Weekly Poll: What’s Your Email Client of Choice?

Although many people are perfectly happy using Gmail on the web, I’ve never particularly enjoyed the experience. I spend quite a bit of time reading and replying to email, and prefer to have an appealing interface in which to do so – Gmail might be functional, but it certainly isn’t pretty.

For the past five years or so, Mail.app was my preferred client of choice. It did everything I required from an email client, and synced well across my various devices. But development has slowed in recent years, and little has changed in the app since the release of Leopard.

I’ve recently made the move across to Postbox, and couldn’t be happier. It’s a fantastic piece of software, and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. If you’re tired of Mail.app (or your webmail interface), Postbox is definitely worth giving a try.

Of course, there are plenty of other alternatives. Take a look at our roundup of 8 Awesome Alternatives to Mail.App on Your Mac for some inspiration.

I’d be interested to hear what you think. Are you content with firing up Gmail.com, or do you prefer a desktop email companion? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to vote!


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  • I use (and love) Postbox. My only two feature requests are A.) an instant search as seen in Mail.app and B.) a better system of backing up where I don’t have to store/copy a 3GB clump of data.

    A. is proprietary to Apple, I believe. B. seems to plague all email apps.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, or doing it wrong.

    • You’re absolutely right! That’s my experience anyway, and it always frustrates me to lose so much disk space to an email client…

      • Any sort of “instant search” is going to require some pre-indexing of the data. Searching the index is faster than searching the mail database. Of course, the need itself is a file that needs to be stored. So … you trade off storage for speed of search. That’s how most databases boost performance.

  • Now that I’ve learned the keyboard shortcuts for GMail I find it a lot easier to use than other clients.

  • Sparrow is great for gmail. It’s the best application I’ve seen for gmail. I wish there was a iphone/ipad version with push for it.

  • I use Notify & voted for it. Its nice. But I see I end up opening a Gmail tab in Firefox most of the time, whether for finding mails inside labels, or going to Starred items etc.

    And ever since the new Labs feature of showing latest unread post count on the corner of Tab is introduced I am liking the native gmail.com UI even more :)

    • I use Notify as my first line of defence email, I use it with Growl and it stays in my menubar, for a more intense email session I use Sparrow.

  • I’m only back to Mail.app from Sparrow because I need to connect to an Exchange server and want one single email client. If it weren’t for that…it would be Sparrow for sure.

  • I use Postbox at work for multiple accounts and more features. However at home where I use only Gmail, I prefer Sparrow for it’s simplicity and sheer beauty. It’s a joy to use now they’ve ironed out a few bugs.

  • I recently switched to MailMate from Mail.app. It’s very nice IMAP-only mail client. http://freron.com/

    • Seconded on MailMate. Its very fast and clean. The thread-arc view is fantastic for finding your way around long conversations.

  • MailPlane, tired of keeping Gigs and Gigs of thrash on my computer (I gained more than 4Gigs deleting Mail and all the accounts).

    Whith MailPlane I’ve got everithing online (I do not keep anything on my comp), instant notification and my mails are organised as I see them on the screen (no strange things).

    My vote goes to… of course, MailPlane.

  • I’m sticking with Mail.app because not only it does emails but I can also read RSS feeds right from the app itself.

  • At the moment it’s GMail, but when the new Mail comes out, I think I’ll be switching back!

  • I used to use Mailplane at home and Sparrow at work, but then I saw how beautifully Postbox formatted exchanges. It’s all David’s fault I switched. :)

    Being able to assign color coded labels in Postbox is a life saver for me and I’m very happy with the change to this client.

    • It’s a good marketing tactic on their part I think :-)

  • I could never got used to Mail.app because it didn’t have the keyboard control GMail offers. I was looking for a native app because I wanted more system integration. Sparrow combines the best of two worlds; it has the keyboard control GMail and the system integration of Mail.

  • I use Gmail on the web, and also Thunderbird for my university’s mailbox. I’ve never get used to Mail.app. However, I’me waiting for the release of Sparrow 1.1 … and may switch to it at least for Gmail.

  • I use Gmail.com & it’s really fast & simple.
    I love this Gmail extension for Google Chrome http://d.pr/JMyA .

