Weekly Poll: What’s Your Biggest WWDC Disappointment?

The day after the WWDC keynote is always an interesting one. The dust has settled, the excitement and hype are over and you’re left with the realization that your life is pretty much the same as it was a few days ago.

There were plenty of amazing announcements to be sure. It’s a great time to be an Apple fan so don’t read this as an overly negative question.

That being said, no reality can ever live up to the overactive Apple rumor mill so there are always bound to be a few disappointments.

Today we want to hear about the biggest WWDC let down from your perspective. Were you hoping for a new iMac? Or perhaps you were ready to see an awesome new Apple TV SDK. Cast your vote in the poll and leave your rant below!


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  • My biggest disappointment is that iOS still has no features to enhance privacy when sharing an iOS device (e.g. multi-user accounts or password protection for individual apps).

  • I think we have to say that since the Mac Pro didn’t get any stage time, power users have been snubbed. That’s not only a disappointment, it’s an insult.

    The Mac Pro “updates” are pathetic. I hope there’s something shiny coming down the pipe. USB 3, Thunderbolt, new processors, price drops, new Apple displays, etc.

    • I agree with you 100%. Who need a Facebook integration???? We are professionals not consumers!

  • No new iMac and the dropping of the 17″. I know not everyone uses a 17″ Macbook, but I do and so do a bunch of others. Damn, what to do? And no new iMac, come on. Where’s the 27″ retina display?

  • $20 for Mountain Lion is still too much, you get only a few apps which I will not use anyways. Notification center will prohibit Growl and some more people will hate the Apple dictation.

    And yeah the next-gen MBP is not available in a 13-inch version =(

  • That Maps for iOS6 is artificially neutered for the iPhone 4.

    • Yep, as an iPhone 4 owner, I’m so angry about that! No Siri, no cool maps, for crying out loud my phone really isn’t that old.

  • Ever since Apple bought Fingerworks, I’ve been hoping for a re-engineered version of the TouchStream, Fingerworks’s multi touch keyboard and mouse combination.

  • I thought they would do something awesome like show off an entirely new line of macs, from airs to mac pros.. and everything in-between.

    I guess that would be too much work for even apple though.

    I really hope there is a way to turn off all this Facebook nonsense. I really don’t like Facebook. I use it to stay in touch with friends abroad, but I never post pictures on it every day!!!

    • In response to your last paragraph: you can just not turn it on.

  • Lol at the Facebook one. Mine would be the iMac, but I’m still not going to get one until later this year anyway so it’ll probably work out well.

  • I was really hoping for something to give my Apple TV a little extra oomph. On the bright side the new AirPort Express looks great.

  • Im using Apple since 1997! Usualy Apples laptops and in last 5years Mac Pro. But I see that gradualy Apple is trying to get more consumers than professionals. The mouse-cat (product-consumer) joke is realy an insult to anyone. Specialy when for example everyone waits for iPad 3 and then its the same piece of plastic but with “wonderful display”! Now this “retina” marketing its seems will continue untill all Apple products will be in Retina display feature. After that, the next 3 years will be probably about A17 Chip processor implanted in our brain with Voice integration and with hands commands (like in Minority Report movie) and similar non-sense just to continue to amaze us?? I continue to work great on my 23″ cinema display (and its antiflare and more professional look like without looking my reflection on a black screen) and 5years old Mac Pro. I dont know what Apple is doing. Mac Pro upgrade is also shameful. Maybe I must wait for Mac Pro “S” ? Or Mac Pro with Siri integration?? :) Guys in Apple should back to the roots. Right now, this is just more jobs for journalists and blogers to speculate about all this mess. 10 years ago Apple wasnt like that. And Im still using Apple’s laptop Titanium G4 from 2001 and get more and more disappointed with them. Well, better them than Windows (hehehe).

  • Hahaha, nice weekly poll, can I choose everything that’s mentioned ? :-)
    Seriously speaking I wasn’t expecting the new iPhone or Apple TV, (almost) killing of Mac Pro also isn’t a big surprise and iMac & Mac mini will be probably updated in September. That said everything was a disappointment, only some of it was bigger than the other. Apple is starting to feel to good about themselves with all of that success and they stopped pushing the envelope which isn’t a good sign. They will simply say iOS is the best and many will repeat that, then they’ll buy new iDevices and Apple again will claim it’s the best because it sells great. This cycle is never-ending.

    • So this is the iOS that will be measured with Android 5 and Windows 8 for the whole next year ? For the first time I’m afraid what will happen because I thought iOS will be the future, mobile system that will soon replace desktop systems for most. Year after year I lower my expectations but it looks like with all that success Apple isn’t even trying anymore, the more devices they sell, the less they feel should be included/improved.

  • Safari 6 still somehow doesn’t have tab pinning. Seriously.

