Weekly Poll: What Apps Grew On You Over Time?

It’s happened to all of us: you download a new app, and are all excited over its features … only to find that it really doesn’t work for you. So it lingers in Launchpad, and in all likelihood is never opened again. That is, until you one day open it by chance, and try it again. Perhaps it got an update, perhaps you were just bored, or perhaps you kept hearing people praise it and figured you missed something the first time around.

And boom, you’ve got a new favorite app. That app that didn’t work for you the first time suddenly fits like a glove. It’s perfect for you, and you wonder why you didn’t see the light sooner.

That happened to me with Alfred. I downloaded it, couldn’t get what the fuss was all about, and went back to Spotlight. Then, I tried it again a couple months later, and thought it was nice enough, so I got the powerpack. Soon, I couldn’t imagine working with Alfred, and I’m even more addicted to the awesomeness that is Alfred 2 and its workflows.

It also happened to me with PopClip, as I’ve written about before. With it, the update that added actions flew under my radar at first, but once I tried it out, I was hooked.

So, what apps grew on you over time? We’d love to hear your stories below!


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  • The app that has grown on me most recently and has become the app I use the most is Sublime Text 2. I was a hard core Textmate user but now all I use for coding and almost any other text work is Sublime Text 2

  • Evernote! I got it way back when it first came out and have only started using it this year. Just bought premium membership this month :)

  • PopClip has been a great app to have. At first I thought the concept was redundant, but it has proven to be a really useful tool.

  • I am really enjoying Earth 3D as a desktop wall paper. It rotates an image of earth as if the camera is orbiting the plannet. Helps me relax and think large.

  • alfred, definitely.
    right now i am using doo more and more, nice ui, clear and good overview.
    trello is coming into my view, app for ipad/iphone and browserbased on mac.

  • I have had the same experience with Alfred. I just did not see all the fuss about Alfred or any other other launcher for that matter. I tried it and it just seemed to get in the way, unlike Spotlight. I started using Alfred a month or so ago when v2 came out and discovered workflows. Totally addicted to it. It is a great concept and there are some great workflows that really do speed things up. However, if it were not for those, I would probably just use Spotlight. That is one application that I have come to like and changed my mind about.

    I love trying out new apps that is why I visit this site in the first place. Most of the time the apps most bloggers/reviewers rave about (generally speaking) are not god given as they make them sound. I prefer when someone posts a few points on how a certain app improves their daily workflow and why they find it useful rather than raving about it just because it is the flavor of the day.

    There are of course other apps besides Alfred I use. My preference is pretty standard. I like XtraFinder. It adds a few tweaks to Finder I love. It has proved to be stable and it is free.

    I have tried many 3rd party apps for task management, notes, music, web… in the end I use Apple’s apps. My needs are simple and they work flawlessly with iPhone and iPad. Everything is in sync, simple to use, available on all devices and free. I do not need to worry about app updates nor shell out money two/three times as most 3rd party solutions charge for iOS versions, or worse, the apps are not universal so you have to buy it separately for phone and tablet. That is not the problem if you really use the app (1password is one example in my case).

    Besides ton of “small” apps that you install, try, leave or delete…besides browser and music player, the apps that are worth I do not regret investing are archive manager and office suite.

    I may have overdone it with the list. :) What I find that most of the time I use a few apps to do my daily tasks and regardless of preferences. There is always “a better” app for everything. One just has to factor in other things.

  • I’d have to go with PopClip and Yoink. Two apps I bought on a whim and never really gave them much thought. Slowly but surely, they’ve crept into my workflows and when for some reason they don’t appear where or when I’d expect them too (working on another Mac for instance) I feel like something is missing.

    • Cool to hear I’m not the only one like that with PopClip :)

      • Me too. :) PopClip surprised me.

        • PopClip is really great, especially with the great additional extensions.

  • I’m new to the Mac world, having only been using a MacBook Pro work sent me for about a month now. Yes, I will come right out and say it, “I’m a lot more productive and I don’t think I will ever go back to a Windows machine – this was surprising.”

    Thus far, Sublime Text is a given, Divvy to toss windows where I need them and InsomniaX since I prefer the MBP closed and connected to a flat-screen.

  • I’d have to agree that Evernote was the app that snuck up on me and became a must have.

  • I’m addicted to Alfred and PopClip.

  • iStat Menus has become a must for me! I love the customizability and the options. With my set up, I can see my fan speeds and temperature. And with one click iCal, the week of the year, moon information, detailed battery stats and also a cool little lux meter.

  • Wunderlist was this way. Now I can’t live without it.

  • PopClip and SnappyApp.

    Two apps I want to like more and use more are definitely Alfred (free version for now) and Evernote. I use both some but not nearly as much as they’re capable of. Someday maybe that will change.

  • Adobe Illustrator. I started using Illustrator way back at Illustrator 88. I has always been terrible compared to FreeHand. Poor gradient capability, poor text handling, lack of multiple pages, and don’t get me started on the selection tool.
    I cringed when Adobe bought Macromedia and for the next two versions of Illustrator after that.
    Illustrator CS6 is finally a usable ILLUSTRATION tool. And even a decent design tool now. Hey, imagine that.

  • I can tell you what apps I have NOT been using so much.

    Firstly, Pixelmator, for its irregular hangs and system-sucking pauses.

    Secondly, Apple TextEdit which seems to have a life of its own these days, spewing endless save files across the desktop, and randomly deciding that I don’t have privileges to open, save, or sometimes even edit in mid-flow.

    Hey ho! I do like Autostitch on my iPhone though – neat, unassuming, works well.

  • Textexpander

  • There are a few apps that I could not manage without (Workflowy, Mailbox for iPhone, Spotify, SublimeText2, VLC), but the one that’s recently snuck up on me is MoneyWiz. For the first time ever, I actually look forward to recording my transactions and income, making sure the bank totals reconcile and whatnot. I’m not sure how its done it, but I’m glad one of the dozens of apps I tried has made me stick with it.

    Also, SublimeText2 just keeps getting better the more i use it and figure out how the packages work. Emmet.io ftw!