Weekly Poll: What Mac Apps Have You Quit Using in 2012?

There’s so many Mac apps these days, it’s impossibly to use all of them. Odds are your Launchpad is filled with apps that you seldom or never use anymore. From apps you might have picked up while they were free or on sale to apps that you replaced with an alternate, it’s rather easy to quit using apps without even really thinking about it.

I’ve personally quit using several apps this year. Once Tweetbot for Mac came out, I pretty much quit using all other Twitter apps on the Mac, and only use Tweetbot online occasionally to schedule tweets. I’ve also quit using almost every other writing app I have installed other than iA Writer and Sublime Text, because no matter how many I try out I always come back to those two for writing and coding, respectively. Then, I quit using the Read Later for Mac app with Instapaper when Pocket for Mac was released, and comically that made me switch the web and iOS app I was using for web reading as well.

How about you? What apps have you quit using this year? This time, you’ll have to leave a comment to let us know!


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  • Twitter for Mac, switched to Tweetbot.

    Reeder since the UX for OS X is somewhat of a miss – switched to Caffeinated which I’m also not that happy with for its bugs.

    Fraise / Smultron – switched to Sublime Text 2.

    VLC – still got it installed but on OS X I mostly use MPlayer X since it works much much better and faster.

    I can’t remember anything else :D

    • I agree with VLC. Had to delete for being just too damn slow, MPlayer X is just perfect in terms of esthetics, performance and features.

  • iTunes. Backed up my many gigs of music onto an external and installed a program called Floola onto my iPod. Can now directly add and take music off my iPod without fighting with iTunes. Got another program called Max that burns CDs for me too.

    Microsoft Word. Such a bloated program. Found a freebie called Bean and haven’t looked back.

    Preview. One of the most annoying apps I have ever used. Found a couple of free replacements, Skim for pdfs and Xee for pics.

  • Skitch. Since the 2.0 update it has been unusable on my Mac. I keep wanting to go back to it but every version seems to get worse. The new version refuses to quit unless I force quit it. ScreenFloat has become my new go to screen capture tool.

  • Sparrow, with great great sadness in my heart… it had a few unsolved bugs, and it was taking up way too much drive space (30gb for my ymail account). Switched to Postbox for now, but it’s a temporary solution, because I’m eager to get my hands on dotMail ツ

    Preview, in favor of ACDSee, which is ultra fast, has a lot of organizational features, and I’ve always been a fan of ACDSee.

    Finder. I tried TotalFinder to improve it, but had some bugs, so now I’m a PathFinder guru.

    Chrome & Firefox – both were practically killing my RAM since they were eating up to 4gb when opening multiple tabs. Switched to the native Safari, which is so awesome and fast!

    VLC – too slow, although it had all the features I could hope for. Now switched to PLEX, although I’m using an older version since the newest is full of limitations – bad developers, bad bad bad! :(

    XAMPP – the developers update it too rarely, and it’s too hard to update it by myself. Now I’m using the native Apache and installed myself the latest PHP & MySQL. Much much better! ツ

  • Gorwl – No need for it thanks to Mountain Lion’s notification center.

    Sparrow – So sad that the developer sold out, I loved this app.

    Twitter – They stopped developing it so I’m using the web app and OSX notifications.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

    I finally made the switch to Apple Mail and thus far I’ve been pretty happy with the change.

  • Twitter for Mac – switched to Tweetbot.

    Droplr – found that I mostly used it for sharing pictures, and they were already being uploaded to my Dropbox Camera Uploads, so now I just share them from there.

    Google Chrome – switched to Safari. I discovered some awesome extensions, and the omnibar and better iCloud sync were great improvements.

    Apple Mail – switched to Sparrow because it doesn’t make up its own labels in Gmail for sent and deleted messages like Apple Mail.

    • You can actually set your correct gmail sent, trash, and draft labels in Mail.app

      “You should assign the correct mailbox function for Drafts, Sent Mail, and Trash. Starting with Drafts, click on the Drafts folder/label under your email account name—then go to the Mailbox menu and select “Use this Mailbox for” and select Drafts. Then do the same for Sent Mail and Trash, carefully selecting the corresponding function.”

  • I stopped using TextExpander, Instapaper (switched to Pocket) and MS Office (switched to iWork).

    • Charlie – I’m considering getting TextExpander. Did you just not need its abilities anymore, or did you go to something else?

