Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Upgrade Your Mac?

If you’re anything like most Apple users, you’ll be used to the twinge of excitement that comes around every time Apple announces a new product or gadget. The company has one of the greatest sales pitch records in the history of technology, and it’s hard not to be impressed with pretty much anything that comes out of Cupertino.

But, glitzy sales magic aside, how often are you compelled as a Mac user to upgrade your hardware? Is it something that you see as a rare necessity, or a yearly indulgence to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest Mac lineup?

Personally, I tend to stick with the hardware I have for as long as possible. I usually only upgrade when either my Mac starts to exhibit problems and become unreliable, or when a new form factor/update genuinely means that I’ll be able to do my job better.

The portability of the Macbook Air is close to hitting the second of these, but I haven’t felt the urge to upgrade from my MacBook Pro just yet…

Let us know your own thoughts on the topic, and do share your opinion in the comments!


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  • The best part about a Mac is the fact that they last FOREVER. I have a 2008 MacBook Unibody and its still running strong. The only problem I have with mine is the 3 hour battery life (although I keep it plugged up 99% of the time).

    Mac is the BEST.

  • I plan on upgrading to a 13″ MacBook Pro once my current 2006 white MacBook finally kicks the bucket. The casing is pretty cracked around the keyboard and flash heavy websites are a little sluggish, but the gosh darn thing just won’t die!

    • I would rather upgrade than buying the new one if the difference between old upgraded Macs and the newly or soon to be released Macs is not too much

  • Hi, just pointing something out in the poll, but isn’t “Less than every two years” the same as “Between one and two years”? Wouldn’t a better option be “Between two and three years”?

  • I’d love to upgrade every time a new MacBook/iMac/iPhone/iPad comes out – but I’m not made of money.
    So, in general iPhone/iPad every two years.
    MacBook/iMac every two – three years (although I’m still to upgrade my current models and I’ve had the iMac for a while now).

  • The main draw of Apple computers, for me, is the fact that they last a long time. My first-generation MacBook lasted more than five years before both the wireless card and LCD gave up the ghost.

    My philosophy is not to buy a new Apple computer until the previous one a) is no longer covered by AppleCare and b) is no longer usable.

  • I got my MacBook Pro two years ago and I plan to upgrade this year (well sort of… I have a 17″ and plan to get a 15″ instead) as well as getting an iMac.

  • I’m on my first Mac, so now poll options for me.


  • My first MacBook Pro is 3 years old, and while it is falling apart I am not going to replace it until I can’t fix it by replacing parts. It still feels quite snappy to me.

  • I think the poll should have had a 3 year option, you know, the length of applecare cover ;)

    That’s the way I do it, buy applecare with my mac, then when that runs out persuade myself it would be best to get a new model…

    • I agree – 3 years is about optimal. That used to be my rule. I’d upgrade my primary machine every 3 years. My most recent iBook G4 lasted over 5 years though with a few rescue surgeries.

  • I’ve got a 7 year old Powerbook that has seen better days, and a 4 year old Mac Pro that’s getting a little tired as well.

    Just ordered an MB Pro, but this tower will have to last another year or two.

  • I think the poll should have specified “over 2 years” as an option. I find I upgrade everything 3 years.

  • Tim and Am: “Less than every two years” means that you don’t upgrade more often than every two years. So every third year would go under that choice, as would every five years and every eight years or however seldom you upgrade (unless you never upgrade, in which case you should pick the last option).

    Me, I have a 2006 MBP that my wife is the main user of now, and a hackintosh I built last year that will last me quite a few more years I expect (especially considering how upgradeable it is).

  • Believe it or not, I have purchased three MacBook Pro’s in three years. Never the Mac’s fault, always mine.

  • I currently use my macbook pro 2006 model, upgraded some ram and hard drive and it still working fine for graphic design, web development and some video editing. I thought that it would last 2 years but it’s still working fine with no major delays. I would love to play some games especially diablo 3 and starcraft 2 but I have no time to play games so next year an imac will be fine

  • I’m currently on a 3 year old 13″ Macbook Pro, and a 2 year old Verizon iPhone 4…I don’t plan on upgrading either until I start having issues.

    Although the slight speed increases are nice, and the slightly bigger screen on the iPhone 5, I don’t think it warrants an immediate upgrade, I’d rather just wait it out a few generations before upgrading.

    Even though my Macbook pro just recently started getting a “service battery” light, I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade it just yet, might just do a little research to see what I can do to fix it myself.