  • The wwdc was a little disappointing as other than the retina MacBook pro, there wasn’t much of a hardware upgrade. So the main focus was software, ios6 and mountain lion, which we have seen a lot of lion before so that wasn’t very impressive.
    iOS 6 has a few nice new features like being able to install apps without jumping out of the app store (and the apps get a little “new” banner)
    And the phone enhancements are nice.

    • I agree. It’s surprising that at the software developers’ conference they focused on software and not hardware. Oh wait, no. That makes perfect sense. :3

  • I’m actually surprised that there was no new version of iWork mentioned at all.

    • Exactly, but maybe it’s coming next month. Keynote summary:

      MacBooks refresh ? Still no wifi 802.11ac, 7h of battery life and the same flash storage – disappointed
      OS X ? More iDevices integration but except for Dictation, Power Nap (not for older Macs, AirPlay (not for older Macs), Facebook (sic.) nothing new to give you a new experience. Also Lion users are asked to double pay for this – disappointed
      iOS ? Siri finally usable (their responsibility since it was the new feature of iPhone 4S) and a few other improvements sound like 5.5 update – disappointed

      On the other hand I can forgive iOS 6 (and the whole 2012) if Apple will focus on the new iPad and release iOS 7 in May next year, OS X 10.9 with redesigned iMacs in July, iPhone/iPod with 7.1 in September and combine Apple TV + Cinema Display = TV Display (iDisplay) in February.

  • Apple releases another iOS update and everyone breaths with a relief and get excited that they fixed something that was obvious for years. We have lowered our expectations so much we are happy to get a simple ability to turn on our device after purchasing it in a shop (PC free in iOS 5). It’s pure genius how they take away things that always existed and sell them again in yearly updates as a new feature (e.g. mms, recording, ringtones). Apple became accustomed that time stays still and at the beginning it was kinda funny but now others offer some real competition. Now it looks like they are only concerned to say how they update their few devices better than Google (hence iPhone 3GS with iOS 6 which let’s them say how many iPhones use new software).

    • To tell you the truth those keynotes/events are becoming more stressful than enjoyable with “Apple lottery – see what device gets what”.

  • It looks horrible, a minor iOS update with scant features and still Apple tries to fragment their lineup. Now it’s not even “the hardware reasoning” and if you check OS X they are doing the same thing – PowerNap, AirPlay only on new Macs, AirDrop on chosen machines but compared to iOS updates you are asked to pay for it.
    iPhone 3GS gets an update but iPad 1st gen doesn’t even though it’s not that old. Apple forgot it’s not a phone but a tablet that costs $800. iPad 2 doesn’t get even that voice dictation from 5.1 even though it’s the same as iPhone 4S. Apple forgot they are the same generation devices (the same year, the same specs).

    • Next thing you know they’ll want you to pay yearly for Safari update and the privilege of using “new features” :-) It will be awesome, the only web browser that costs money. Great idea, if that’s the case put it in the AppStore; maybe for PC users it would be sensible (yeah, right) but I bet it’ll be the opposite – their customers will be ‘rewarded’ this way.

  • No retina 13″ or at least a resolution bump on the 13″ MBP.

    • Coming next year, they just wanted to give you time to prepare that $2000 :-)

  • My department is on the verge of exchanging all of their macs – facing the actual panorama (2 year old hardware, no usb3/Thunderbolt,…) we’re really left in the cold and not really sure if and how to invest – i’m sure lots of pro users are facing the same situation. Come on Apple, gives a sign here….

  • iOS 6 ? At least we can count on cydia to give us something new.

  • If the macbook Pro Retina was just 200-300 quid cheaper with the educational discount i could just about stretch to it!!! =[ =[ =[

    • It is $300 USD cheaper to buy the retina MBP than a non-retina MBP with the same specs. So there you go xD

  • Apple’s few devices may be getting updates (so they can show on the charts) but those are updates in number only, to me it looks like “silent fragmentation”.

    “We do whatever we want” doesn’t build confidence. I could understand that my 1st gen iPad can’t make a FaceTime call because it doesn’t have a camera, that’s hardware but iPhoto app not working ? And even though I don’t own a 1st gen iPad not supporting that device isn’t fair, if it happened to all those customers now, before you know it will happen to the new iPad owners that paid $800 and that makes me uneasy. For that kind of money those are hardly ‘free updates’.
    I think it’s time to write down some rules here, I want to know what I get & how long can I expect to see updates before I hand over my money again (I want it on paper before I decide, I want commitment and accountability). Now Apple can decide whatever they want and you’ll be at their mercy regardless how much you paid and the less ‘features’ they develop the less will be divided around.

