Weekly Poll: What’s The Most You’ve Paid For a Mac App Store App?

Both the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store have given developers a great place to easily distribute their software to customers. While some developers may feel lost in a sea of competition, others find ways to stand out and become overnight success stories.

Though the two platforms are similar, it’s interesting to note the differences. For instance, it seems free apps abound on the iTunes App Store but developers seem more prone to charge for their work on the Mac platform, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Through AppStorm I’ve met lots of hardworking developers and am more than happy to drop a few bucks for a great app to help make it worth the developer’s time.

Today I’m curious about how far you’re willing to go to get your hands on an awesome app. What’s the most that you’ve ever paid to download an app from the Mac App Store? Answer the poll to be counted and then leave a comment below telling us about the apps you’ve purchased at this price point.


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  • $99 for Coda.

  • $200 for Final Cut Pro
    $80 for PaintCode

    Very happy with both!

  • I bought Final Cut Pro X from the Mac App Store. Set me back $300, but it was worth every penny.

  • $200 for Logic. Well worth it.

  • how is voting on any of these answers indication of how much we’re WILLING to pay?

    I’ve currently paid max 20$ for an app, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to pay more for an app I think would be worth it.

    So far though, I just never found an app I really needed to have and that was more than 20$.

    • Exactly.

      I was going to buy Espresso the other day, but I found out it’s not in the MAS yet. That would have bumped me up to $79.

  • There are no many application to buy that costs more that $50. And most of them well known, and used most in professional sphere.
    But most of my payments contains app that costs less than $30. Most of them, like Fantastical, Pomodoro, Numi, Alfred (Powerpack) and more make a little but important difference to my daily Mac-life. So, yes, I purchase some big apps, but most of the time they under $30 price tag.

  • Thing is though, I perceive the App store as a “low cost” supermarket. As in real life, I simply wouldn’t buy a TV at such a place. I’d go to Sony store or somewhere like that. Buying anything over…say 20 bucks on the App store simply seems wrong to me and I will always prefer dealing with developers directly. That way, I have another source to decide on their “credibility”, which is definitely a factor when deciding whether to buy something.

  • 35 Euro’s (50 dollars give or take) for Billings (Mac version) and 15 for the iOS version (iirc).

    Honestly they are kind of my biggest regrets too. Marketcircle is a difficult team of people to work with and if you ask for a simple feature that should be simple to implement and beneficial to a lot of users they will either burn it to the ground or act as if they didn’t see the post or email.

    Also the App has been buggy as hell under Lion and it took them 3 or 4 releases to get it working normally. The fact that Apple takes a long time to approve of updates submitted to their appstores doesn’t help either.

    As a result i’m a lot more hesitant to buy anything over a couple of dollars on the appstores just because of these reasons and the fact that Apple can pull an app at any time.

  • £32 for Scrivener! Has been excellent! Best app ever!

  • $0. Apple rejected my apps, so I refuse to buy anything from the App Store.

    • lol

      That’ll teach ’em!

    • pr0n?