Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Use Mission Control?

In Lion, the Spaces feature has been replaced by Mission Control, one central location with some major window management capabilities (Exposé shortcuts are still available).

We recently published an article on Making the Most of Mission Control and would love to know how you’re getting along with the new system.

I think the best way to judge your acceptance of Mission Control is by noting how much you actually use it on a day to day basis. Is it a novelty feature that you forget exists (Dashboard anyone?) or is it something that you use constantly and couldn’t live without?

Cast your vote in the poll and then leave a comment below about why you love or hate it and if you miss any functionality from Snow Leopard.


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  • I don’t really use it, can’t see what what I would need it for? Do you really need it to manage your 5-6 open programs, when you have the dock or cmd+tab? Haven’t used it, after I messed around with it on day one. Same goes for Launchpad, they are both very useless in my opinion, which is sad, when it’s Lions most hyped features :(
    But maybe some of you who voted constantly, can help me see the light? :)

    • I guess it depends on your workflow David. I have a complicated workflow that involves Acrobat Pro, Mail, Scrivener, Devonthink, Sente and several other specialist pieces of software. Its not unusual for me to have 20+ document windows open at a time, reviewing, writing and testing. There comes a point quite quickly when Cmd-Tab doesnt cut it any longer and the ability to use and find and move windows and files between spaces and applications and flick easily between them that Mission Control gives, improves my workflow over the previous version of spaces and expose by 200%. What a love about the Mac, especially with tools like Bettertouchtool, Applescript, Fscript and automator is how completely customiseable it is to fit your own particular workflow. I think Lion is just a fabulous improvement on this.

  • I use it very often, i setup a Hot Corner so now it’s just habit to quickly sling my mouse to the bottom right.

    Much better than the cmd+tab, in my opinion.

  • It’s kind of a half-truth with me because I use Spaces all the time! My fingers switch desktops just as frequently as switching applications. But viewing the actual Mission Control interface — only when things go wrong. It’s pretty silly once you know the keyboard shortcut.

  • I’m a huge fan of the Dashboard. But that may just be because I rely so heavily on my Freshbooks widget and my CSS colour picker.

    I use Éxpose frequently as well, but I really don’t see any need for Mission Control. I don’t image I’ll use it more than I use the Dock and I never (perhaps rarely ever) use the Dock. I simply use Alfred with a quick OPTION+COMMAND and then type in the first few letters of what I’m launching. To date, I’ve found nothing faster.

  • I typically only have a few applications open at a time, but I still tend to keep at least two spaces going. As a result, Mission Control is a regular part of my workflow, though it does not need to be accessed very often.

  • I spread the actions by Workspaces, and that’s great because it increases the productivity and quality of my work.

  • Bad poll choices. How about: 1. constantly; 2. frequently; 3. a couple times an hour…

    I use it frequently, more than a couple times an hour, but certainly far from constantly (!)

  • I use it cuz i don’t have any other spaces app, but i use it forcedly

  • The correct poll would be to compare it to expose and spaces!

    Which was 2 separate moves that could be done silmutaneusly, and you could bring a window into your working desktop without having scroll all around desktops…

  • I actually switched back to snow leopard after trying lion for 1 week. The main reason was because in my opinion spaces & expose is much better in leopard than it is in Lion.

    Currenty i have 9 spaces set up in a 3 x 3 grid. I’ve catagorized all my application in those spaces. Now i know of EVERY application in what space it is so i can easily find it.

    To me the new mission control is a simplification of the old spaces. The main way how to use the new mission control is you start up an application and then u put in in a space. In the old way u put the application to a space before you start it up.
    I know you can lock an application to a space in mission control, the bad thing is that these spaces are in a horizontal row. Switching from the first to the last space is just too far away and a no go for me.
    Another bad thing i think is that you cannot put full screen applications in a space. Like i said before i catagorize groups of applications (like all my browsers) in one space. Unfortunataly i cannot put the application in that space.

    Maybe i’m making a bit of drama here, but when you use a lot of applications and i cannot do my good old perfect workflow because a newer worse variant kicks in i get a bit mad. I believed in the lion hype and now i’m back at leopard, lost the money and time for reinstalling it.

    I like the other less hyped features of lion like airdrop, version control, full screen apps, hiding scrollbars and the new design (except for calendar and contacts, those are hidious).