Weekly Poll: How Will You Use AirPlay?

With Apple recently announcing the Gold Master release of their iOS 4.2 operating system, it isn’t going to be long before we have a chance to play around with the capabilities of AirPlay.

Simply put, this will be a way to stream content between all your different Apple devices. At the outset, you’ll be able to stream music from iTunes to AirPlay enabled devices (as you could previously with the previous iteration, “AirTunes”), and also wirelessly stream video and audio from your iOS device to a new Apple TV.

This new wireless video streaming is something I’m really looking forward to. I often have a video on my iPad that I’d love to watch on a larger screen – or vice versa – I’d like to stream a video from iTunes on my Mac down to my iPad to watch on the couch.

It isn’t really clear what will be possible with AirPlay just yet. Whether it will allow video streaming to/from your Mac seems to be an unknown factor. I really hope that this will be possible, but I guess we’ll find out soon!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’ll be using AirPlay. Is it something you’re really looking forward to, or are you a little bit indifferent about the whole thing? Let us know using the poll above, and feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!


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  • I am also looking forward to the new wireless video streaming! But music is also a nice thing to be able to stream :D

  • Playing with the GM right now and video airplay is not working…perhaps an appleTv update is planned to enable it

  • I hope it will be possible to stream webpages, apps and games to it. I would like the tv to be just big and stupid and you can use your ipad/iphone/touch just like remote and the apple tv interface. I think it will be a controller like a wii remote, think about it with gameplay you are connected to your friends (like playstation Couch2Couch), there are +110 milion controllers and you only have to buy a 99 dollar box. haha they would be the biggest gaming platform of the world ;)

  • I use a mac mini as my central media hub, connected to my speakers and LCD tv. What I need is to airplay video from my iPhone or ipad to my Mini. Any developers out there…i would pay a utility that for this! I’m assuming Amoeba is already on the case…bring it on!