Weekly Poll: Does Your Mac Stay Home for the Holidays?

‘Tis the season to drive around town buying presents, travel hours to see relatives, to try to keep from being the Grimp while muttering Bah, humbug! under your breath. In all seriousness, the holidays are a great time to relax, stay away from email and your desk, and focus on spending time with your family.

If you’re like most of us, your Mac is the machine you use to get work done, and you’d be just as glad to get rid of it for a few days while you unwind. But then, your Mac can be a nice companion on trips and during holiday parties, giving you an easy way to play festive music, throw pictures together into a movie, and more. iOS devices are great for that too, but sometimes its nice to have a full computer at your disposal.

That’s why we’re wondering: when you travel for the holidays, does your Mac come along too? Or are you just as glad to leave it at home and get a few rare days that you’re not in front of the computer? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Add Yours
  • I’m just on vacation traveling through some countries and left my mac at home for the very first time and took only my iPad with me – this works out quite well!

  • My Mac now is a fully loaded 15″ retina Pro, super fast and with enough (SSD) storage to be my only machine – so it comes with me when it’s a longer trip than just an overnight or two. Best of all worlds :)

  • I own a 27″ iMac (fit that in my luggage, please), and I really don’t go anywhere, so it kind of has to.