  • I absolutely love Sparrow. It has the absolute best interface and interaction. However, when I was running Sparrow, my CPU was always pegged and my backups were up in the 800MB+ range. When I closed Sparrow, all went quiet.

    I’ve moved back to Mail.app for now. When you figure out how to make Sparrow run quieter, please let me know. I follow your twitter.


  • I use Mail.app for my work mail and my gmail accounts, and it syncs to my Iphone. I agree that Mail isn’t necessarily the greatest, but you can’t beat the price, and it works for me. However, I do wish it would group email conversations together like the Iphone app does.

  • Click the View menu, and check “Organize by Thread”

  • Sparrow FTW ❤

  • Sparrow’s nice, but since a) I don’t use gmail, and b) I’m a developer, I vastly prefer Mail 5 at least for now. :)

    • Sparrow 1.1 supports all IMAP accounts now, not just Gmail.

    • you said you DON’T use gmail? really?

  • mail.app in mac osx 10.7 :-)

  • I used Mail.app, then switched completely to Sparrow. I never thought I would leave Apple’s Mail, but Sparrow was so small and easy. Then Sparrow started charging money. It’s not -THAT- small and easy, and the resources it uses are a bit ridiculous. Sort out the code and then start charging for it.

  • I just became a Mac user recently and have been reading various reviews on mail clients to use. Being the kind of user who enjoys reading email in a clean, smooth, and attractive interface, I just wasn’t satisfied with Mail.app, so I went ahead and searched for a better email client to use.

    After much reading, I decided to go for Postbox. I love every one of its features and will definitely stick to it all the way. I just hope they won’t charge users for future major upgrades!

  • I switched to Postbox, mostly because I can use it on my PC at work (boo) as well as my Macs at home. I’m not sure it’s really an improvement for me over Apple Mail. But I really hate web-based mail.

  • Seems that Sparrow is as popular as Mail.app itself. I’ve tried all sorts of different email apps but Sparrow is by far the best.

    I have to admit that Mail 5 looks pretty promising, can’t wait to get Lion. Should get me a Developers account to get it earlier, haha.

  • I use postbox for a while and I’m very satisfied.

  • Stuck with Outlook I’m afraid (Mail.app sucks), my email uses exchange servers…

  • For those whom uses Mail.app try Outlook 2011, its a way better. I stopped to use Mail after using it for 2 years. Outlook 2011 is ease to use, brings tons of different things to use, is fast, load the contacts, notes and calendar on the same place. Nowadays is the best option for e-mail client.

  • Mail.app was my choice, but i needed more features so I switched recently to Thunderbird, and I was blown away….

    It has every feature of Mail.app and you can extend it further by downloading more extensions and Add-ons… better yet, customize its interface to make it more personal.

    I highly recommend Thunderbird!

  • I was using Mail.app, but it’s lack of easy integration with my Google Apps account made me stop. I tried Sparrow while it was in beta, but I don’t want to pay money for it. I’m now just using the web interface for Gmail while I wait for OSX Lion’s newly revamped Mail.app

  • Perhaps I’m just too stuck in my ways but I still use TrulyMail. Have been using it for more than a year and really wouldn’t part with it. It doesn’t run natively on my mac so I use VMWare Fusion (which is also great).

  • As a new windows convert, Mail.app is like nirvana. And the fast searching of a dozen mail accounts really nice.

  • google.com/mail works perfectly. Mail.app caches everything to my HDD. I only have a 60 gig drive. Why would I want off-site caching when Google has supreme redundancy standards and doesn’t even actually delete my deleted items, even when I tell them to… and I have 24/7 internet access everywhere I go. hrrrrmmmmm…

  • Put me down as the dinosaur – I’ve tried them all and keep heading back to Eudora. Why? Because it is *still the only mail app that I know of the allows one to edit the originator’s Subject line. (It does this by maintaining the original text, while supplying the user their own Subject file, quite transparently. This obviously allows organization and categoration of info like no other.)
    Lion/10.7 is going to finally kill Eudora (& all other old gems) off by removing all ability to run old applications. This means that *I am killing off all new Apple purchases. Am going to buy the now MBP running 10.6, and there I stay. 20 years of records is worth more to me.
    Please! Some developer. Do the same with the modify-able subject line!