Weekly Poll: Have You Ditched Creative Suite Yet?

At this week’s Adobe MAX event, the firm behind the leading creative apps for Macs and PCs announced that Creative Suite is now dead. Its replacement? Creative Cloud, the new subscription version of Adobe’s apps. They’re still native Mac (or Windows) apps, like you’ve used for years, only this time, you buy them via a $50/month subscription instead of paying hundreds or thousands upfront for a full suite.

That’s not all bad news; if you used to upgrade every year or so to the latest Master Collection, you’ll likely save money with Creative Cloud. But if you used the same version of Photoshop for years without upgrading, it’ll be much more expensive (over time, at least) to upgrade in the future.

Then, though, on the Mac, it’s rather easy to skip Creative Suite these days. There’s amazing image editors like Pixelmator and Acorn, vector apps like Artboard and Sketch, Apple’s own Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for video and Audio, PDFpen and Preview for PDF documents, and more. There’s even Adobe’s own more affordable Photoshop and Premiere Elements if you need just the basics of what Adobe offers.

If you’ve switched, we’d love to hear what apps you’re using instead of Adobe’s staple apps in the comments below!


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  • I miss the poll :)

  • It’s wrong. Adobe did a big mistake this time. Good news for Pixelmator guys

  • I personally won’t be subscribing, however the company I work for I can see subscribing me.

  • Creative Cloud is better by far. Been using it since they launched last year. I get all updates for everything immediately, get every latest version of the apps the second they come out, and because it’s run on a sub, you never need to ‘upgrade’ you just download the latest via the app and it updates for you.

    The 50 a month thing is one fee. … but there’s other ways to save money with it. For instance, if you just want Photoshop, it’ll cost you $9.99 a month. That’s less than $120 a year. Based on Photoshop’s old fixed price, you’ll have to not have upgraded for 5 or 6 years to mean you’ll pay more for CC. CC is the way forward and anyone commenting that has no experience with it needs to stop commenting.

  • These days, most of my work is the camera/setup, so as long as I can still buy Lightroom by itself, I’ll be fine.

  • Switched to Inkscape for vector graphics, Corel AfterShot Pro for photography.

  • I switched…to Creative Cloud. I owned a Master Collection license and in my particular case, it was well worth the transition.

    I feel sorry for Adobe in a way, because I think that they’re ahead of the times a bit; they’re pushing the envelope and it’s going to be a rough ride, but the model makes a lot of sense in many different scenarios.

    In my case, I’m happy to avoid paying $525 to upgrade from CS5 to CS6, and the fact that the cost is spread out works in my favour. I like working with the latest features.

    It’s the ecosystem that I think sells the product though. Yes, I can find excellent alternatives to each of Adobe’s products. Of course. The Mac App Store is an embarrassment of riches and I use some of the alternatives regularly.

    But…having the deep integration between all the apps, having access to a Mac and Windows copy easily, and having my license tied to an account — accessible from the cloud wherever I go — is huge. Then they sweeten the deal with a TypeKit account, new apps and updates (that you still get to install only when you want), and the Creative Cloud hub (which seems to be under appreciated).

    That hub is not just a dumb file holder; like Dropbox, anything you put on there can be shared if you like, and the recipient does not need Adobe apps to view the file. That means I can share a Photoshop mockup that’s viewable from a browser, no app or download or account required.

    Obviously it’s not going to be a perfect solution for everyone, but on the other hand I feel like the negative backlash is a bit disproportionate when looked at from a distance.

    • Hear, hear! I upgraded to Creative Cloud, as well, about a Month ago. Haven’t looked back. It’s great! So far, the only real complaint I have is that I wish I could upgrade the storage space for my “individual” account (vs “Team” account). Apparently they’ll be adding that capability later this year. *crosses fingers*

  • Its not Adobe’s mistake, like any other normal tiny winy company, they are sick and tired of innovation “A huge product launch is a pain”.. they just want to relax and wants to live on monthly pay checks.

  • Anyone that could use Pixelmator as a replacement to PS, likely didn’t need PS to begin with. Same goes for inkscape and sketch.

    I switched to the subscription a year ago. It’s a no brainer really. Especially with all the additional services they’ve been adding.

  • Nope. I will be using my CS5.5 for around 3 more years.

    I dont think CS6 og even CS7 is worth the upgrading price.

  • I’m stepping away from Adobe products, I don’t feel that for a mac user that the product suites my system or my style anymore.

    Despite the killer prices and lack of security to prevent others from stealing it while I pay for it … it gets bigger every year, more unreliable and slower.

    I’m using Pixelmator, sketch (depending on icon or app design), sublime, xcode’s iphone & ipad simulator, codekit, little snapper, final cut pro and my own cloud server … and I still have plenty change.

  • R.I.P. Adobe

  • Seriously, goodbye Adobe. Thanks for buying Macromedia a ruining their software for me.

  • I can find all sorts of replacements for Photoshop, some but not as many for Illustrator, but really nothing’s a good replacement for InDesign — not even Xpress. My needs are pro-level in that department.

    • Did you tried Swift Publisher or iStudio Publisher yet? Believe me, they look as a toy at first sight but when you master them you can do exactly the same. Spoiler Alert: New Learning curve is a must.

      • I’ve had Swift Publisher for years; my wife uses it for flyers and brochures. It’s missing too many key features (tabs and tables come to mind) to be a contender.

        Thanks for the heads-up on iStudio Publisher; I’m going to download the demo to give it a shot. Even if it doesn’t meet my needs, my wife has been looking for an alternative to Swift Publisher for some time.

    • InDesign and Muse are the only apps I do not find proper replacement. Hope iCalamus, Scribus, Nisus Writer, Mellel, iStudio and Swift Publisher could improve and take some niche from InDesign.

  • I’ll be sticking with CS6 for a while. InDesign is what I need. Maybe someday something better will come along, but right now that’s the industry standard. Cloud? I already have one mortgage to pay monthly, I don’t need a second!

  • Still running CS5. Also own Pixelmator but I prefer my Photoshop workflow so will be sticking to CS5 for a while yet.

  • Seriously, I will never go to Adobe CC… not in a million years. I know that by buying CS-suites also means you’re not “owning” the program. But you áre owning an indefinite license, meaning that if 5 years from now you want to re-open/change/export your own work (of which YOU own the license to), you can.

    With CC, if you at some point can’t or don’t want to pay for the software indefinitely, you can wave your own work goodbye. This, plus the fact that since most people do not upgrade to évery new version (instead, every other version), most of us will be paying a heck of a lot more after the first year. It’s a price increase that just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

    And thirdly, in most countries, having a contract-license like with CC, you can’t deduct it from your taxes as if it’s an investment. At least in Holland and most of the western Europe countries you can’t. So besides the price being higher, you also lose a lot of tax return meaning the price is driven up even more.

    I can’t wait for Pixelmator, Sketch and others to rise up to a professional level (color profiles, working in CMYK ánd RGB ánd LAB, non-destructive editing… those sort of things). I love Pixelmator, but at the moment it kind of falls in between hobbyists and semi-professional level regarding the possibilities that the program gives you :)

  • Premiera = Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Avid
    Fireworks = Sketch from Bohemians Coding
    Dreamweaver = Sublime Text 2
    Photoshop = Aperture, GIMP, Artweaver, Sumopaint, Pixelmator
    Illustrator = Inkscape, Xara, Sketch
    InDesign = Quark

  • I’m still on CS3. I don’t see any need to update to pay forever… and ever… and ever…

  • It was “good” while it lasted, but it was only a dream. So long CS