Weekly Poll: What Do You Think of iCloud?

After at least a year of rumors about an Apple cloud service and months of anticipation after the official announcement was made, we’ve finally gotten our hands on iCloud. It’s the perfect example of how Apple doesn’t always get things right from the start. They started with .Mac, evolved that into the train wreck that was MobileMe and have hopefully finally gotten things right this time around with iCloud.

Now that you’ve had a little while to kick the tires, it’s time to weigh in. What do you think of iCloud? Is it everything you hoped it would be or did all that hype lead to a disappointing reality? We want to know!

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below telling us about your iCloud experience. Tell us your horror stories and your raving praise, let’s hear it all.


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  • The problem with iCloud is that apple screwed up for everyone that has a family that uses one apple ID. My brother, father, and I all have iPhones, and when we tried using iCloud, it merged ALL of our contacts together, and when some contacts were deleted in an attempt to fix this issue, it deleted the contacts of our other phones on the account. Apple needs to fix this and allow us to maybe pin numbers to specify the device connected to the cloud.

    • or use different accounts….

    • That’s not apples fault, that’s what iCloud does, sync devices with the same accounts! All you have to do is create an apple id for all of you, set that up as your main iCloud account and then have your own contacts. If you have some things you’d like to share with the family (i.e. a family list of contacts) the create a second iCloud account and turn on contacts.

      Works well for me, keeping somethings shared and others individual.

      • While you can create additional Apple ID’s, that solution is not apparent when you are setting up iCloud. A savvy user will discover this, but the average user will not know…and they’ll end up having to reconfigure iCloud and fix the issue.

        So actually, I believe it is Apple’s fault. They are supposed to be all about the user experience, and the iCloud experience is confusing to first time users.

    • You aren’t even allowed to use Apple ID’s like that.

      They haven’t screwed anyone, you just failed to keep to the T&C’s of using an Apple ID.

  • First off, I too had my contacts duplicated because now, apparently, I have a copy of everyone “on my Mac” in addition to “on iCloud”. I don’t know why they’re not the same thing, but whatever. My calendar events were actually tripled! Which is really the same thing. I don’t know why it can’t more reasonably manage my stuff — keeping it in the cloud _and_ on my local machines with seamless syncing.

    I have an iPhone running iOS 5, a Mac running Lion, and another still running Snow Leopard. I think the Snow Leopard machine is the problem because for some stupid reason, you need 10.7.2 to run iCloud. Considering it doesn’t add any new features, I don’t quite get it.

    Also, Photostream should be accessible from the iCloud main page when I log into icloud.com. It’s silly that I have to launch iPhoto to get there, and on the iPhone it’s touch to manage.

    Until applications start using iCloud as a platform for syncing preferences and data, iCloud is going to be annoying, and I’m likely to find a lot of upgrade headaches from moving away from MobileMe (which for my uses worked fine)

  • The confusion with multiple Apple ID’s within one household was predictable for the folks that don’t stay up-to-date with the latest OS X news. Casual users shouldn’t feel obligated to scour the web for preparations, tho. It could have been handled better.

    I’d love to see an implementation of some sort of Apple FamilyID that would identify three (five?) separate AppleID’s to access software updates but retain individual backup schemes. I’d be willing to pay a slight premium to extend these privileges across all the Macs in the house.

    For the most part iCloud is invisible (as it should be) with the exception of PhotoStream management which needs work.

    • You can use a different Apple ID for iCloud and your ‘Family Apple ID” for handling your purchases.

      iCloud works perfectly for my family this way. Getting them their own separate apple ID then using just one for App Store.

      • how do you do this?
        My option on the icloud setting on my iphone is greyed out to change the email…

  • All my iCal events got duplicated.
    How do i remove photos from photo stream? Right now there is loads of crap photos on there..

  • iCloud is really nice so far. Contacts can be a bit of a challenge to setup if you’re syncing with Google for instance. I went through and just rebuild my contacts on iCloud and only sync’d my Gmail. The mail interface for the free @me.com address is excellent.

    As for improvements, Photo Stream really needs to put the control of the photos in the user’s hand. 1) All photos should display on iCloud.com for viewing and 2) we should be able to delete photos as well as rearrange their order.

    It’s great that “Reset Photo Stream” exists but ideally most of us want to remove a photo here or there and not reset the entire stream.

  • I like it a lot, there were no duplications for me as I moved everything from Google to iCloud so it was a fairly painless transition.

    However, I noticed bookmark sync needs work as it’s currently not working for me :(

  • Was already using GMail to sync contacts and mail, so er… nothing new for me

  • Long-time Mac users who were unwilling to fork out USD99 per year will appreciate that iCloud is free.

    Regarding the managing of multiple accounts issue: get an individual iCloud account each ([email protected]) for syncing your data and all things Apple; use the original Apple ID to make all purchases. Problem solved.

  • All my pages and keynote documents had been deleted in the cloud. Calendar and address book synchronisation works well, but mail still got problems with the password.

  • Poor IWork integration is what let it down for me… I guess it will come in time but really not impressed at the moment and won’t be using it just yet.

  • My Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Notes etc are already synced across all my devices using Google, I don’t see the benefit of moving them to iCloud.

    I would consider moving my backups but don’t like that the choice is one or the other and not both.

    • Yeah, iCloud only does part of what Google has been doing for years. Plus it’s useless if you have non-Apple devices. Why would I switch to iCloud when it won’t sync with my phone?

  • I haven’t noticed any bugs whatsoever and I get things nicely synchronized between my Mac and iPhone, in addition to the nice, free Find My iThing feature.

    It could be more, but it’s everything it promised to be so far.

  • So far I’m loving iCloud. Once I figured out how to share a calendar with my wife we now use one single calendar and can see all upcoming appointments. This is so much easier than trying to keep a google calendar synched on iPhone, iPad and two iPod Touch’s. I love that your place in the book you’re reading is shared on iCloud. It’s very cool, to me anyways, to be reading a book on the iPhone and then switch to the iPad and be able to continue exactly where I left off.

    I think the Photos stuff needs some work. Not being able to limit which photos get synched to iCloud nor having an easy way to delete one is too much of a hassle for me deal with right now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. My wife is getting an iPhone and will be upgrading from an iPod Touch. Hopefully the trasnition will be pretty seamless.

  • Right now I am only using Icloud to sync my contacts and calendars between my Iphone and MBP. After the initial duplication, I went back and read the directions on how to do it. I then started over and it worked fine then. I just happened to upgrade my Iphone to 4S at the same time. Syncing is working great! My wife and I also synced our calendars via Icloud, and it worked fine. I don’t use it for email, as my web hosting service does that. I also don’t have any backups or files on it yet. That is my next task, to see if I can use Icloud as a file server for my small business.

  • It’s a mess right now. Tripled calendar entries, documents that go missing, they need to fix this shit.

  • Thinking of forwarding my gmail.com to my new me.com just for the heck of it. Anyone else thought of doing something like this?

    • Robin, been doing that for a few years, but the challenge is sending from gmail or other domains with iOS mail setup.

  • How about expanding your answer categories with things like:

    – it is a plot along with other Apple moves to push the userbase to Lion as quickly as possible. See the changes to Mac App Store policies for another way. This does not bode well.

  • I think icloud is the most confusing thing apple has ever created. I literally cant figure out ANYTHING on it. It has me so frustrated right now, I want to take my iphone and just throw it out the window.

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