Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite MacBook Screen Size?

When it’s time to buy a new MacBook, there’s a lot of decisions you’ll have to make. Air or Pro, or Retina Pro? In-store model, or extra ram? Faster processor or more storage?

Most of these choices are permanent nowadays, with even the ram soldered to the motherboard. But in many ways, the screen size will define how you use your Mac more than many of the other decisions. The 11″ Air will be the most cramped, but will also be the most portable, while a 15″ Pro will give you the most space but will also feel much more like a desktop and will be less portable.

I just purchased a new MacBook Air that’s en route from China right now. I chose the 13″ Air, as it felt like the best middle between size and portability, and sure hope I feel like I’ve made the right choice. It made me wonder what your favorite screen size is. What MacBook screen size do you own, or would you purchase if you could choose any right now?


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  • I prefer 14″ laptop but eventually settled with 15″ mbp. given the new mbp air supports 1440*900 might buy it next time around

  • 13″ it is a good choice :D

  • Having owned a 12″ powerbook, 13″ macbook, and 15″ mbp, the 13″ was the awkward one, but that was mainly due to the resolution. Ideally a 14″ macbook air would be the best of both worlds, but I would be tempted with a 13″ air as a replacement to my current mbp.

  • My favorite is the 15″. It was a bit cramped for my workflow on my old macbook pro, but after the macbook pro with retina, 15″ is plenty.

  • I don’t care much about the size of the display, just as long as it has a high dpi. After all, I can do most of what I do on my laptop using the tiny display on my iPhone. The only exception is design work. Even if good design apps were available for iPhone, the screen is just too small and existing touch interfaces are too imprecise to do any real work on it. I can’t imagine doing design work from start to hitting “Print” on an iPhone alone.

    My laptop is a 17″ display at 133 dpi. I’ve been wanting to upgrade, but even current 15″ MacBook Pros only get up to 132 dpi (which is the same, not an upgrade).

    …so I’m pretty excited about the 15″ retina MBP at 220 dpi! Even though it’s a smaller display, it packs in even more pixels. I haven’t had a chance to try one out, but I assume it will be satisfactory ;D

  • In general I prefer working on a 15″ screen, however I prefer the 13″ overall because it’s more portable (even if only by a small amount).