Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Used a Pre-Mac Apple Computer?

It’s been 29 years since Apple unveiled the original Macintosh, long enough that the Macs most of us use today would seem like science fiction compared to the original Macintosh. But the story of Apple doesn’t start with the Mac.

8 years earlier, Jobs and Wozniak demonstrated the Apple I, the computer that started it all, at the Homebrew Computer Club. Then, a year later, the Apple II was demonstrated, and it soon became one of the first computers to be released that was a mass success. The Macintosh came along, but it was still years before the Apple II computers had fully disappeared from Apple’s lineup.

My own first Apple computer (of sorts) was decidedly not a Mac. Instead, it was the one Apple device that seems to be the early predecessor of Apple’s real future as a mobile device company: the Newton.

So did you ever use an original Apple computer? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

And if you’re curious what Macs your fellow AppStorm readers are using, our giveaway from last week turned into an impromptu poll about that!


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  • Had an Apple II for work, mostly using Visicalc and Visigraph(?), 1Mhz 6502 processor, 64K RAM. You could expand it with 7(?) slots, and I had every slot filled (vid ctrl, diskdrive ctrl, Processor upgrade to 3.2MHz, Memory (2 slots), Colour card, and I can’t remember the rest. Used to do some pretty advance financial modelling. Wasn’t pretty, but functioned extremely well… and hot! Every 2 hours, would turn it off, take out cards, lie them on cool tabletop, get a coffee, reassemble!

    I recently downloaded a Visicalc emulator to see if I could do any of my XL stuff on it, quite a trip down memory lane!

    Loved it, but in a corporate world, it soon made way for IBM-PC.

  • I had an Apple IIe and an Apple Iic. I can remember a friend getting one of the first Macs and telling him that he was nuts because the IIc was the computer of the future and the Mac was just a passing fancy. All that said, I am typing this on a two day old MacBook Pro with 16gigs of RAM. My Apple Iic had only 256k of RAM. Cracks me up.

  • I remember playing Montezuma’s Revenge or something like that when I was a kid, it’s the game where you roam inside a pyramid and avoid snakes and stuff.

    However in USSR back then we didn’t had much access to computers or actual computers, however we had a Russian Apple II clone called Agat (agate) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agat_computer

    Later in Mac era we grew knowing that Apple is something expensive and only used by rich americans and good only for publishing. And frankly pre-OS X Macs weren’t very impressive.

    For me that lasted until Air was out and I decided to risk it. Little I knew…

  • I started using a CP/M compatible PC, then rapidly passed to the Commodore64 for several years. In 1988 i bought an Atari Mega ST2, then finally, after having esed them at work, I bought my first Mac: a Performa 5400/160

  • I started with an Apple ][+. 48 KB RAM, which I upgraded to 64K via a 16K card produced by Microsoft, of all companies ;-)

  • My fondest :) memory was my first Apple ][ computer (I had several including the //e and the IIgs). When I bought it, I got 32K of extra RAM and 2 floppy drives. I paid $300 for the extra 32K of RAM and the total cost for the Apple ][ was over $2,500! back in 1979. That’s almost $7,900 in today’s money.

  • I used an Apple IIGS as a newly fledged teacher to write tests and designed a database for my students to use as a gradebook/assignment tracker. It was really a proto-Macintosh for the ways it bridged the Apple IIe and the original Mac.

  • I learned to program in BASIC on an Apple II+ and Apple IIe. I remember “drawing” the Apple logo in 8-bit colour using ASCII characters, and writing a quiz for learning the capitals of the countries of the world. Ah, Artillery! Good times!

  • I used an Apple I at school, then Apple IIc, IIe, and IIgs. My parents bought us a IIgs, and I still have it, and it still works. 1 MHz CPU (2.8 MHz turbo mode), no hard drive, 4kb memory I think. Awesome!

  • I thought I was the coolest guy around when I got my Apple IIc for Christmas. Not sure why it had a handle, as it never left the desk (with proprietary monitor?.) Used to play Karateka (?) and learned to program in basic.

  • My first exposure to the world of computers was by using an Apple ][e running “interval training” software in the early 80’s when I was a music major at a small Catholic women’s college. Much later, my young family happily stuck with Macs. An incidence of deja vu struck in about 2005, when I volunteered at my children’s elementary school and a ][gs was still being used for cataloguing in a lending library.

    • Oh wow, that’s cool the IIgs was still in use then!