Weekly Poll: Do You Watch Apple Keynotes?

This morning, I woke up to a Reeder full of articles about Apple’s new announcements in yesterday’s keynote. Living in Asia makes it a bit tough to watch keynotes live, and Apple usually doesn’t even stream them live online. After reading through the articles and checking through Apple.com, I didn’t really feel the need to watch the full keynote. I enjoy watching Apple’s product launches, but this one felt like one I could skip. Incidentally, it turned into a very exciting keynote for Mac users, with new iMacs and Mac Minis, but still, I could find what I needed to know from Apple.com’s pages.

That said, I’ve watched tons of Apple keynotes over the years, especially while Jobs was still alive and doing his magic on stage. I’ve gone back and rewatched portions of old keynotes to see how Apple’s changed (ouch, the fonts in old keynotes hurts to look at), and listening to Jobs’ speeches from when he first came back to Apple gives a unique perspective on the company.

So how about you? Do you always watch Apple’s keynotes, or do you just pick choice ones to watch? Or have you never watched an keynote before (is that even possible)? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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  • I tend to play this little game of waiting for an HD recording of a keynote before I stumble upon any news regarding the keynote. It usually involves playing a lot of Diablo and constantly checking iTunes for an update. Latest conference brought back the live stream and made my day a bit easier. :P

  • Same here. I try not to catch too much of the storyline before I watch the keynote.

    Good updates. Not a fan of the memory card reader on the back. Not easily accessible for photographers that need it daily.

  • I watch them live if possible, but if Apple doesn’t host a live stream, I “watch” my Twitter feed and watch the keynote later when it goes online.

  • You can also watch on your AppleTV