Weekly Poll: How Do You Read Books on Your Mac?

eBooks have become an important part the tech world these days. Many of us have dedicated eBook readers or tablets with eBook apps. I personally read more books than ever, but just a couple weeks ago purchased the first paper book I’ve purchased in years. Today, Amazon’s making more from Kindle books than hardcovers and Apple’s even had the DOJ inquiring into its eBook business practices. It’s an infant industry, but one that’s growing by leaps and bounds.

Today, you can buy almost any book you can think of and read it on your Mac or other devices in seconds. The Kindle app is ubiquitous thanks to Amazon’s extensive library of titles, but many indie publishers sell DRM free eBooks that you can read in Preview or apps like Calibre. Apple still hasn’t brought iBooks to the Mac, but many of us hope they’ll release a Mac version of it eventually.

I personally read PDF eBooks in Preview and Kindle books more than anything on my Mac, but I’m curious what you use to read books on your Mac. We’d love to hear your thoughts about your favorite book apps in the comments below!


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  • I usually buy books from O’Reilly and the Pragmatic Programmers and read the PDF version. This works quite well on a 27″ screen but of cause ePub support in OS X (Preview, Quick View, iTunes) is overdue. =[

  • For PDF, I strongly suggest HyperPDF for reading. Much better than preview.

    • HyperPDF is $10. Perhaps first you should try Skim, a free alternative to Preview. Main Skim advantage (for me) is much better bookmark handling. Main disadvantages: non-standard method of storing annotations (not reliable in other readers), and ignores the zoom slider on my keyboard (yes, I use an MS keyboard w my Mac) — while the slider works fine in Preview. Still, give Skim a try.

  • I have a Kobo eReader so I use the Kobo apps for my iPhone and Mac. Love the interface, love the constant improvements, love the ease with which I can download my books on all my devices, love the constant discounts on ebooks, love that it reads PDFs, and love that I can get copies to read with Adobe Digital Editions (though the Kobo app does a better job with formatting).

  • preview for pdf files, and adobe digital editions for epub