Weekly Poll: What Type of Mic Do You Use?

After opening Skype to have a conversation with a colleague this morning, I discovered that my trusty Logitech headset had completely stopped working. It’s served me well for four or five years, and is always useful to have on hand.

There’s something about using my in-built MacBook microphone that feels sub-par in terms of quality – especially when not using headphones, as you tend to hear quite a bit of feedback.

I also picked up a Samson Studio Condenser mic last year for recording screencasts and podcasting, and am incredibly happy with it. The quality is second to none, and it looks pretty stylish.

I thought it would be interesting in today’s poll to find out what type of microphone you use when on your Mac – whether it’s for chatting with a friend, screencasting, audio production, or gaming. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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  • I have a Logitech wireless headset with my MacBook Pro. Sound quality is top notch. And the portability of wireless is extremely handy when carrying on Skype conversations, which I do for many hours each day for work.
    It’s also great for screencasting and podcasting. I seldom find a need to do any audio touchups in final production.

    I wish I could connect it to my iPad, or use a bluetooth headset/mic on my iPad.

  • I’ve got a Steelseries Siberia neckband for idevices and it’s good for gaming and skype calling. It’s mega handy that any iphone-compatible headset can work with a macbook pro.

    My job is in audio production so naturally I use a combination of microphones depending on what I am recording!

  • I use my built in mic, and it serves me well enough for skype etc… but my dream mic would be the blue yeti http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/ and the only reason why (I know it’s a superb mic) is the cool factor! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever??? :)

  • Blue Snowball as recoomended by Envato’s Jeffrey Way for podcasts. It’s a little large, but has great sound and you can’t beat the roughly $80 price at Amazon. I wanted the Yeti also, but didnt want to spend that much. This was a great compomise.


  • yeti here, its too sensitive for recording though unless you have a soundproof room!