Weekly Poll: Have You Upgraded to Mountain Lion?

Mountain Lion has been out just under a week, and millions of us are already running it on our Macs. Apple’s announced that they sold 3 million copies of Mountain Lion in 4 days. Despite some initial problems with the Up to Date program, and expected slowdowns for first-day downloads, Mountain Lion is running strong, and very few of us have encountered major problems with it.

That’s why we’re wondering if you’ve taken the plunge and upgraded already, or not. Did your upgrade go good, or are you having trouble taming Apple’s latest cat? Or are you waiting for updates and for time to try upgrading? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

And, if you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to read our own Mountain Lion review for an overview of the new features, as well as our roundup of smaller changes throughout the OS, including new iCloud features.


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  • I did an early install on my laptop, but not my main machine. I had a number of little glitches (and a few “features” I wasn’t exactly in love with), so I did a clean install. This is working better, and I’m learning how to tame Mountain Lion.

    The only crucial glitch so far is that the AC3 audio codec does not work with Quicktime on Mountain Lion. This means that I can’t watch MKV videos with Movist, my preferred video player, unless I use FFMPEG playback. The difference between Quicktime and FFMPEG is that Quicktime allows me to adjust the playback speed in video. This may sound frivolous, but I watch a lot of video and I very much prefer to watch at 1.2-1.4x, depending on the content.

    The short-term workaround is to convert the files for AppleTV or iPad, but that reduces quality a bit and takes some time. It’s a nuissance.

    Perian is being discontinued so the audio/video community will have to reinvent a solution for Mountain Lion. Watch this space.

    • Try MplayerX. It worth it.

  • Please don’t refer to “Downloads” as copys sold. I downloaded it twice and got both for free, apple also takes that in account when they say downloads.

  • I’m waiting for compatibility issues with Screenflow 3 to be resolved.

  • I did install ML to my rMBP immediately after its release. Very very snappy than Lion. I just felt its now well optimised especially when my old 2009 MBP is quite fast as well. Overall, I’m pleased with the upgrade.

  • I have installed ML but not exactly happy, had problems with git & php, also had my mac freeze several times since the install.

  • I installed ML on my work MBP because it was purchased during the grace period when you can get a free ML upgrade.
    My home MBP however is still running Lion. I need to do a backup and swipe that one clean because it is running incredibly slow and poorly as of late.

    I like everything for the most part…my biggest annoyance is the removal of RSS from the Mail app.

  • I was going to do a clean install on my MBP since it too has been running incredibly sluggish lately, even though my MBP is only a month old (I did just simply copy over everything from my old MPB though).

    However, I didn’t do the clean install right and wound up just doing an upgrade install. I am happy to report that the system is running much better and snappier than Lion though. Will wait and give it awhile to decide if I want to do a clean install.

  • I’ve installed it on my 09 Mac Pro with a flashed 6870. Everything is running just fine and in particular cases like iPhoto, Mountain Lion crushes the performance of Lion. Scrolling through a ~5,000 photo library is ridiculously fast and smooth.

    I’m still waiting a little longer for any catastrophic bugs to appear before I upgrade my iMac at work, however.

  • Would be nice if Apple fixed Lion first for users that bought it (the OS & iCloud was introduced like a moment ago), maybe in upcoming 10.7.5 update it will be faster (if ML really can so why not) and stuff that was just introduced will be polished (i.e. launchpad, autosave, full screen, store updates). Full version of Safari 6 is probably not gonna happen now but it’s a new world, maybe it’s like iOS on older devices, not every cosmetic change will be available and some stuff will be exclusive (PowerNap, AirPlay).
    And no matter what they say or how much they want me to pay them annually for updates I won’t do it if the differences are so small (tweaks like changing some apps names can hardly be called substantial).