Weekly Poll: How Many Apps Have You Purchased from the Mac App Store?

The Mac App Store has been out for quite a while now and we like to check in from time to time to see what you guys think of it. The most honest way that we give a product an up or down vote is with our wallets so today we want to know how many paid downloads you’ve made from the Mac App Store to date (free app downloads don’t count).

Choose one of the options on the right and then leave a comment below telling us which apps you’ve purchased and what you think of them. Also feel free to chime in on the overall pricing scheme of the App Store. Do you think apps are fairly priced for the most part? Too high? Too low? Your opinion matters and we want to hear it!


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  • I bought FolderWatch after you guys reviewed it and couldn’t be more satisfied. That was basically the only app I really found that interesting on the Mac App Store.

  • I love the Mac App Store and, when I want a new Mac application, look there first. In my experience, the prices generally match out-of-App-Store prices, so seem reasonable.

  • None yet! As soon as Lion is released I will be buying a brand new MBP and taking advantage of that $100 App Store card. I’ve already decided on a few apps but could use some suggestions, so I will be checking out the comments here!

  • Final Cut Pro X. It’s been an awesome experience so far. Put it on three Macs (not limited to only two like FCS) and I was quite please with the install process and updates. I will likely add Motion at some point. My only issue is the ambiguity of the licensing. At the moment I am a “home user”, but in the future I might wish to make money (indirectly) using Final Cut Pro X, and it’s unclear whether I can continue using it or if I have to either reduce the number of installs to one or even re-purchase some sort of commercial use license.

  • If I wasn’t such a poor college student, I would buy more, but I’d rather spend a few more dollars on food and things whenever I can. I love the App Store though :) Totally convenient, the prices seem right to me, and a good selection of apps. I <3 iFlash…saves me the hundreds of index cards I make for my classes.

  • 62 paid apps so far. :O

    Most of them relatively inexpensive but a few in there like FCPX and Aperture that were a bit pricier.

  • Something like 129.

    CodeWatcher, Dock Clock, PHP Code Tester, RESTtest, Smultron, XML Nanny, PinPoint, PDF Editor, iStudio Publisher, Machinarium, Scrivener, Radium, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, MacCleanse, StuntMANIA Reloaded, Zen Bound 2, iMovie, Xcode, ImageWell, Numbers, Angry Birds, Chopper 2, Pages, Delectus, Compartments, 3Hub, POI Organizer, CSVEdit, MyOSM, rbb Route, itjBPM, Tangerine!, Tune Sweeper, Day One, Parallels Transporter, DaisyDisk, Big Mean Folder Machine 2, Unik, iPhoto, DupeZap, DirectorySync, Better Rename 8, FX Studio Pro, Photohound, Colorschemer Studio, Lingon, Autofiler, EagleFiler, VintageScene, Devon Agent Express, Keynote, Aquapath, Majestic, Logo Design Studio Lite, TerraRay, Imagerie, YummySoup!, MindNode Pro, Pixelmator, Calendario, Beats (HipHop edition), Diagrammix, Ordinatore, iSplash, Colorize, Tintii, PhotoArchiver, iExifer , PhotoTiles, Grays Anatomy Premium, DocScanner, MagicShow, Sticky Brainstorming, TaskPaper, Trine, PDFOutliner, Screenium, iFunia Video Converter, Ulysses, Tagalicious, File Driver, Todo Queue, Collage, photo crop, GMap, Proof Sheet, Hard Rock Racing, EasyWMV, EasyWMA, Snap Converter, Video-Converter, Memory Sweeper Pro, Storymill, Guerrilla Bob Invoices Pro, Involer, SamucoPDF, Griddle, Icon Maker, Boom, Bills, Again, Fantastical, Snap, Clean Writer, Icons, Byword, Folders Factory, Monster Trucks Nitro, Quickcursor, Image Bucket, Apps On Sale, WLANController, WiFi Scanner, Bus Driver, Light Master, Flare, Chill, ToDo Lists, Export Address Book, Wikibot, Mousepose, PhotoPresenter 4, BoinxTV Home, SongGenie 2, MiniLyrix, SQLiteManager, Trophy Truck Extreme, PDF-Suite

  • I have bought way way too many. Quite a few I have managed to grab whilst they were reduced greatly or even free for a limit period. But all in all I have probably spend hundreds of pounds :S

  • We only get a few quality apps here in South Africa. The selection is really tiny, and most are trash quality.

    • as far as I can tell we (in South Africa) only miss out on games… I bought plenty from the App store and slowly converting my non-app store purchases to app store purchases, just easier.

  • None, took the basterd right out of the dock as soon as it came in.
    Same thing with the iTunes store, same thing with Ping.

    I’m not amused with these stores, i’ll buy my apps at the developers, and my music in lossless.

  • I wont buy any untill i am able to creat an account with out credit card association.

  • The free apps in the store are good enough and there are even tons of mac app on the internet . I can not find any reasons to pay for the app in the store.

  • Only a handful, won’t buy Apps that don’t have a demoversion.
    And sadly lots of Apps on the Macstore don’t have a demoversion.

  • I buy lots of apps. I find it stupid that people are stuck in the 59p trance and won’t get out. There’s been countless times where people assume that £2.99 is a lot to pay for a Mac app.

  • 100’s, I’m very sad!

  • I bought DayOne, Pixelmator and Jumsoft Money till now. But Am gonna buy more when I upgrade to Lion! Why am not upgrading to Lion now? I’am waiting for the physical flash memory copy.