Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Queued for an Apple Product?

It’s not often that you see customers queueing for a new product release. With the exception of the occasional video game or smash-hit novel, Apple are fairly unique in their ability to encourage masses of tech geeks to congregate outside their stores a few times each year.

I’m far from immune. Over the past few years I’ve queued for an operating system, a couple of iPhones and, most recently, the iPad 2 (which garnered the biggest line I’ve ever seen).

Although the general media relish the opportunity to ridicule these events as being attended by gadget-obessed Apple “fanboys”, this isn’t always the reality.

I met a huge range of people queuing for the iPad 2 – from kids just finishing the school day, to a handful of 70+ year olds. Some people were disgruntled at the notion of having to queue to get their hands on Apple’s latest gadget, but many people enjoyed the experience. It’s a fun, social atmosphere and a good chance to chat with like-minded tech enthusiasts.

I’d be interested to know how many of you have stood in line to get your hands on a new Apple gadget. Is this something that I’m unique in enjoying, or would you agree that it can be a fun experience? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • I did it for the iPhone 4 last year, just wanted to experience it as a part of my stay in the US and it was a lot of fun.

    I was something like the 72nd person in line and it was around 1.5 hours before I got in and got my iPhone. Chatted with people around me about the new iPhone, Apple staff came around with coffee and brownies and joined in the chat for a bit time and again. There was a chap in the queue who had an iPad; was more than happy to share and we played some games on it.

    Would I do it again? Sure! Just need to save up for iPad 3! :D

  • Waited in line for all the iPhone’s and my iPad 2 had a really good time. Everyone one was nice and had lots to talk about. iPhone 4 was a long wait 8hrs! So if 5 is coming out this year I think I’ll be pre ordering it.

  • I did for the iphone 3g and it was a horrible experience…. not the waiting in line, but once inside there was problem after problem trying to get my new phone working… waisted a whole 4-5 hours talking with att and apple before finally getting it working.

  • I queued on launch day for the iPad 2. I got there about 10 minutes before it launched and was there for around an hour. I didn’t manage to get one though because they sold out :-( I felt kind of silly!

  • I had planned on standing in line for snow leopard-no one showed up at my store-i was kinda pissed

  • I ordered an iPad2 online on (European) launch day and got a 4-week delivery time so I decided to check out the queue at my local store in The Hague. When I arrived at about 3pm there were a dozen people in front of me, which I thought gave me a reasonable chance of getting what I wanted (wi-fi only, preferably 32gb or 64gb in black). The atmosphere in the queue was relaxed and friendly, rather than the reading the book I had bought with me I spent the time chatting to those around me.

    When the doors opened things got a bit messy as it turned out that the store had been running a reservation list (until Apple found out and told them to stop) and so one queue became two.

    And, “yes” I did get what I wanted.

  • queued for an iphone 3 for about 10mins but had to get to work so popped walked straight in during my lunch break! then recently when buying the new MBP 2011 – walked straight in at lunch time – first customer of the day!

  • Yep, few times actually. Recently for the iPad 2, which took about 5 hours of queuing- got there 4 hours before launch time, then took one more to get through the line. Would have queued up for Snow Leopard but had to work, and then also for the infamous iPhone 3G launch which took about 6 or 7 hours due to the issues with O2, the uk carrier. Despite the lengthy waiting time, I’d do it again and again. It’s fun chatting to others in the line, and if you get bored just bring a book along.

  • I queued for the iPhone 4 last year and calculated that I’d be waiting for maybe 2 hours, tops … I must suck at math because I ended up being in the queue here in Melbourne for over 6 hours. It was worth it though as it was my first iPhone and I got the last 2 of them in the state of Victoria. LUCKY! :-) I wouldn’t do it again, though.

  • Was #2 for the iPad 2 in Sydney this year. It was amazingly fun. The people and build-up were great but it did have its bad moments. Of course I’d probably never do that again. It’s too time consuming. But it was a great experience for an international student down under!

  • No. I have dignity. k thx bai

  • I queued for the opening of the first Apple store in my town, and for the iPad 2 launch. Didn’t get an iPad 2 but got a free t-shirt for the store opening which will serve as a car washing rag :). Met a lot of interesting people but I probably won’t do it again. I think the trick seems to be bring your enthusiasm and sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously. Cheers!