Weekly Poll: Should Dashboard Widgets Be in the Mac App Store?

Remember Dashboard widgets? Long before the iOS app gold rush, there was another little burst of developer activity in the Mac community: Dashboard Widgets. These mini-apps used to be all the rage with waves of new widgets hitting Apple’s featured collection every week. These days though, despite the fact that Dashboard is still an active OS X feature, the development of third party widgets seems to have crawled to a near stopping point.

I think Apple needs to do one of two things: drop Dashboard completely (like the did with Front Row), or once again make it worth using by revitalizing the widget market. One way to do this would be to create a special section of the Mac App Store specifically for Dashboard widgets. Giving developers a central point to distribute and earn income from widget development would no doubt help give this market the boost it needs.

What do you think? Should Apple allow Dashboard widgets in the Mac App Store or would this just create a mess of low quality, barely useful clutter? We want to know your opinion! Vote in the poll and leave a rant below in the comment section.


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  • I wouldn’t be sad to see Dashboard disappear. I’ve basically never used it for anything.

    Although, I must say that some apps currently on the mac app store are kind of widgets and not really “apps” (and I’m pointing my finger to ALL “apps” that only have a menubar icon.

    • I’ve been a Dashboard user since day 1 and I still love it. Use it every couple of minutes.

      Being an international student, I have some world clocks & world weather that come in handy. Calendar & iCal events show me everything at one click. Notefile syncs my notes flawlessly. Calculator & currency conversions are super handy. Stickies if I have to jot down something when on the phone. Thesaurus & dictionary when I’m writing something.

      All of this is indispensable! I have absolutely no idea on how anyone could think about killing Dashboard.

      • I rather click on the clock and have a drop down list of time zones. Dashboard just feels like I have to go out of my way to get to it. It’s not like mobile environment where all information is pushed at you.

        Something like that.

  • If you saw in mountain lion, the’ve completely revamped the widget interface, so obviously they will do something with it if they paid that much attention to it

  • Very nice style and good subject matter, nothing else we require : D.

  • As an Dashcoder and Dashboard Widget Developer:
    Come on Apple, bring back the dashboard, pleeeaaase ;-)))