Weekly Poll: What Do You Want to See at WWDC?

WWDC 2011 is just around the corner, and both developers and users have high expectations. This is the annual conference for Apple developers and, since they no longer exhibit at Macworld, is the one “official” platform that Apple uses each year for announcing software and hardware upgrades.

Although Apple has strongly implied that we won’t see any updated iPhone hardware, it’s difficult to be completely sure of what to expect.

It’s likely that the two main areas of focus will be iOS 5, and OS X Lion – two major software updates that Apple will be releasing this year. Both of these hold lots of promise, and we’re still not sure of the exact features that either will offer.

Although Lion has been available as a developer beta for a while, it’s not unheard of for Apple to announce extra features and functionality nearer the launch date.

Speculation surrounding “iCloud” is also rife, with some people hoping for a cloud music service (this seems likely), and others wanting an official Apple file-synchronisation system akin to Dropbox. We’ll have to wait and see!

I’d be interested to know which of these you are particularly looking forward to, and what you’ll be hoping to see announced. Of course, another big question is whether we’ll see Steve Jobs presenting. I certainly hope so.


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  • I’m hoping for OS X Lion’s release and updated Mac Minis. If so, it’s time for me to get my first Mac :)

    • Matthew,
      Mac mini is have same things inside like MacBooks, (cheap mobile videocard and slow processors:) You better to buy Macbook becouse its comes with built in monitor, camera, microphone and kayboard and trackpad, you can also use with an external monitor to…sorry about my English:)

  • Where’s the all of the above option?? I want OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and Steve Jobs! Go Steve!

  • I don’t really want to see new hardware. I’d just love for them to focus on Lion and iOS 5 (“they” being Steve Jobs, of course).

  • I really want to see that MAS is not the only option to upgrade our macs.

  • I want to see the full Final Cut Studio X released

    • Exactly!

      Seems to have gone quite regarding Final Cut Stu FCX.

  • I doubt they will release Lion, however a little more demonstration of what the GUI will look like and how it will operate would be nice. I get the sense that there will be very different ways to find apps, and launch them etc.

    Maybe our developer friends could cast a little light on it for us :)

  • I’m looking for iCloud announcement the most, as my MobileMe is nearing the end.
    I won’t be surprised if we’re gonna hear „Lion Golder Master available now for devs, ships worldwide in two weeks as DD and USB Stick only” and see new great features finally unveiled.
    MacBook Air refresh is certain as Apple has to quickly dominate over Asus UX21 shameful rip-off (I’m so angry when I see it). Perhaps something will be told on MacBook whether it’ll be discontinuation or a new product. I doubt anything will change in Mac mini line – not yet. I’d love to see a bunch of Thunderbolt accessories/adapters/converters released to move forward with that port.
    iOS 5 main new features will be presented with the update far from completion, but with availability close enough not to let competition run their photocopiers yet :P

    The certain thing is – it’s going to be exciting ;)

  • Wanna see Steve Jobs

  • I’m still rocking a 3GS so iOS 5 would break my heart.

  • I want to see free cookies for everyone!

  • I like turtles!

  • I’d like to see some compelling OS X Lion features, given that I actively do not want any of the iOS user interface stuff.

  • What expectation! More trinkets! Oh, the excitement!

    You would think MacDefender hadn’t surfaced. More fanboy juvenilia from Kit Eaton.