Weekly Poll: What Do You Use To Browse The Web?

During Apple’s recent announcement of the “New iPad,” Tim Cook dropped the term “post-PC” so much that it became distracting. One thing is for sure, Apple wants to drill this concept into your brain. They know where the future of the industry is and they’re making dang sure you’re on board with their self-fulfilling prophecy.

According to some recent statistics from mobiThinking, Cook is right. They estimate that 25% of U.S. mobile web users are mobile-only, meaning their primary way of accessing the web fits nicely into their pocket.

Today we want to put some of these concepts to the test by asking which device you primarily use to access the web. Do you mostly browse on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone? After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below telling us what you use and why.


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  • I thought this was going to be about browsers when I clicked to here from my GReader.

    Oh well.

    • My bad, should’ve said something like “Which device do you use…”

  • I use my MBP right now, although when my shiny new iPad comes on Friday we’ll have to see how my habits change. I’m definitely excited to use it for more experiential content like Engadget Distro or the Daily.

  • Where would this post-PC sync to?

  • A web browser… lolololol

    • Seriously though, I mostly use my MacBook Pro. Otherwise I use my iPhone.

  • Hackintosh and then iPhone. While we do have an iPad, there are very few times when I need it over one of my other two options.

  • At work: Desktop Macs
    At home: MacBook
    Other places: iPad

    Very rarely on a phone, it’s just too tiny & most sites aren’t mobile optimized.

  • I use one of my computers to browse the web. I don’t have, and have no use for, a tablet, and I’d need to have my head examined if I spent any amount of time squinting at web pages on the tiny iPhone screen.

  • I usually use my MacBook Pro, followed by my (Windows) desktop.

  • I have a MBP often hooked up to a 27″ IPS LCD, but that is used primarily for programming. Everything else, inducing Web Browsing, is done on my iPad or iPhone.

    Most of the sites I visit (sports sites and tech sites) have very usable mobile versions that work perfect on a phone too.

  • i usually use my MBP at home or my iphone when im too lazy to get up and walk to my MBP. :)

  • Come on guys. Stevie said that we should be using iPads for everything, because it’s what’s good for us. So…. get on that, okay?

  • If I’m at home, I’m glued to my MacBook Pro (which is connected to a larger, 2nd monitor…otherwise I’d be blind). Likely ditching this in the next year or two to build a Hackintosh.

    If I’m out and about, I only check the essentials on my Droid Razr. Once Apple releases a phone that can compete with the top Android phones I will make the switch.

  • The iPhone is the first tool I pick up in the morning, have at hand when getting to the comp is less convenient, and the last tool I put down at night. For browsing the web, preliminary research, note taking (thank you Plaintext, Evernote and Instapaper!) and making short comments like this one, I’m usually using the iPhone. For websites that are easier to navigate on a large screen, heavy duty research, and long form writing that needs a real keyboard, I use the Macbook Air.

  • Well the survey doesn’t quite add up to the 25% claimed by Cook. However, there could be several reasons as to this. An all-important reason is the fact that this survey only asks people visiting this website thus corrupting the results. People who primarily use websites such as Twitter and Facebook could very well be left out and this specific group of internet users may in fact use their mobile devices much more than their laptops and stationary PC’s.

  • Most of the time I use my Mac Pro, tough a lot of time i’m on my MacBook.
    And when i’m not at home, it’s the iPhone ;)