Weekly Poll: How Many Mac App Store Purchases Have You Made?

Whatever your opinion of the new Mac App Store, it’s certainly here to stay. I believe that it has created a fantastic new channel of distribution for developers, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the seamless process it offers for downloading and installing software.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve bought around ten applications, and downloaded many more free ones to try out. This is definitely an increase over my app-downloading activity prior to the store launch, and there’s no doubt that I’m trying more software because of it.

I wondered whether this is the same for you? Is absent-mindedly flicking through the Mac App Store a regular occurrence, or is it somewhere that you rarely frequent?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tell us how many apps you’ve purchased so far in today’s poll!


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  • I’ve purchased 0 so far. Not because it’s a terrible idea; because I have no need for most of the apps there.

    I thought the “it’s a terrible idea” and “I have money to burn” were unnecessary.

    • agreed with the unneeded “terrible idea” & “money to burn” additions.

    • I agree – it’s not an ‘outright’ terrible idea & that’s certainly why I haven’t bought any. I just haven’t needed anything since it’s been released. I try to stay on top of apps, using site’s like this one (Thank You) and had everything I needed prior to the store’s release.

      If it does become the ONLY way to install apps on a Mac though, I will have serious issues with it and may have to start considering alternatives.

  • I was hot on the idea…. until the whole iOS subscription thing. Now I’m not so hot on iOS or Apple. I don’t want to wind up on a platform that doesn’t have Kindle, Dropbox etc because Apple wants a cut of everybodys pie.

    • But can’t you still get those Apps on the web? I thought so …

  • I’ve taken 8 free apps, and removed 3 of them since they’ve showed to be useless (or missing key-feature)…

    I’m disappointed to have those 3 “bad” app still listed, even if I’ve removed them used AppCleaner …

  • 0 and completely removed AppStore app from my mac. I don’t want to give them credit card numbers even if I want to download free application. And also I don’t like their position – they just steeling money from developers and restricting to use applications I want if they don’t like them.

    • I understand that you don’t want to give them numbers if you are purchasing free apps…

      But I disagree about them steeling from developers. If I create an application, and want to sell it, it is much easier through the AppStore, even if they take a little part of the money I earn! Being on the store would give my app much more visibility…

      And if I don’t like this system, I still can sell it online as usual, but it takes an extra effort, to let people know about it…

      • Plus, (although it is not always possible) you can look for the app you need on the Store, and then actually buy it from the developer’s site…

      • I think what many people fear is that in the future you will only be allowed to sell Apps through the MacAppStore.
        Although i don’t think that this will happen i must say that i feel a little bit uncomfortably with the promise to bring iOS-Features to OSX. I love my Macs but i really dislike the iOS-Environment.

  • I prefer to directly purchase from the App developer’s site whatever 3/4 apps I have bought so far.

  • None – but not because it is a bad deal. For two other reasons. I have kept my Mac up to date with anything that I have needed up until now, and secondly, since buying a couple of iPads, my Mac (laptop) has become largely irrelevant except as a backup device, and interface to an external drive. My pattern of usage won’t fit in with most people’s. I tend to use Mail, Safari, 1password, Twitterific, PocketMoney and OmniFocus the most. No high powered apps like Photoshop etc. here then!

  • Personally i’m kind of disappointed in the number of apps in the Mac AppStore so far. Plus the stuff that is in there is in some cases more expensive due to Apple’s 30%, outdated (Call of Duty 4 anyone ?) or cheaper elsewhere (Bioshock Apstore $49, Steam $19).

    So far Apple is not doing a very good job at getting content in there. Steam is big competitor as far as games are concerned so it’s quite unlikely that we’ll see any change in that department.

    @Ignas, you don’t need to give Apple your CC number to “purchase” a free item. There is an option NONE in that dropdown menu. Apple isn’t restricting you to download/install any applications they don’t like either. You can still download them from the developers website and install them that way. Don’t tell me you didn’t have a single application on your mac before the Mac AppStore…

    Do your homework before trying to start shit.

    • Overpriced? Are you serious? There are plenty of apps that dropped their prices when they moved to the App Store.

  • Don’t hate me, but 30. 2 of which are free.

  • I’ve purchased 2 apps so far (namely Pixelmator and Sparrow – great stuff), and I really enjoyed how easy it was.

    Before the App Store, once I’ve tried buying Things for Mac as well, but I found the purchasing process on the developer’s site horrendous – and that discouraged me enough not to get the application, and look for easier, chaper alternatives. I suppose that couldn’t have happened in the App Store – so I’m really grateful how (almost temptingly) easy to make payments there.

  • I agree with the comments RE: apples change of terms and unfair removal of apps they feel is fair to bully.

    I fear that if I support mac app store I will ultimatly lose the mac I love as apple will eventually force everything onto the mac app store like they have with the iphone/ipad and we will lose the freedom we original purchased with OSX.

    changing terms like they did make me think I made a mistake purchasing all my macs and I will think thrice before buying any more.

  • Well my Mac is new & I needed some software so I’ve gone for about 5 or 6, some free. But all of those I would have gladly purchased from the developers site but a lot of them don’t offer that option anymore (Pixelmator for example). So in a lot of cases, I have to give Apple that 30%!

  • Way to bias the results with superfluous verbiage in the outer two choices.

  • I think the Mac App Store is a great idea and it will grow over time, like with the App store for the iDevices. Either way I’m enjoying my Apple Macbook and iPhone every day, it just works and it’s fun to use (more than I ever did with any Microsoft product).

  • Most of the apps I got I tried for free and were not available any ware as mac software of the 10_ titles I bought, probably spent 40 (26+ of which was for pixelmator)