Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favourite Twitter Client?

It’s amazing to see how Twitter has dominated over the past few years, rising to fame, fortune, and almost ubiquitous use by anyone interested in the web and technology. It’s a great way to communicate and stay up-to-date, and most people would agree that much of their success is attributable to an open API and the sheer number of applications built on top of the service.

As Mac users, we’re ridiculously spoilt for choice when picking a desktop Twitter client. I’d even go so far as to say there are probably more Twitter apps to choose from than email clients – a crazy situation for a social platform that has only been around for just over four years.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Tweetie Twitter for Mac, and love the changes that came along with the latest release. I’m also partial to Twitterrific (and am enjoying playing around with the latest 4.0 release). I like the simplicity of these apps, and have never considered myself a Twitter “power user”.

In today’s poll, I’d love to hear what your desktop client of choice is. I’ve done my best to include what I consider to be the main players in the poll, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have missed one or two. If that’s the case, accept my apologies in advance, and let me know in the comments!

I’d also love to hear why you use a particular client, so feel free to discuss the reasoning for your decision below…


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  • YoruFukurou

    • I agree. It’s a great client, despite the unfortunate name.

      • Yep I use it too. It’s the best I’ve used and I’ve tried Twitter for Mac, Echofon, Tweetdeck, Kiwi, Habari, Nambu and Seesmic.

    • Never come across this one before. I’ll take a look!

    • +1

    • +1

  • I love Twitter for Mac:

    -Allows Tweeting of any text from the Services menu
    -Universal New Tweet hotkey
    -Feature rich context menu
    -Three finger swipe to open any link in a Tweet
    -Growl support (completely inexcusable not to have this in a modern Twitter client)
    -iOS appearance (I love the similarity between Sparrow and Twitter)

    It has some flaws, though:

    -No bit.ly API
    -Hideous dock icon
    -Doesn’t follow HIG (closing the app hides it – what?)

    • Twitter for Mac is the runner-up for me. There isn’t a more gorgeous Twitter app out there but it bothered me how the app rebranded all links to t.co links (even previously shortened ones). Short links still worked after they were rebranded (bit.ly/droplr analytics even work) it just seemed weird though.

  • Where’s Hootsuite?!

    • Web.AppStorm is that way —>


  • Really love YoruFukurou. It has everything I want, except (sadly) multiple account support. But it’s awesome and free.

    • it supports multiple account in the last version.

  • I prefer Echofon. It’s the only Twiiter app I ever even considered purchasing (and eventually did buy). Sync is the killer feature for me. Sure, it may seem like a minor annoyance to have to find where you’ve left off in your timeline when you switch devices, but after having the feature, I can’t go back. I had a serious flirtation with the official Twitter apps for desktop and iPhone but sync keeps bringing me back to Echofon.

    • Absolutely! Sync is the primary feature I depend on. Echofon is good, but it’s the pairing of a decent Mac app with a solid iOS app that really makes it worthwhile. That said, Tweetings just released a Mac app with syncing as well, and it still doesn’t hold a candle to Echofon. So maybe Echofon is more than just “good.” :D

  • Echofon, without any doubt whatsoever! I simply don’t understand how people can use Twitter for Mac and praise it when it’s clearly beautiful but oh-so-limited in features.

    Let’s see what Echofon boasts:

    – Real-time streaming (Twitter for Mac has this too)
    – Retweet old and new style
    – Growl notifications
    – HIGHLIGHTS (just this is enough to make me use Echofon over the rest) displayed in blue and optional Growl notification, so I only read about what interests me
    – Trends! I mean, WHY doesn’t a Twitter client have Trending Topics on the Mac version?! It’s inexplicable, all iPhone ones have it….just want one with explanations now for Mac.
    – Sync with iPhone/iPad (very important)
    – Clean interface (Twitter for Mac beats it, but still it’s well done)
    – Marking tweets as read just by scrolling to the top
    – Unquestionable and unrivaled profile viewer with all the details you need on a certain user and yourself
    – Notifies you when someone starts following you or favs. your tweet (VERY valuable, so I know if it’s worth following them back/people appreciate my tweets)
    – Very lightweight
    – Conversation viewer with conversations ACTUALLY showing the way they are supposed to (with the latest tweet on the BOTTOM for convos, not the top like many other clients do…)
    – Growl notifications easily tailored to your likes

    Things Echofon for Mac needs to have:
    – Mute/filters (already does on iPhone/iPad version)
    – Better interface with themes
    – Explanations to trending topics
    – See who retweeted your tweets (instead of having to go to the Web interface to view it), or at least HOW MANY people retweeted

    • Twitterriffic for Mac has trends.

    • The killer features that I cannot live without are:

      i) the HIGHLIGHTS feature (plus click-to-dissapear Growl notifications)
      ii) sync from cloud to iDevice & Mac where was your last read
      iii) the browser drawer, of course!

