Weekly Poll: How Old Is Your Oldest Apple Computer?

As we sit on the precipice of another generation of new Macs, I thought it would be fun to take a look back. It’s time to throw open the closets, dig through the garage and climb up into the old dusty attic. We want to know the age of the oldest Mac that you still have in your possession.

Are you a new Mac user who doesn’t even remember the days of the sunflower iMac or are you an old school user who remembers what Macs were like back when Jobs was a long-haired hippie? Perhaps you even owned an Apple computer before the days of the Mac!

Cast your vote in the poll and then leave a comment with the dirt. Which Apple computer is it? When did you purchase it? What are the technical specs? We want to know! Also, if you happen to have a picture, we’d love to see it.


Add Yours
  • The G4 iMac ‘Pixar Lamp’

    Awesome looking, and upgraded to leopard ;)

  • My oldest computer (still running !) is a Macintosh Performa 5400, bought in 1996.
    It has a 180Mhz cpu, a 1,6Gb HD, phone and fax through the inner modem and the Apple telecom software, and a TV tuner. That is a hell of a machine !

  • At home I have a Powerbook G4 15″ (July 2004), a Mac Pro (Mar 2009), and a MacBook Pro (Aug 2011). I don’t use the Powerbook much anymore, just for watching lo-res video and listening to music in the living room. But hey, it’s still there and works.

  • My trusty 2006 Core2Duo 15″ MacBook Pro is still serving me well as my main computer, although I have to treat it right. Gently. Not running Photoshop as well as too many tabs in my browser or it overheats. That sort of thing.

    Getting an Air when they update later this year.

  • My oldest Mac was purchased in 1991. That Mac Classic got me through college.

  • Mac Classic Color.

    • Or Colour Classic, rather.

  • I have an overclocked Bondi Blue G3 Power Mac under my desk. …just because they’re so damn cool.

  • My oldest Apple computer is an Apple II – namely the Apple IIGS. My first computer – and still holds a soft spot in my heart after all these years.

    As the Mac mini gets smaller and lighter, I want to someday transplant its brains inside the IIGS case, just because I like the way the case looks on my desktop.

  • Mine is a Mac Classic. My mum bought it new in 1990 and gave it to me in 1991 when she upgraded to a IIsi. It had an 8MHz processor, 2 MB RAM and a 20 MB hard disk. A few years ago I upgraded it to 4/40 and it’s still good for a game of Cosmic Osmo or Sim City Classic

  • Oldest one I can find at the moment is a 2004 PowerMac G5, although the early 2005 one sees more use. Both have max RAM (4GB), and the 2005 sports a total of 5TB storage. Holding out for a MacPro upgrade, at which point these two will probably migrate to server farm duty. They’re both still running as beautifully as when we got them.

    Now, if I can find where they’ve been stored over the years, then I’ve got 2 Performas that beat them. Oldest is a 6115CD that is missing its case, but is maxed out at 72MB RAM and has a 60 MHz 601 processor. Goth that in June 1994. Next up would be a 6300 that is still intact and with stock specs, with a 160 MHz 603e processor.

  • My oldest (and only) mac is a 2008 revision iMac 24″ 2.8Ghz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD. It still runs well but at times it shows its age.

  • My oldest Apple is an Apple IIe which stills works and was my first computer.

  • Sadly enough, i didn’t get into the whole Mac thing until 2009 with my early 09 iMac. The Apple online store seems to be down all over the world right now, so hopefully i’ll be ordering a maxed out 2012 in a few hours.. fingers crossed. :)

  • My first Mac was a PowerBook 1400CS… You were even able to swap the disk-drive with the floppy-drive. And you could replace the cover of the screen by a transparent cover, so you could put a paper with an image under it.

  • My first and only Mac at home right now is a Macbook Pro 15″ mid-2009.

  • Bought my first Mac when I was in law school around 1992. It was an LC II 4/40 (Mb that is). LC stood for Low Cost but it was far from cheap.

  • My oldest is a 15″ mid(?) 2006 Macbook Pro. The first with Intel Core Duo. Still works fine.

  • I still have my original Apple ][, with an external 5 1/2 inch floppy drive and an external 10-key pad. The CPU has been upgraded to the equivalent of an Apple ][ Plus with 48k of memory and a couple of expansion cards. I think I bought it in ’77.