Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Play Games on Your Mac?

Ten years ago, the single most used argument I heard against Macs was the lack of available games. It used to be the case that PC gaming was almost entirely dominated by Windows machines with Mac users being much more likely to be found running Photoshop than Half Life.

These days it’s quite a different story. Between browser-based games, the now Mac-friendly Steam network, the Mac App Store and the widespread acceptance of Macs among college aged individuals, the world of Mac users is quickly becoming positively full of gamers of all types: from casual pig smashing bird throwers to hardcore RPG addicts.

Today we want to know if you’re riding the Mac gamer revolution. Vote in the poll on the right and tell us how often you play games on your Mac. Afterwards, leave a comment below and let us know your favorite games. Also, if you answered “never” tell us why not!


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  • I’ve tried a few Steam games on my MacBook Pro, but it always seems to struggle. My computer either just wasn’t built for gaming or I’m doing something completely wrong.

  • Minecraft anyone?

    • Yep, that’s pretty much all I ever play if I play a game. I just find every other game utterly pointless. Why would I want to play an FPS and get yelled at by 12-year olds for sucking?



  • I’m a switcher, so the first game I installed is McSolitaire.

    I play Starcraft 2 occasionally, I think that all Blizzard games are available for Mac, and I’m very happy with the performance. Steam is okay, but sadly the Mac selection is still limited compared to Windows.

    For casual gaming, I like Zen Bound 2 because it’s gesture friendly and I also recommend Glitch, a MMO.

  • I’m one of the ‘never’ types, but that’s really because I’m not big into playing games anyway. Mahjong might be the exception there, but even that’s been over a year. Call me dull, but I just don’t like to play. Games. ;)

  • Combine “rarely” with “never”.

  • I’d like to have more time to spend on playing the odd game to be honest!

  • Well Macs still don’t have as many games as pc users have and the games that are available (with the exception of 3-4 big names) are old. Very old.

    And the worst part is that even if you decide to play an old game (2005-2006) like an fps, the perfomance in a big 27″ iMac with an i7 and 8gb memory is bad.

    So no. Its not different story nowdays.
    Macs can’t play games. They try but they fail miserably.

    • You really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?


      • I’ve opened the link that you so kindly offered to prove that I have no idea of what I am talking about.

        Here are some headlines.

        – I found how to Play StarCraft One on Snow Leopard without crashing
        – Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to Mac “Winter 2011/12”, (“or you can play it on pc which released 3 months ago”)
        – League of Legends mac client discontitue
        – GTA: San Andreas is now on the Mac App Store! (“7 years old”)
        – Is WoW The only decent MMORPG for MAC (“is the only one.”)

        And there are many more….

  • I play a lot of Starcraft 2 on my Macbook. When ordering my new iMac I also upgraded the 6970M GPU so I can play SC2 on the iMac’s native resolution.

    It’s awesome to own a Mac today.

  • Nikos, I game almost everyday on the same iMac as yours. You’ve got to keep updating your bootcamp, your gfx drivers and patching your games. GTA4 with DirectX11 and bootcamp 3.0 ran with framerate issues at 640×480. The same game with bootcamp 3.3(?) and both, DirectX9c and 11 installed runs at 1080p with better framerate. I have a late 2009 27″ imac with the i7. Deus Ex 3 ran beautifully. Just keep your computer updated, like every other Windows gamer has to. Some console ports will run badly, but they are bad ports. Crysis 2 ran really well for me at a 720p. Same for Starcraft 2.

    A Mac’s hardware is no different than a PC’s.

    • Well my friend I think the poll was about playing games on a Mac system with a mac os x and not bootcamp/win.

      Yes with bootcamp everything is great but honestly I love my mac so much that I prefer to buy a cheap pc just for gaming than dual booting, and for 400-500$ I have better performance and variety than trying to play on my mac with or without bootcamp.

      • You’re right about not many being available for Mac OS X and Windows still owning that market.

        Here’s my problem with feeding that fact… not gaming on a Mac System means the Windows terrorists are winning.

        Love your Mac enough to move the gaming market on it. Use bootcamp whenever you can. This is for all gamers, not just you, Nikos.

  • Rarely, but it does happen. I tend to use my macbook pro for non-gaming things (work, school, etc.) and I use my desktop PC (which i specifically built for gaming) for the graphically and CPU intensive games. I do play some light games (Spore) on my mac. But there is no way I would play MW or RTW.

  • DOTA on wc3 is still in the mix every few days

  • I play Team fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life through Steam but that’s about it. There aren’t that many good games for Macs. I had heard Rage would be released for Mac, but recently I’ve heard that’s no longer the case. It would be great if I could play Fallout New Vegas on my Mac. I can dream, can’t I?

  • I play Minecraft, TF2, Killing Floor and usually Heroes of Newerth (cause they cancelled League of Legends mac)

  • Main reason we do not play is cuz there are just few games for mac, and reason why there are just few lies in the fact that 98% of the macs sold do not have GPU strong enough for good gaming so developers are not writing/porting games to macs .. its a circle we cannot get out of :) .. in future most of the gpu’s produced will be strong enough .. so mac will have good gpu just because you cannot find lame gpu on the market to put in the mac .. THAN! we will play .. I think ETA is 2015. :)

  • can u play games on a computer? ;)

  • I literally just installed Windows 7 on my machine last night in preparation to play BF3 on max settings.
    October 25th can’t come soon enough!

  • As like most have already suggested. Macs aren’t really gaming machines. And tbh that’s why we have consoles. The games always run as intended, the online lobbies are always full and you can do it from the couch instead of a desk!

    Love my ps3 .. And my tired old iMac <3

  • Can. Not. Wait. For. Diablo 3.

  • Minecraft every once in a while

  • I used to play more games on my Mac (mostly adventure games and FPS like Quake and Unreal Tournament — doesn’t that date me?). But now, I’ve got better things to do, even though I have a few games I’ve never finished taking up hard drive space. I will play them when I’m absolutely bored to tears, stuck at home, and completely alone. But lately, I’d really rather be doing about 20 other things, one of them reading.

    Unlike other people, I don’t think there are too few games for Macs. I think there are plenty. Games are just too low on my priority list these days.

  • Great! Angry birds… that a true hard core game..