  • I have only one thing to say to Apple – if you don’t want to update your products yearly anymore then just say it and cut your device prices in half, I’ll buy them yearly like you obviously want me to.
    C’mon Apple, what’s happened to you ? I know you can do better than this and deserve the attention you get. You were always a software driven company and you earned my money by hard work. And if I (of all people) seriously consider giving another chance to Windows 8 (I must note that I hated Microsoft for sooo long and vowed to never use their OS) something is not right. You were the underdog, the light in the tunnel and now you act all “divide and conquer”. Makes it hard for me to trust you again, it’s ok to pull some BS from time to time and fool around with your customers but it becomes your new golden standard. I hope you’ll redeem yourselves and be the leader that deserves my praise (not simply a leader). I cannot justify you with a honest face anymore, even in front of a mirror. Hard times are coming, like they came for Nokia, RIM and many others, it’s a cycle and only question is “when”, next 12 months will be very important and we’ll know where we stand. Sincerely looking forward to writing you again and not simply saying “meh, whatever”.

  • It gets better and better ? Only not better than competition anymore. I remember there was a new iPad keynote and iOS always getting two major updates a year so does anybody know where’s that sweet 5.1 or 5.2 ? Looks like iPad got shafted this year because I don’t see different features added.
    How long can a company repeatedly not deliver and still sell well ? First the iPad, then iPhone 4S refresh, then new iPad refresh. I know evolution is slow but it’s ridiculous, each event brings less to the table. MacBooks still with 7h battery ? I heard that IvyBridge is less power hungry so what the hell happened ?

  • Another groundbreaking, incredible, unfathomable iOS that BLOWS my mind, Facebook and 200 tweaks ;-) All of this took only a year and my device will be completely different. How do you like them apples ? Joking aside I can only ask “is this for real ?”

    iPad could use more innovation, if iPhone gets specific exclusive features, iPad should have more ‘tablet only’ options (like gestures). But they would rather pretend it’s the same and later take away a few things here, take some more there and proudly announce “our devices run only one version of iOS”.

    And they’re disabling Messagess beta if you have installed it in 10.7. Apple giveth, Apple taketh away because if you don’t have much more to show in your new OS X (10.8)….. So it’s not like FaceTime beta which was even later made available in AppStore for $0.99. By the way I would prefer that they put every new tweak as an app in the AppStore. If you want everything you can buy the whole package for $20 but if you want for example Reminders, iMessagess, Notifications, AirPlay or Dictation (!) just buy the app for $0.99, $1.99, $2.99.

    • I’ll wait for Cyber Space Lion 10.9 and I would choose only AirPlay from AppStore for $2.99 because I don’t need sharing (I don’t feel like ‘face booking’ much :-)

    • A shame but even though I use iCloud already I don’t see anything that’s worth purchasing, maybe Reminders or NC for $1 (which looks like should have been released with 10.7 last year anyway).
      What else is there (in iOS 6) to add in 2013 ?

      • Nothing else to add except iBooks and full Siri, something from iOS 7 will be transferred to the Mac next year (but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it’ll be Maps or Weather). I only want a fixed iTunes & AppStore in OS X.

  • Happy with the new laptop hardware (and the promise of a new Mac Pro refresh next year), but iOS 6 was incredibly disappointing. I put the beta on my iPad & iPhone immediately and, while the tweaks are appreciated, there’s just so little that’s different that it concerns me.

    Most of the changes are basic cosmetic tweaks; only Apple has the clout to release such an anemic update and call it iOS6 instead of 5.5. This simply isn’t going to be competitive with the next generation mobile operating systems from the competition.

    Personally, I haven’t been able to stand using an Android device, but I own and adore my Windows Phone (Lumia 900) and find it more exciting because, while it’s the underdog by a long-shot, it does a LOT of things VERY right and offers a completely new paradigm for how a mobile OS can be.

    As much as I love Apple, I’m hoping that Microsoft takes advantage of their laziness and ROFLstomps their way into a serious competitive position with Windows Phone 8. Unlikely, but it may just be the shake-up we need to light a fire under our dear Apple’s butt.

  • WWDC 2012 – OS X 10.7.5 + iOS 5.5 + NextGen MacBook Pro

  • Apple wasn’t exactly focusing on the Mac with Mountain Lion that’s why it’s called OS X now but seriously I remember how I was protecting/justifying in comments 10.8 when it was first announced, people were bashing it as “nothing new, nothing special” and I was saying “it not a big difference because it’s free, you cannot complain at a free yearly update that much”. :-) Damn, I feel stupid now.

  • I have been a long time apple fan but their latest offering is rather ill thought out. There is nothing Pro as in professional about the new Macbook Pro. 1) Its not user upgradable, 2) Fixed RAM – cant upgrade it after you buy it. 3) SSD is Fixed to the mother board – cant change it or get a bigger size after. 4) No physical ethernet connection. 5) Battery is glued down. 6) RAM is soldered. 7) No CD Drive on Retina verisons. 8) Display is fused together as a single unit, if the screen become faulty or the isight does not work, you are forced to replaced the whole unit! These machines become costly to run. Apple warranties does not cover the natural loss in capacity from a user charging the battery over, and over, and over again. These machines become a cash cow for Apple. I rather have sensible functionality verses appearance.