Weekly Poll: What’s Your Biggest Mac App Store Complaint?

This week we’re focusing in on the Mac App Store quite heavily. Personally, I really love how easy it has become to find, download and update great new Mac Apps. However, I’m far from admitting that the system is perfect!

Later today we’ll have a roundup of awesome apps that you won’t find on the Mac App Store. Later this week we’ll take a deeper look into the general direction that Apple is guiding the software industry and whether or not its a good thing for users. For now, we want to know about your biggest beef with the Mac App Store. Are you frustrated with the pricing structure or unhappy with the current selection? Let us know in the poll!

After you vote, leave a comment below explaining your answers. Has your overall experience with the Mac App Store positive or negative? How often do you check in and see what new apps have arrived?


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  • Not a poll option, but for me it’s the lack of free trials.

    • I meant to include that one! Not sure how it slipped by…

    • This is the main reason I almost never buy from the store.

      • well..its kind of annoying but, if I’d really want to try an app which is only on the store, I use to download the pirate version, and if I like it am gonna buy it..

  • The app store is not perfect, but I can tell you that I have spent a lot more money on apps because of it. I have actually purchased most of my apps at the developers sites because they often have student discounts. However, I became aware of many of these apps are apps like them through the app store.

  • Not being able to transfer purchases outside the App Store. I wish they could setup an iTunes Match-like service to do this.

  • Lots of complaints, but despite that the whole setup works and I find it usable warts and all. The lack of trials is definitely troubling, I’ve wasted enough money on apps I really didn’t like despite what the reviews are saying. Some of the apps are too simple yet have ridiculously high prices. Some of the apps I wished were in the app store aren’t because of tight control by apple or the developers aversion to the app store because of the tight controls. App selection isn’t really a problem but there are too many crappy apps that it’s hard to find the best one among them. Ahhh… lots really that it makes this poll almost useless. Yet again, despite that I find myself coming back to the App store and I sincerely hope Apple listens to all its customers complaints.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. Apple adds this, and support for other media (like video) on the app page, I for one will be satisfied for the most part.

  • Where to start?! The App Store is a piece of shit.

    You guys are missing the big picture entirely. The App Store’s problem isn’t its apps (or lack thereof as it may turn out) — it’s how it handles the things it does. No demos/trials, yeah, that majorly sucks, as does its penchant to make people charge for shitty apps that they would never have been able to sell otherwise. But what sucks more is the App Store’s complete lack of integration into the operating system.

    This means it goes against what they’ve made the “Apple experience” — you don’t have to do anything and the system takes care of it for you. App needs an update? Click this button and it’ll download, install, and relaunch automatically. This is how it’s been and it’s been good. Windows cannot touch this simplicity thanks to its messy and complicated infrastructure.

    But the App Store? It’s just like Windows — and then even worse. Not being integrated into the operating system means it has no execution privileges, so it can’t actually *do* anything.

    *You* have to manually launch it to look for updates periodically. *You* have to quit apps that are running but have updates available. If the apps run outside of the Dock/menu, this means *you* have to launch the Activity Monitor and *you* have to find and [force] quit them. Then *you* have to relaunch all the apps once they’re updated.

    And this has to happen every single time something you use is updated. It’s terrible and exactly the kind of thing I wanted to avoid by getting an Apple system in the first place. I may be Ranty McRanterson right now but it’s hard to deny the App Store sucks a big one.

    If it becomes an integrated part of the operating system in Lion, then all is good. If it sits in the background silently keeping my apps up to date and has the ability to install and relaunch things with nothing more than a single click of approval, great. That is what the App Store should be, and it’s everything the App Store is assuredly *not* right now.

    • Keeping in mind that it’s currently version 1, I have to imagine that most of these issues will be taken care of in the future.

      1.0 Releases start the learning curve.

  • Oh so Manu complaints (no trials, no transferring of previous licenses, etc.), but perhaps my biggest complaint is the lack of app cross references and user suggestions, such as can be found on MacUpdate. This is huge for me – knowing what people also bought means nothing, since they’ll probably only buy one app for a specific purpose, and I’d like to know what other apps for that single purpose are available. Strange as it may sound, it’s a key feature I depend on for finding apps.

  • The MAS is cool. Certainly the future of software delivery. Some probs that need to be addressed.

    1. There should have been a transfer mechanism created so that existing licenses could be transferred over to MAS licenses.

    2. Bundles should be allowed. I love buying bundled apps at a significant savings

    3. Developers should get some data on who is purchasing their product and from where. That stuff is vital for making key business decisions.

