Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Visit the Apple Store?

Apple’s retail operation has been a huge success for the company, with over 300 stores worldwide, across 11 different countries. Rather than a dry retail experience, everything in an Apple Store is carefully thought about—right down to the type of wood used for the counters.

The model of “Come to shop. Return to learn.” works well, instilling a sense of creativity and education into an otherwise very commercial experience. Although the primary aim of an Apple store is obviously to sell Apple products, the commitment to having creative specialists and dedicated trainers is something rarely found elsewhere.

I have a couple of Apple Stores close by in Manchester, but have been finding that over the years they are becoming far more crowded, all the time. What used to be a fantastic browsing experience is now akin to fighting your way to the front of a packed concert venue.

Are you finding the same thing? And how often do you visit an Apple Store nearby? I’d be interested to know whether you still find it a great place to check out the latest Apple gadgets, or if the ever-increasing crowds make visiting more of a necessity than a pleasure.


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  • I would say … once every 3 or 4 days :-/ ~ approx

  • Since the closest store is 35 miles away, in a mall, in a heavily congested area of the I-5 corridor, I pretty well don’t go. I don’t like malls, or freeway traffic. In fact, the only time I have gone was when my MBP battery decided it would like to be shaped more like a ball than a flat brick.

  • I’m using http://istheapplestoredown.de/ to receive an email if the store went down.


  • I’d say I’m in the Apple Store at least 5 times a week. That’s mainly because I work there!

  • For me, only a couple times a year since the nearest one is an hour and a half away.

  • I used to visit it every time I went to the mall, but what with Apple’s focus on iOS devices recently there hasn’t been anything interesting to see there in the last year or so. Hopefully that’ll change in the spring… though the stuff previewed in Lion so far is of no interest to me.

  • Not as often now. Big Apple fan but the stores are always the same.. IE the shop layout and content never changes so I found myself looking at the same stuff every time. Still think they are the most amazing retail experience though.. If you can get to the front of the que!

  • I used to go every week… but then realised it was very uneconomical to spend £5 on the bus fare each week… and often buy something…

    Much cheaper to stay at home studying! :D

  • I’m lucky that the ones near my house aren’t all that crowded on a given weekday, my favorite time to shop – weekends pretty much suck for shopping anywhere.

    But lately, I’ve been going about twice a month or so to psyche myself up to save enough to upgrade my imac to the next model. Sometimes I’ll rationalize some of my savings away but a drool-inducing trip will always get me back on course.

  • No Apple Store in Sweden :(