Weekly Poll: What Apps Are You Thankful For This Year?

When you’re always looking for the greatest new app, sometimes you forget about the awesome apps that power your life. The apps you use day in, day out to make money, stay in touch with family and friends, be creative, stay informed, and more are the most important apps, way more important that that new app that might come out tomorrow and just might revolutionize your life … or not.

Funny thing is, apps that you use all the time can fade into the background, and you’ll almost never think about them. It’s easy to take for granted the apps we use most. From your web browser to tools like Dropbox and Alfred or the launcher of your choice, there are apps you use every day without thinking about it, but you’d be hard pressed to live without them.

Today’s Thanksgiving in America, which makes a great time to stop and think of the things you’re grateful for, no matter where you call home. Our team has rounded up some of the apps we’re thankful for this year, and we’d love to hear from you. What Mac apps are you the most thankful to have around this year? Perhaps an older app that’s stood the test of time, or a newer app that’s recently become essential to your workflow. Either way, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  • iA Writer, Alfred, Coda, Frank DeLoupe and, more recently, Clear (:

  • Scrivener, Bartender, Freemind, Scribus, VLC, Evernote, Gimp, muCommander

  • Better Touch Tool!!!

  • Clear, Evernote, Taggy for Evernote, Spotify, Flare, Tweetbot.

  • I recently switched to Sublime Text 2 and I love, it really made my life easier. I’m not sure about the release date, but Sketch v2 is the best tool for designing websites. I’m also thankful for Alfred.

    • Same here. Sublime Text looks simple, but reading and watching the manuals shows lots of hidden power.
      I use fullscreen and my own custom colour schemes.

    • Espresso is still the best for building websites…

      Though I start moving to Chocolat (because I need more and more different languages), which is good, but does need a lot more work to do.

  • It’s new, but just sent the Thanksgiving some to all my friends with ShoutOut Radio.

  • Many apps don’t open their windows in the center of the screen. I use SizeUp to center windows with a keyboard shortcut. I also use TextExpander, ClipMenu and Clear.

  • Alfred, bartender, totalfinder, popclip, textexpander, flexiglass, taskpaper, tweetbot, Jing and Snagit

  • Alfred, BBEdit, BetterTouchTool, ClipMenu, CodeRunner, Dash, DropBox and Terminal.

  • Sleipnir (absolutely great support and beautiful comfortable browser)
    Dropbox (saving my files on HDD failure)
    MacOSX (as always)
    Pocket (pages saver and freeing my browser from the read-later stuff)
    Sublime Text 2 (stunning great programmer’s editor with unlimited trial period – I will buy it in near future)
    Tweetbot (simply the best by now)
    YoruFukurou (very interesting Twitter client)
    nvALT (fork of Notational Velocity – the greatest way to write notes and small texts – in the principle write+tag+forget-where-you-put-it+find-quickly)
    iTunes (for the shuffle and DJ modes following my mood and thoughts)
    CleanWriter Pro (one of the most comfortable fullscreen editors, I’ve bought it with discount and wrote some tails and articles and 1 rhyme by now)
    TextWrangler (being one of the best text editors with totally great regular expressions support, and it’s free)
    Sparrow Lite
    Sequential (good-looking image viewer)
    Scrivener (very impressive writer’s editor which I’ll cope with in future, I hope)
    NetNewsWire (still the best RSS reader)
    CloudApp, Droplr, Jumpcut and several small utilities
    several photo tools
    several built-in MacOSX apps

    (all of the above for Mac)
    I’ve posted bug reports for some of these apps to make them even better, and the best support by now is for Sleipnir browser, also Pocket respond quickly.

    CKeditor (using in my projects)

  • Apple Mail
    Notational Velocity + Simplenote
    DEVONthink Pro Office

    • If you really enjoy Fresh you should try Trickster. 50% on Black Friday.

  • Path Finder
    BetterTouch Tool
    PDF Clerk Pro

  • TextWrangler (still software that EVERY Mac-user should have)

    Perian (Can’t live without it)
    Transmit (I sync tons of FTP files each day, Transmit is an awesome FTP client)
    Transmission (The best bittorrent client out there)
    LiveQuartz (An easy image editor)
    Texpad (A great LaTeX typesetter for Mac)

  • Alfred
    Keyboard Maestro

  • News – Feedly, reeder
    Memo – Awesome note
    Editor – Sublime text 2
    Social – Line, Facebook (native iOS app), Tweetbot

  • Coda, nuff said

  • Sublime Text 2

  • Our turn then!

    With so many people posting window management apps, i must include mine, which is **Spectacle**: it does the basic stuff, well done and for free. It’s available on mac app store. Worth a look.

    Going non-obvious then:

    Bartender (saves my menubar from cluttering),
    ClipGrab (so i may steal those youtube/vimeo videos!),
    Ecoute (listen to my music without that heavyweight Itunes around),
    Houdini (hides my unused applications for RAM’s sake!),
    Money (doesn’t matter what you work with, i hope you make some money and this app helps you control it),

    From our day-to-day apps:

    1Password, Alfred, CleanMyMac, ClipMenu, DaisyDisk, Dropbox, Flux, Hazel, Hyperdock, iA Writer, MarsEdit, nvALT, Pixelmator, Pocket, Postbox, Reeder, Scrivener, TextExpander, TotalFinder, Transmission, Trickster, Tweetbot, VLC, Wunderlist, Yojimbo.

  • Moom is probably the app I use the most,

  • vote: Coda 1.7.5

  • Above all Total Finder: the normal Finder in OSX is not enough.

    After this, I found really helpful Scrivener (I’m a writer), due to its own powerful features, letting you organize a project in every detail. Nevertheless, it’s a pity that when you’re simply writing the manuscript it lacks support for other languages (I’m Italian) and some features in which Word is still better (as keyboard customization – Apple system customization is not enough too). And when you’re writing a novel you need the best comfort you can have, lest you lose something along the way…

    I use several other applications, but some are more important: Shortcuts, Moom, 1Password, Boom, MindNode Pro, Sparrow (I simply love its minimalism!) and Tweetbot and MenuTab Pro (for keep in contact with everyone out there).

    Following you all the time: thanks for your articles (some of these software I discovered because of you). Cheers!

    • You sure Scrivener does not support Italian? My language system is English but I also write in Italian with Scrivener and US keyboard and it works great, with word correction and everything.

  • I am thankful for:
    – Sublime Text 2
    – Itunes
    – VLC media player
    – Firefox (and tor browser), and Chrome
    – Apple Mail
    – and dropbox

  • 1Password

  • My top 5 of mission critical apps:


  • Alfred
    FreeSpace Tab
    MenuTab Facebook Pro
    Time Track Pro
    Wake Up Time
    YNAB 4

    • . . . must add:
      Launchpad-Control (though discontinued, it’s great for Lion)

      Want to try:

  • Dropbox
    Adobe CS6 Suite
    and Growl :D

  • Byword, Alfred, Midnight, Pulp, Social Safe, ExLibris, Hazel, Butler & SpellTower. All but 2 of those listed I found thanks to this site, so mostly I think I’m grateful for this site.

  • iA Writer (Mac/iOS)
    Reeder (Mac/iOS)
    Ommwriter (Mac)
    Apple Mail

    count to my most used apps I’m thankful ’bout for this year.

  • TabLauncher – launcher
    Feedly – news
    Cappuccino – news
    TuneSpan – iTunes
    DVD Hunter – DVD organizer
    calibre – book organizer
    Audio Hijack Pro – music ripper