Weekly Poll: Ever Spilled Something on Your Mac?

Earlier this week, while chatting to someone on Skype, I reached forward and knocked a full cup of coffee straight over my Apple Wireless Keyboard. This wasn’t a minor spillage – the whole keyboard was completed drenched (I don’t do things by halves!)

As quickly as I could, I followed the advice so wisely imparted by a fellow Envato colleague. I took out the batteries, and tipped it upside down to let the liquid drain out.

Two days later and it seems that, unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t going to recover from its coffee encounter. None of the keys work (something of a problem…), and the only key that does work remains depressed constantly! Thankfully it wasn’t my actual MacBook, and the replacement cost isn’t all that bad.

Spilling something on your Mac is everyone’s absolute worst nightmare, but it happens to most of us at some point. Or does it? Maybe I’m more clumsy than most…

Have you ever spilled something on your Mac or keyboard? What was it, and did your machine recover? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Salsa, MBP keys. the ` key makes a slightly different sound to the rest of them, now. Still pondering over how to redeem that!

    • Learn from this vid how to extract the MBP key – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSpPlMdGvVI , do the same with Your ` key and clean it up from the bottom side – the usual source of such problems. I’ve done it with my U key not so long ago.

  • Hot chocolate.

  • Spilt a wide variety of sodas on my MacBook Pro keys. Functions fine, a few keys take a little more effort to press, but they’re fully usable. I’ve done similar with previous machines, generally they’re fine except for maybe a few sticky keys. Also had a cat pee on an external keyboard; I haven’t worked up the nerve to use it yet, so I have no idea how it’s doing.

  • The leftover juice from a fruit salad all over the keys… yep furious is one word for it. A couple of the keys were a bit sticky for a bit, but other then that hasn’t missed a beat. Touch wood.

  • Have you considered putting the keyboard in a bucket of rice? It works for phones, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for keyboards.

  • A full cup of coffee over the keyboard of an iBook a few years ago. They had replaceable keyboards – bought one from eBay for $15-$30, good as new (it actually looked better than prior to the incident).

    • That would require a huge bucket of rice!

  • I didn’t exactly spill a liquid on my computer… I left a piece of chocolate on top of my MBP while I was away from it and the chocolate melted onto the trackpad. It took a bit of cleaning but it works fine.

  • I spilled some beer on the left side of my MBP once. It fell on the keyboard and inside the speaker’s holes. Instead of turning everything off and let it dry, as everybody says, I started to watch full screen flash movies on you tube. The temperature of the machine rised and rised as usual. The beer eventually dried, never had a problem since.

    • That’s a fantastic solution. One good use for Flash I guess!

    • Hahaha!… Brilliant! :D

  • I spilled a cup of hot chocolate over my USB keyboard. I submerged it in hot water and washing up liquid for an hour and then let it dry for a week. It didn’t work. Some keys didn’t work, others produced the wrong output. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out so I stashed it away. A few months later I tried it again and amazingly it worked perfectly!

  • Yup.

    Not that I spilled Cedevita -> http://bit.ly/edR0Bw which is sticky when dried I burned my keyboard with cigarette -.-

  • Puked on my brand new iPhone once

  • Two weeks ago my friend Ryan pour about a pint of coke and rum in her MB, we were unable to recover it… now she has a new shiny mbp.

  • I had a can of Monster get punctured in my laptop bag about 4 months ago. I didn’t find out until it started dripping out of my bag. 3/4 of the can had spilled leaving everything disgustingly sticky. Panicking, I dried everything off and opened my sleeping Macbook Pro to assess the damage. The screen had about an inch of dead/mixed up pixels at the top. I turned it off in disappointment and about 20 minutes later I came back to it. It took a while to power back up the first time, but the screen actually recovered. The DVD drive appears to be the only casualty. It works but fails to eject discs all the way about 90% of the time and they just get sucked back in. The only other problem I had was that it ran insanely hot after the spill. I took the back cover off and cleaned out the insides and now it’s running almost good as new.

  • Hubby spilled glass of white wine over my MB a couple years ago. Turned it off & tipped it upside down to let the wine pour out thru the disc drive. The power switch is a bit tacky, but the machine’s still working to this day (although I got myself a MBP and let him have the drunk one)

  • I spilled a large glass of water on my MBP keyboard – immediately turned it upside down to drain the water – then used rice to cover the entire laptop for 24 hours to absorb any remaining moisture. Powered it up – worked fine.

  • no, never..

    this is my 3rd mac keyboard because they just break! *cough* poor build quality.. nothing to do with the pepsi between the keys..


  • A student of mine spilled a large SWEET tea (lots of sugar) on his new MacBook, brought it to me and I instantly turned it over, took out the battery, swimming with tea, sat it down on a folded towel and changed the towel out several times. Let it sit 24 hrs. Put in tne battery, wiped the keyboard (very sticky from the sugar), and it booted right up. Two years later, it now still runs fine. Very hard to believe, weird but true.

  • My dog scared my cat, who knocked a glass of lemonade out of my hand straight into my 3-month-old 17″ Macbook Pro. Nothing survived, including the hard drive.

  • I spilled a whole can of sprite on my macbook once except luckily for me, I had a protective cover over the keyboard and barely and of it went through to the macbook.

  • I was fisting my partner and when he came, he shit all over my MBP.

  • I was dj’ing a wedding with my macbook pro 17 inch…i had a glass of champagne there and just knocked it over the left side of the keyboard..I freaked the hell out and grabbed my computer and tipped it to the side for the alcohol to run off…The music never stopped playing and the computer went on as normal..not my backlights are bright in the middle and dim on the sides…and the left side has some sticky keys…pretty lucky result..but i would like my backlights back to full brightness!

  • I spilled some blood on my MBP arrow keys. Now i got red backlit keys…

  • Spilled Iced Tea over my MacBook Pro. After the initial freaking out I turned it off, tipped it upside down and cried. Because it was a Sunday our local Apple Repairing place was shut, and I had to wait til the next day to call them. Luckily, the guy there is brilliant and fixed it completely. It’s worked like a charm since then. To say I was relieved is a serious understatement.

  • I spilled a 7-layer burrito on my MBP. I was picking at some lettuce in the middle of the burrito and I tend to lean forward (into the screen) when I’m reading articles online, which put my burrito directly over the keyboard. Well I kept picking teh lettuce and I swear the damn thing exploded! It like unfolded and spewed out beans, rice, cheese, and the other 4 layers too… all over my MBP. Just went and bought a new one after that.

  • Cold water and it dried and my macbook pro was fine

  • yeah, even worse – I accidentally did it twice.

    First time: Milk :) I remember I was freaking out and panic, then brought it to the service. It was fine (like no circuit break etc) – they just dried all components up and my MB ready to go!
    Second time I spilled coffee – and because It wasn’t my first-time, I was calmly unplug the power, separated the battery and ‘blew’ it with my hairdryer, and leave it for night, sucked the leftover with vacuumcleaner — and tada! Still doing fine til now, thanks god, for clumsy person like me :D

  • I too have done it twice.
    1st time was a dish of ice cream: computer totally ruined.
    2nd time was water: turned upside down, removed battery, blow dryer, left for 24h.. computer was fine.

    I think the more sugary the substance the worse the prognosis..

    Whenever I eat or drink near my computer now (yes, I still do, WTF is wrong with me..) I put saran wrap all over the keyboard/mouse area ;)