    4. MAS apps with iPhone/iPad companions should be allowed to be purchased as a bundle. Since both the App Store and Mac App Store are Apple ID based this shouldn’t be hard.

    5. More selection of apps please.


  • I wish Apple let developers offer lite versions/free trials. I’m more reluctant to try apps these days.

  • Lack of trial versions.

  • browsing it sucks.

  • For me its all of the above. It’s definitely a good start, but all of those options are a pain to me. As well as the lack of trials, especially on a $50 or $100 piece of software.

  • Maybe in Lion the MAS is going to be more integrated, right now the only way to know if there is an update is to open the MAS, it would make more sense to me if the upgrades are handled like the system upgrades.

    I agree with the no trials complain, but several apps have a lite version or whatever they call it, that can function as a trial.

  • I like that apple are controlling the apps on the app store. That way i know the app im downloading doesnt include some wierd shit. And Transmission and all the other apps that are not allowed on the app store i can get just as easily as i did pre app store. So why complaint??

  • I dislike that the app source is not stored locally. We have multiple Macs is the house, and for each installation it is a redownload. When Lion is release i dread the fact of having to download the 4 GB update for each Mac.

  • definitely the price inflation for simple apps. I Remember the exact same thing happened when the app store for iOS devices first appeared. $50 for wolfram alpha when it first appeared, guess how much it is now? $2. I predict the same thing will happen with apps like fantastical. Great UI work, but worth $15? Eh.

  • Terrible! I really can’t stand the thing. For one thing I get almost no reviews showing up for me on the AppStore when I look at popular apps. The only thing I can conclude is that reviews are only shown locally, and so because I live in a small country there aren’t any reviews. The only thing I ever use it for is to download specific apps I’m after that aren’t available by any other means. Here’s what I think they should do:
    – Enable international sharing of reviews
    – Tabbed browsing (sometimes I want to keep one apps page open while I keep looking at others)
    – Have an integrated blogging systems where users can write posts about apps. You would eventually see people who write lots of good appblog posts would get more people following their appblog. The posts would be available to be read under the relevant apps page (like reviews) as well as at that persons site.
    – A tag system to find new apps.

  • It is waaay to tightly controlled by apple.I buy all my apps from the mac app store, but i would like to see more indie apps in the app store like x-slimmer. Other than that i love the app store  : )

  • App browsing experience is terrible.

    I have no idea what an app can do without going into its full page view. So every time i have to go back and forth, clicking on every seems-like-useful apps and sit there till the full page loaded and discover it’s not the one that I want and then go back and try another one again… it make sense on a small screen device like iPhone but not on a Mac. Come on, make it adaptive to the Mac experience before copying from the iOS.

    It at least should allow tab browsing isn’t it?

  • I think it’s says most of it when apps that both works and looks wierdly craptastic and charges steep prices are allowed while some track-proven developer like Agile are not with their 1Password app.

    This in conjunction with no trials makes the whole thing look like a cash-grab from people with more money than sense (or knowledge). Then when it doesn’t take off like expected, Apple go all digital-only on Lion. So much for not “forcing” people to use it.

    I really thought Apple would raise the bar this time. Instead they dropped it flat and added some bully rules. I rarely, to the point of never, buy something on the iOS App Store these days with all the garbage apps floating around. Can’t find what I need and won’t know until it’s too late if I did. The Mac App Store is quickly doing worse. Why?

    Because, in addition, I’m cautious to buy outside the MAS now as well since you never know if, and when, a developer chooses to go App Store only and leave your license and everything with it in the dust.

    And then there is the whole developer decides to push their sales ratings with a 80% off promo week the day after you bought their app…

    Maybe you should do a “What’s Your Biggest Mac App Store Praise?” Then again, maybe not. It would be a short list I’m sure.

    • Agreed. There should be a way to validate a license you bought out of the app store to give you access to the app in the store.

  • I have ONE complaint.

    It’s SLOW. Slow, slow, slow. Unresponsively slow. Slow to change app pages, slow to browse, slow.

    It could be a lot of fun to discover new apps, but searching and browsing is just painfully sluggish. Why isn’t it fluid and fast?

    • OH GOD YES how slow it is!

  • I would love if developers could make it so if someone has purchased their app on one platform, it’s considered as bought on another platform too.

    There are heaps of games I have bought when I had my iPod touch which I lost over a year ago and I see that many of these games are available on Mac now. I would LOVE to be able to download and play them for free.

    I would also love the app store to show the apps I have purchased for my iPhone.

    And lastly I would like to be able to check a box to show only free apps and two fields to set a price range to filter my search results.