      Stick to Echofon because it’s balancing its features, not too over-crowded or not becoming too simplistic with less-features

    • “Retweet old and new style” – Twitter has Quote, which is basically the same

      “Retweet old and new style” – Twitter has it

      “Highlights” – Don’t know exactly what you mean, but I think Twitter has it

      “Trends” – Twitter has it, under Search

      “Marking tweets as read just by scrolling to the top” – Twitter has it

      “Unquestionable and unrivaled profile viewer with all the details you need on a certain user and yourself” – Twitter has it, at least what I need

      “Conversation viewer with conversations ACTUALLY showing the way they are supposed to” – I like Twitter’s way better

      “Growl notifications easily tailored to your likes” – Twitter has it

      Oh, and I use Twitter for Mac. ;)

  • It’s funny that you’d use Twitter-for-Mac’s icon (aka Ollie) as the header image for this poll.

    • Is it? It looks like twitterrific icon for me

    • I meant Twitterriffic-for-mac’s icon.

    • It’s the Twitterrific icon. Any my all-time favourite Twitter-related graphic :-)

  • Another vote for Echofon. Love it.

  • I absolutely love Twitter for mac, but most of my work is done on Windows. It’s saddening to know Twitter doesn’t have any future plans to port the app :\.

  • Adium. Doesn’t have the functionality that most people would like from a proper, full-featured Twitter client, but I’m always logged in anyway for MSN and Google Talk and I just don’t CARE about Twitter that much. My feed’s there in a message window if I choose to look.

  • Not a twitter power user either. I find that twitter for mac does me just fine and works great with all the accounts I manage. Only ever tried Socialite of those listed above and just couldn’t get into the interface. Probably should try a few more on the list, but if it isn’t broke…

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t use Twitter?

    I find that Twitter (and Facebook) are big productivty killers for me. When I’m working, I’m working. When I want to socialise I meet up with my friends face to face (shock horror).

    And for those who are using social media for business, that’s fine – I hope you’re satisfied with your ROI. Personally I’ve had better ROI from SEO and PPC, but your mileage may vary.

    [end rant]

  • I loved echofon, but twitter for mac (TFM) is awesome right now. Echofon still have any better features but TFM’s design wins. I’d wish that Echofon becomes so comfortable than TFM using the keyboard.

    Anyway I miss features on TFM like notifications when other favs or RT your tweet or notifications when someone begins to follow you.

    Go echofon go!

  • Why no Weet?

    I love Weet. Way better than the stupid new UI of Twitter for Mac (what was Brichter thinking?)

  • Twhirl is dated but still the best, and I prefer it to Twitter for Mac mostly because of the myriad options it lets you configure, and because of how well it handles Retweets.

    • yep, me too. for all the reasons you state. it’s not trying to do everything, but what it does it does elegantly. it’s also got a very tiny footprint on my desktop. i don’t want a twitter client that eats up my space!

  • I am not satisfied with any. Twitter does not have tabs like Kiwi that allow me switch between searches (e.g. #Egypt). Can someone confirm this? You can’t seem to store searches in the sidebar. Kiwi does not do Facebook. And Tweetdeck does not open links in the background.

    Can anyone recommend a tab-like, Facebook friendly, link in background client?

  • My current favorite is Twitterrific. Definitely give it a shot. You can try the free version from their website: http://twitterrific.com/mac. Be sure to watch the video and check out the keyboard shortcuts in the FAQ.

    Twitter for Mac is also excellent. I love the way it looks and the multitouch features. But there are a few things that keep me away from it.
    • The forced t.co links are ridiculous. There should at least be a preference to turn that off. If I have my own shortener, I don’t need it shortened again, regardless of if it still works. Also, sometimes I want the web address as part of my sentence. The good news is that Loren Brichter has tweeted that will be addressed in a future update.
    • It only loads about 600 tweets. If I skip an evening and want to pick up where I left off in the morning, sometimes that’s too far past. Twitterrific and Echofon can go back much further, so I don’t understand why Twitter for Mac can’t also.
    • No services built in, such as bit.ly, CloudApp or Instapaper. I’m sure that is being worked on though.

    Echofon would be my third choice. Feature-wise it’s got pretty much everything, it just looks very plain. Not necessarily ugly, just plain. They should hire a really great interface designer. They could also at the least allow some sort of customization or even theming.

  • Nambu is my personal client, really rich in features and advanced.

  • Twitter for Mac is my favorite. But, I think I really need to try yorufukurou. Quite a lot of praise for it here.

  • Yorufukurou gets my big ups every time. Massively feature rich & now it can cope with multiple accounts it’s become a real contender. I particularly love that the interface is customisable so you can make it look as cool & slick as you want. I also love how it deals with pic links, rather than opening your browser it launches a quicklook style HUD displaying the image in full size with no adverts. There’s also a really cool yorufukurou bookmarklet under tools in the menubar that sends the browser page your on to Yorufukurou ready for posting just by hitting a keystroke trigger of your choosing.

    On the downside it does lack filters and trend integration. And I’d like if it had tweetshrink capabilities. But overall the fact that the interface & growl itegration are so highly
    customisable wins it for me. The App us still in very active development though, there seems to be at least two new updates every week. So I reckon these things will come.

    Im curious as to how many of the “others” option above are for Yorufukurou.

  • Trying out Night Owl since so many of you recommended it. Has been using it for half an hour and so far it’s ACE.

    • By Night Owl I mean Yorufukurou.