Weekly Poll: What Apps Do You Wish Would Come to the Mac?

It’s been a long time since Mac users had to wish that leading apps would come to their beloved platform. If anything, it’s the opposite today, and has been for some time. When I used a PC regularly, I’d wish there were apps like Things and Transmit, Pixelmator and — of all things — Preview (really).

But as many great apps as there are on the Mac today, there’s still some programs that haven’t made the leap over to our favorite platform. Whether it’s games that are still PC only, ancient DOS based business tools, or drivers for an old scanner that’ll only run on XP, many of us still run Windows regularly to be able to use legacy stuff — and some not so legacy stuff. After all, even though Macs have Office, Access has never made the leap, either.

It’s not just PC apps, either. I for one would love some popular iOS apps on my Mac. First off, iBooks: I’ve stuck to buying books in Kindle simply because I can read them on my Mac, too. Then, I’m sure a ton of other iPad apps would be more than welcome on the Mac.

So, if you could pick, what apps would you want to see brought over to the Mac first? We’ll look forward to hearing your comments below!


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  • OneNote

  • Omnigraffle Pro :)

  • Visio!

    • For everyone posting Visio, give OmniGraffle a try: http://www.omnigroup.com/products/omnigraffle/

      I import and export visio files occasionally for my non-Mac clients.

      • I agree, I use omnigraffle pro almost daily, its high price is well worth the usage I get out of it.

  • Metatrader 4 or/and 5

  • Twitter for iOS needs to be ported. Twitter for Mac lacks a lot of things from the iOS version I feel, which hopefully since development on the Mac version has restarted, shouldn’t be too long in the running.

    • You should try Tweetbot, or Twitterific :)

      • +1 on Tweetbot. Good additional features and easy switching between personas. Good workflow.

  • PhraseExpress/Breevy: TextExpander has perhaps 1/3rd power and options of these.

    Find and Run Robot – Alfred is nice. But FARR offers the same on PC for free.

    ClipX – None of the free Mac clipboard managers can match this freebie.


    MacroExpress (& AutoHotKey) – Keyboard Maestro has perhaps 1/3rd power and ease of use offered by ME.

    FlashFXP – way better and more feature-filled than Transmit.

  • Onenote

  • Full version of Quicken

  • Gmail, Google+ and YouTube ” With Notification Centre Support”
    Twitter for iOS
    “Cut and Paste in Finder”
    Viper “Plagiarism Checker”

  • iBooks, for sure. I’ve been waiting for years for this.

  • Notepad++ – its lighter and doe snot crash with plugins compared to sublime, but I use both.
    Age of Mythology titans expansion – not an app but an awesome game
    HeidiSql – its a great little tool for sql development when you need a minimalist client.
    WinScp – my favorite ftp program. I cannot find a free program that does the functions this one can.
    Update the functional of mono IDE to include some of the latest features of Visual studio express.

    • Sublime Text 3 (beta) does not crash with plugins. Check their blog.

    • Oh yeah! Dang I miss Notepad++ ;(

    • CyberDuck is a decent FTP client and it’s free.

    • @richard: Thanks, though I tried cyber duck. Unfortunately, I do not find it compares well with winscp.
      @Andre L: Thanks. I checked have been waiting to check that as I am happy with version 2 (and I have a license for 2). Hopefully it will be a lot “lighter” than version 2.
      @appsychedelic ha-ha ya, apparently some people could run it through wine, I have it in the VM I use visual studio in.

  • XaraX or CorelDraw. Illustrator is awful.

    • Thank you someone who finally agrees

  • ManicTime

  • Twitterrific, as in the iOS version. The OSX version is still very nice, but missing some great features from the newer iOS version — muffling, UI customization, etc.

  • IDM – Internet Download Manager

    • I understand IDM is sytem-wide. In the meantime in case you aren’t already aware, DownThemAll! does a decent job in Firefox.

      • Or JDownloader (even if it’s Java-based).

  • Rainmeter.

  • Visio.

  • iBooks! Can’t think of anything else right now..

    • Can’t agree more with that. The state of .epub reading on the Mac is just sad at present.

  • Definitely 3DS Max for me :)

  • Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft Project
    Notepad ++

    • You should try OmniGraffle and OmniPlan … and Sublime Text (or the new Textastic for Mac for a lighter/cheaper option)

  • CyberGhost VPN and QQPlayer

  • Second Gear’s Elements.

  • Sai the Paint Tool

  • Dear jebus bring me Flipboard and Brewster please. A decent Basecamp app would be excellent as well. And if I am wishing on a star, I might as well as for Mailbox too. Airmail is wonderful, but it would be swell to be able to action my inbox…

  • AnyDVD HD by SlySoft

  • OneNote and several strategic games from Windows. Drafts from iOs.

  • Forgot to add: GTalk.

    Messages doesn’t cut it.

  • IDM of course, perfect integration with everything..
    And a Preview of Office 2013 for Mac, a good program compared with previous Office suites..

  • Autodesk 3ds max

  • MP3Tag

  • Website-Watcher

  • Irfanview

  • iBooks for Mac — Oh, yes! Definitely.

  • OneNote, definitely OneNote!

  • Offline Explorer from MetaProducts
    3ds Max & Motion Builder from Autodesk

  • Here are the two the justify running Parallels for me:
    1) Regex Buddy: simply the most complete and useful regext tool out there
    2) Beyond Compare. The diff tool standard.
    3) One more thing: Tortoise SVN would be great, though I do like Cornerstone

  • Internet Download Manager for MAC. OS X still lakes a great download manager like IDM for MAC. I’ll completely ditch my windows laptop if that happens.

  • 1) Miranda — Sure, Adium looks pretty, but I really miss having a powerful, configurable IM client that’s actively developed.
    2) foobar2000 — The only alternative for OS X seems to be Decibel. It’s not exactly cheap, not really configurable and doesn’t have all the plugins, but at least it supports most file formats, Replay Gain, cue sheets, etc.
    3) A mail client — not even sure if the situation is better for Windows users. I think he last OS X mail client for power users was Mulberry but that project died years ago. Not I’m sitting here with the crappy Postbox app that doesn’t integrate well into the deskop environment and doesn’t even load and save plain text mails without messing them up. It’s just sad.

  • For everyone asking for OneNote on Mac, try GrowlyNote. That thing ROCKS and it’s FREE. BTW, I’m not associated to the product in anyway except that I’ve used it for years. The Author used to work at M$ on OneNote. I’ve begged him to write a version for IOS, but apparently it’s a pain to port. Here’s a pointer to look at:


  • Does anyone know a Mac equivalent of a ‘Pin windows on top’ kind of app?


  • None, I’ve got all.

  • TheEndlessForest

    iSiloX don’t work anymore.

  • Whatssap and iBooks for sure!

  • FTPRush and Foobar2000

  • My essentials miss…

    – foobar 2000
    – ibooks
    – Qimage (print software)

  • Only one software I miss since I switched to MAC and that is XaraX everything else has better alternative to it’s windows counterpart than this one.

  • it’s not so much an app but i wish that there was diagnostic software for my car compatible with my mac. Right now i use VMware Fusion to run windows 7 just so that i can use the diagnostic software.