappointed by the drop of quality between versions 1 and 2. I downloaded a 1.x trial about a week or so before version 2 was released and bought it on the strength of that. Fontcase 2 has been a real letdown so far though. I really enjoy supporting indie developers, but in this case I’ll probably lay down the €80 and switch back to FontExplorer.

      • Also a Fontcase user…and glad I haven’t upgraded to 2.x after reading this.

      • Absolutely agreed! I’ve used Fontcase for several years, and it’s always been a great iTunes-style management solution with super easy drag-and-drop organisation.

        Version 2 is, in my opinion, completely unusable. The developers redesigned it to mimic the Mac App Store (which is a completely inappropriate design paradigm for any sort of organisation or management!) and seemingly hid many of the most basic features. For example, to drag a font from a tag browser to a collection (I keep specific collections for projects, for clients, etc), you now have to use specific keyboard shortcuts and navigate through icon-based menus. Inconceivable. Absolutely no way to visually review tags AND collections at the same time – they’re completely different views now. Thankfully there’s a demo available for download…or I might have been stupid enough to pay for it.

        I’m still using version 1.5, but obviously need to find a better solution. :(

    • I use Fontcase also, but also in Version 1.6. I also like the software from the Indiedeveloper, but 2.0 is missing some features for me and is appstore only. :|

    • I use fontcase as well. I was disappointed by the changes from v1 to v2, but I’m slowly getting used to it.

  • Agreed with James, Suitcase Fusion doesn’t hold a candle to FontExplorer X. It’s like using a powertool after bob the builder toy.