Weekly Poll: Has OS X Taken a Backseat to iOS?

There’s been a lot of discussion in the past couple of years in the Mac community about the level of importance OS X and the Apple desktop experience has in the overall hierarchy at Apple. For instance, PCWorld recently posted a piece boldly titled, “Mac OS Dwindles in Importance to Apple.”

Our poll question today is aimed at getting your opinion on this. Do you feel like OS X development and progress has taken a backseat in Apple’s eyes to the newer and more exciting iOS platform? Cast your vote in the poll and let us know.

Once you’ve voted, answer an even more important question in the comments: is this a good thing? There’s perhaps an inherent bias in the question that assumes that putting less attention towards OS X in favor of iOS is somehow negative. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. If iOS truly is the future of Apple, then isn’t it good that they’re diverting so much time, effort and resources to that project?

However, many of us still work on a Mac desktop for 40+ hours per week and therefore might not be too happy at the thought of Apple putting our beloved operating system on the back burner. Then again, maybe this argument is void and Apple hasn’t slowed their progress on OS X in the least. What do you think?


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  • If iOS 5 were as much of a disaster as Lion is, they would have pushed iOS 6 by now. That’s pretty much all I need to say.

    • Exactly (Lion — quite a shame)!

    • This is the second time you’ve claimed Lion was a “disaster” and the last time I asked you to justify the claim and you just ignored the comment. I’ll repeat what I said last time. Lion was, in almost every meaningful way, the same as snow leopard but added a number of features that, many of which I found useful and practically all of which that could be turned off if you decided you didn’t like them. How is this a disaster?

  • OSX has absolutely taken a backseat to iOS and it’s a damn shame. iOS is way to basic and locked-down in comparison to OSX.
    I do expect a complete refresh of OSX soon however…I’m assuming it will be chock-full of iOS design. :-(

  • OS X is definitely taking a back seat, I think the influence of iOS in Lion was already evidence of that. As much as I like OS X, iOS is clearly the way forward for Apple.

    • no it isn’t, not if you’re talking about desktop computers.

  • It does seem to me that OSX hasn’t been a priority, but I’m not really sure what more they can do with it. They tried making a few changes with Lion, but it didn’t really seem to make it better. I think a good question is: what could Apple do to OSX to make it better (as opposed to the direction they seem to be taking, turning it into iOS, and forcing us into THEIR vision)? Any thoughts?

  • I too work 40+ hours a week with OSX. If I had to do that on iOS I would immediately switch to Linux.

    iOS is a scooter. OSX is a pickup truck. There is nothing wrong with scooters or pickups. But when you need a pickup there is no way a scooter will do (even if you put a basket on it).

    • And pickup trucks haven’t changed all that much in the past ten years. Does OS X really need to, either? Snow Leopard is great the way it is, and I haven’t really had a reason to move to Lion. As a matter of fact, I’ve intentionally not upgraded yet because I would have to get a Universal version of Photoshop, since CS1 relies on Rosetta. And that’s a bit of $$$.

  • I spend close to 30 hours a week on my Mac, either taking notes (I am a college student), working on homework, keeping up with news, checking email, software development, web design, organizing my life, keeping track of finances and invoicing, and tons of other things. I upgraded to Lion the day it came out, and I have been thrilled from day one by it. However, I didn’t have any Rosetta-dependent software and I don’t use an external display, so I can see why Lion could be a letdown if you relied on things like that. OS X has inspired me to create software and have a sense of design and organization to my life that I would never have had otherwise, and it is very sad to see the kind of backseat it has taken to iOS.

  • Not a back seat, but they seem to be out of idéas for improvement that is profitable on the market (soccermom-sale). All the recent updates, like lion, contains visual nonsens. Non-productive features like versions (lack of “save as..”) and launchpad. Sure looks amazing, but works like sheit.

    OS X is in a transition, from lean and clean, to clutter and bloat.

    • Uhh, writing under stress.. Of course I mean out of ideas for “under the hood” improvements. They have loads of bloat-ideas, those who sell units.

  • Well, I don’t know guys.. it definitely seems like Apple has ran out of ideas for improving MacOS, but think about this: OS XI (yep, eleven) is not that far away, and who knows how many ideas and improvements they have already been planning ;) Hmm, unless they will indeed turn it into some “iOSXi” zombie-weirdness.. “iOSXi”, probably pronounced “yoshi” :D

  • You only need one thing to truly show how much of a backseat it’s taken. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers were released back in 2008….that’s four years for Apple’s premier desktop work based client with no update.

  • I would definitely say that it has, but I don’t think that Apple is dumb enough to let OS X languish forever, so I have hope. It’s also worth noting that they are close enough to 11.0 that it’s likely that they’re saving the best ideas and biggest changes for a big reveal in a few years. It could also turn out to be an utter nightmare, so I don’t know…OS X has stayed fairly consistent over the years and I’m not sure it really needs reinvented. It works really well. The stuff that gets me excited are things like OpenCL, 64 bit rewrites, etc…but I have a hunch that the big changes in 11.0 will be in the UI, and this scares me a bit. I would go to great lengths to preserve the UI that I have now.