  • Switched from iTunes to a very lightweight app called Vox. So much nicer. Since I have an iPod touch and no jailbreak exists for my OS yet, I still have to sync with iTunes at times.

  • Safari, Chrome, and soon Firefox; various bloat and privacy issues with all of them. Still testing out Chromium, though it has issues itself, but with the proper plugins, I’m working out some balance that was lost in recent editions of Firefox, was never there in Safari, and was an outright lie in Chrome from the beginning.

    Microsoft Word; still have to use it for work, as an author working with a new york publisher, but have been experimenting with LibreOffice… at least its word processor. It can do all the major things that modern Word does, including fully trackable edits that move in and out of Word without a hitch. Haven’t tested it in an actual manuscript to my editor/publisher, but I think when I do they won’t even know. And since it can run on any platform/OS… and it costs nothing… soon it will be goodbye to Word. (And I’ve never found any wordprocessor for Mac to hold up to the real world of business, as an author or otherwise.

    iTunes; loooong gone, as some of the worse and most invasive bloat and corporate spyware out there, though I have yet to find an alternative that I’m fully satisfied with. I’ve again been experimenting with stuff that is cross platform, though not with any overbloated, click and scroll, click and scroll media center nonsense. Miro is adequate but not fully satisfying, and it is starting to go down the same road as doubleTwist… lots of promises and little being accomplished in the notebook/desktop app. As yet it hasn’t succumbed to the bait and switch tactics of the dT’s mobile apps and it needs some more serious attention paid to its device apps.

    Overall, it one’s needs are not simple, it is very hard these days to find anything fully satisfying for core applications.

  • I quit using Dropbox and moved to Google Drive. I also quit using iMovie a switched to Final Cut Pro X.

  • Skitch in favor of Voilà.
    Omnifocus, Things and FireTask in favor of 2Do.
    Evernote, Yep, Leap (and various tagging apps) in favor of DevonThink Pro Office.
    Amarra and Fidelia in favor of BitPerfect and Audirvana.
    ReadIris in favor of Abbyy.
    TotalFinder in favor of PathFinder.
    Max in favor of XLD.
    Roxio Toast in favor of HandBrake and MakeMKV.
    Launchbar in favor of Alfred.
    Instapaper in favor of Readability + Reeder.
    TextExpander in favor of Typinator.

    And many I don’t remember anymore.

  • Additional: thanks to Pacguy19 for pointing out Vox. It’s not for me, but I know a couple of people who would really get into its alternative approach through free floating panes.

  • Switched from…

    Coda -> Sublime Text 2
    Twitter -> Tweetbot
    SmartSVN -> Cornerstone
    Parallels -> VMWare Fusion

  • Quit using Chrome, Things, Photoshop and Fireworks. Moved to Safari, Wunderlist, Pixelmator and Sketch

  • Honestly, all of them. Office for Mac is a pain. It takes FOREVER to connect to shares that pop up instantly in Windows. Since iOS, it’s gotten stale and kind of drags. It’s sad, but I prefer to use Windows now.

  • Espresso to Sublime Text
    Total Finder to Xtra Finder
    Skitch to Snappy app

  • :: InstaPaper (paid; removed Print feature) >>> Pocket & Readability

    :: official SimpleNote client (sporadic sync woes) >>> put $$ toward paid DropBox account; txt files with desktop Notational Velocity & iOS WriteRoom

    :: Reeder (never wild about it) >>> Caffeinated (even with buggies, better)

    :: FireFox (crazy update schedule) >>> Safari & Chrome

    :: OmniFocus (anti-KISS to the extreme) >>> Things (hallelujah!!)

    :: LaunchBar (weirded out 1 time too many) >>> Alfred

    :: several search apps >>> HoudahSpot

    :: all desktop photo apps >>> iPad-based photo editing, exclusively (!!)

    :: OmniOutliner (no truly viable syncing) >>> ( still looking )

    :: DayOne >>> txt files, TextExpander & DropBox

    :: FitBit & desktop-only syncs >>> Nike FuelBand & iOS syncs (LUVING it!)

  • Coda -> Coda 2
    Wunderlist -> Wunderlist 2

  • I switched to VMWare Fusion after Parallels 6 would not work on 10.8. VMWare is working fine for me so far.

    In the process of switching over from Evernote to the native Notes app.

    Also switched from Textedit to CleanWriter Pro.

