Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Attended Macworld?

With Macworld 2011 slowly approaching, I thought it would be interesting to ask whether any of our readers have attended this conference previously (or are planning on going next year).

If you’re unaware of what Macworld is, essentially it’s a four day event that covers everything to do with the Mac. It includes user sessions focusing on teaching, an Expo floor for software exhibitors, various conference programmes, and generally lots of Mac-geekery! It’s based in San Francisco, running from the 26th-29th January.

Although Apple used to attend this event, the company pulled out prior to last year’s event. It seems that the 2010 conference was still a major success, despite their absence, and Macworld will be running once again next month.

The AppStorm team is going to be in attendance in January (a first for all of us!), and we’re really looking forward to meeting a few of you there. Let us know if you’ll be going in the comments!


Add Yours
  • I have never attended a Macworld BUT would attend if ever it returns to the East coast.

  • Never done Macworld, attended this years WWDC though.

  • Would love to attend this as well as other conferences if they were within driving distance. Nothing this big ever seems to be close to me.

  • I work for Macworld/PCWorld and I haven’t gone!

    I might this year though.

  • I’ve never attended Macworld but this year we (Apparent Software) will be there in the Indie Spotlight section. Come to see us at booth 246.
    We’re very excited about this.

  • I have never attended to any of these big Apple/Mac-Events.
    It’s too expensive to travel to America + the event.