  • Switched from Broomstick to Bartender for menubar management.
    Switched from the official Last.fm app to Bowtie (which has last.fm built-in and more features)
    Switched from Backblaze to CrashPlan for backup.
    Switched from MPlayerOSX to MPlayerX for video.
    I’ve been using Chrome for more than a year now, but I switched from Firefox.

    Most importantly, I switched from iTunes 10 to iTunes 11. Completely revamped, it’s a joy to use. I keep my music library meticulously organized and iTunes 11 is a fantastic way to enjoy it, because it rewards you with a seamless, beautiful browsing experience if you keep your albums, track names and numbers, artists, genres, and album art in tiptop shape.

    I’m sorry if you don’t like iTunes, but I would just say that if your music library is a mess, it doesn’t matter what program you use to listen to it, you’re going to have a bad time.

  • I didn’t make any switch.
    I don’t understand why everyone is switching to Sublime Text, while Espresso, Xcode and TextWrangler are perfect.

    After many years, I still use Safari and Apple Mail, iTunes, Preview, …

    Maybe I stopped using Adium because now one is chatting anymore through AIM, MSN, …

    • Man, you still doen’t know the meaning of perfection. I bet You hadn’t tried SublimeText2.

  • Replaced

    1- Sparrow with Dropbox.
    2- Twitter for Mac by Twitterific.
    3- Chrome by Moz. Firefox.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  • Switched from…

    OS X 10.7 -> 10.6.x (2006 Mac Pro with 5GB’s and can’t afford to upgrade)
    Finder -> Path Finder
    iCal -> BusyCal
    AddressBook -> iCloud AddressBook
    Firefox/Safari -> Chrome
    Quicksilver/Launchbar -> Alfred
    Misc. Note apps -> Evernote
    Delicious -> Pinboard
    Sparrow/Apple Mail -> Gmail (Web interface)
    iPhoto -> Picasa

  • Skitch. Evernote bought Skitch and released v 2. Now it is completely unusable. I love Evernote and I used to love Skitch, but in this case 2 + 2 = 3.

  • I’m a brand-new Mac User and more specifically, a mint app-addicted. As many, i’ve made the jump from **Twitter** to **Tweetbot**.

    I had a few struggles with **TotalFinder** which made me play out with **PathFinder** for a few days. However, PathFinder is too much and as i love my clean dock, i couldn’t take it. Even though Path Finder has a way to remove the Finder Icon, it’s inconsistency bugged me and when i managed to fix TotalFinder (the developer is a great guy) i was back to it.

    I made a strange jump, i’ve replaced **Postbox** for **Sparrow** after it went down. Well, the application seems enough for me even out of development and i wouldn’t mind holding onto it until an alternative comes along.

    Another replacements would be:
    **Launchbar** > **Alfred**
    **Fantastical** > **Due**
    **Moom** > **Spectacle**
    **Together** > **Yojimbo**
    **Itunes** > **Ecoute** or **Enqueue**
    **Safari** > **Chrome**
    **Sketchbox** > **Stickies**

    As a man discovering OSX, i’ve tested so many applications that i lost count, but this is a good summary.

  • Apple Mail from Postbox – PB has gotten glitchy, though I like its clean interface and integration with Ominfocus
    MailHub from MailTags
    Safari from Chrome
    Calendar and Fantastical from Google Calendar

  • Switched from:

    Twitter for Mac -> Tweetbot :)
    nvAlt/Simplenote -> Evernote
    Ecoute -> iTunes 11
    Finder -> PathFinder
    iPhoto -> Nothing yet. :(
    Time Machine -> CrashPlan :)

    A great year for apps!

    • for iPhoto, you should use Lightroom, abit more expensive but great photo management capabilities.

  • I went from 10.8 back to 10.7, because I can’t theme my dock with Candybar anymore. And Mountain Lion really didn’t offer anything to make me what to stick with it.

  • Evernote -> text files while I work on a real alternative (Evernote unusable after redesign)
    Picasa -> Aperture
    iCal -> BusyCal (best change of the year)
    Thunderbird -> Apple Mail (again)

  • Chrome, iCloud, iPhoto, ReadIris (in favour of Acrobat XI Pro and Prizmo

  • Growl.

  • My biggest change was by far was going from Sparrow back to Mail.app. Twitterrific 4 was hesitantly replaced with Tweetboot on its release date, and Safari got the boot in favour of Chrome. But my favourite change was finally switching from every known calculator app know to man to Soulver. I’ve been using it on my iPhone for ages and I love it, so I have no idea why I took so long to switch on my Mac.

  • Adium to messages
    Address book to cobook
    Espresso to Coda 2
    Skitch to native screen capture with Alfred extension and preview
    Snippets to Codebox
    Terminal to iterm2

  • dropbox -> google drive
    vlc -> mplayerx
    parallels -> vmware
    1password -> lastpass

    • What was wrong with 1password? I’m thinking of switching from lastpass

  • Apple Mail -> Sparrow.
    Chrome -> Safari.
    Adium -> iChat.
    iCal -> Calendar.
    Write room -> Byword.

    That’s all. :)

  • Skitch (it became terrible when evernote tried to make it “simple”)
    Textmate -> Sublime Text 2
    Safari -> Chrome

    Rest In Peace section:
    – Sparrow (havent found a nice alternative yet, i’m sticking with Mail.app)
    – Twitter for Mac -> Echofon
    – Echofon -> Tweetbot

  • I stopped using Skitch following the terrible update which really screwed it up.

    Switched from Postbox to Apple Mail.

    I deleted Chrome and use either Safari or SRWare Iron.

  • Twitterrific -> Tweetbot
    Wunderlist -> Reminders
    Circus Ponies Notebook -> Notes
    Paperless -> Tagit + smartfolders
    Various music players -> iTunes 11 (mostly)
    SnapNDrag -> SnappyApp
    NetNewsWire (free) -> Reeder (just finally did this today)

  • *iPhoto to Picassa, faster , fast upload and basic correction tools..

    *iDocuments switched back to Apple finder , faster if you do organise your folder

    *Microsoft Word to Ulysses faster and very productive and who need all the features of Word?? Certainly less than 5% of Microsoft word users..

    *Safari to chrome, i’m a huge fan of intégration and sync option of chrome between multiple platform..

    *TCP Block to HandsOff! .. more reliable and more rule settings available

    * The unarchiver to Keka :: just try you’ll find out why..

  • Chrome, Sparrow, iTunes :)

  • Cinch+jitouch -> BetterTouchTool

  • I think the only important switch I made was from Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 to Pixelmator because of much better support for .psd layers.

    I probably switched task manager 10 times this year, and this is a behaviour that’ll probably never change …

  • I switched to Sublime text from Textmate. Dumped Skitched after evernote tried to make it ‘better’. Switched to reminders from wunderlist.

  • finder >> Total Finder
    Safari >> Firefox
    Yahoo messenger >> Adium
    TextMate >> Sublime Text 2
    adobe PDF reader >> skim
    Parallel Desktop >> vmware Fusion

  • I stopped using Chrome and Safari (though I occasionally open up Safari) Both are incredibly slow with multiple tabs and I have a tab-hoarding problem. If I didn’t have that problem, I’d use Safari, though.

    Sparrow. Something happened after the latest update and my computer doesn’t like it. I use gmail’s webapp, though I’m gonna try Alto now.

    I left Enqueue, Sonora and iTunes for Spotify. If Spotify didn’t exist, I’d probably use the new iTunes (I haven’t even tried it yet)

  • Chrome -> Safari – Way too RAM intensive

    Launchbar -> Alfred – Invaluable

    iCompta -> Moneywiz – Chross platform syncing for financial transactions

  • I change a few apps:
    Address Book for Cobook
    Notes, Evernote for Notes Tab Pro it’s fantastic, I have all my notes in all my Macs and my iPhone
    Office for iWork, and LibreOffice
    MS Project form iTaskX
    Parallels for VMWare

    That’s all

  • Mail – Found Postbox and fell in love with it.
    Skim – went back to preview

  • Versions -> Cornerstone
    TextMate -> PHPStorm
    CloudApp -> Slingshot (w/Dropbox)
    Kousek (fuelcollective) -> Codebox
    Pochade (fuelcollective) -> ColorChooser
    GrandTotal -> On The Job 3

  • dropped photoshop when i discovered pixlr.

  • Changed:
    Lion -> Mountain Lion
    Firefox -> Chrome
    Mail -> Sparrow
    TextWrangler/Komodo -> Sublime Text 2
    Eclipse/Aptana -> Intellij
    Quicktime -> VLC -> Mplayer X
    Finder -> Forklift -> PathFinder
    iMovie -> Premiere Pro CS6
    Skitch -> Grab && Photoshop
    Lexware -> Excel

    Still loving:
    Photoshop CS6
    Lightroom 4
    Modo 601