Weekly Poll: What’s Your Newest Favorite App?

It’s always exciting to find a new app that perfectly fits your needs. Some programs are great, and you’ll use them every day, but then sometimes you need this one little utility to make a part of your life easier. Even if you only use it a few times it feels amazing that there was an app that did just what you needed.

App Stores are great for discovering apps like this. I once needed to quickly crop and rotate a set of images on my iPad. Without knowing any apps that could do that, I searched the App Store and quickly found OneEdit, which did exactly what I needed.

On my Mac, I’ve recently started using QuickCursor and Sublime Text 2, both apps that I thought I didn’t need but now would hate to live without. It made me wonder how many apps our reader have recently discovered that really helped them.

So, what’s the greatest new app you’ve started using on your Mac? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe we’ll discover a few apps we didn’t know of before, too!

I know: it can’t be a poll without a poll, but hey, you have to change things around sometimes, right?


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  • Open RA is the best thing ever.

    Some guys rebuilt red alert 95 for the mac and other platforms and I play a couple of online games almost every day!

    Its amazing!


    You guys should check it out…. if you are C&C fans!! XD

  • +1 for Sublime Text 2, but it’s not very new in my arsenal. SourceTree recently became my go to app for working with git. I also started using CodeBox, but the jury is still out on that. I’d add zsh (packaged in OhMyZsh).

  • Cobook – the best contacts manager ever made! (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cobook/id525225808?mt=12), Spectacle – I love move windows without using the mose (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spectacle/id487069743?mt=12), MailUnreadMenu – I’m done with Sparrow, can’t create filter, so back to Mail.app (http://loganrockmore.com/MailUnreadMenu/), Fluid – to look at twitter, the native app sucks (http://fluidapp.com/), I also remove Sublime Text 2, US$50?, meh, MacVim + janus is just fine.

  • +1 on Sublime Text 2… the best web development app i have ever used. Also love ImageOptim, CodeBox, Sequel Pro, and MAMP to name a few

  • I just bought Layer Cake by MacRabbit. Very useful to export images for app UI and websites from a Photoshop document.

    It’s not perfect (for instance, it doesn’t scale Smart Objects losslessly when creating Retina @2x images), but it does most of the job automatically; very few images are left to export manually.

    I’m not done exploring what it can do, but so far it seems like a great timesaver! If you’re a web or app developer you should definitely check it out and see if it can fit in your workflow:


  • CoBook (on the app store) – I know, but I have been wanting an app exactly like this for a while. And its free.

  • I just picked up Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast in the App Store for $15 the other day. The purchase was well worth it. I have so many memories playing on the Original Xbox… The devs (Aspyr) kept all the features intact including multiplayer against humans and bots.

  • My favorite newest app is: iClipboard (search it on the Mac App Store) from Chronosnet.com that’s a great app to have.

  • Lately I’ve started using taskcard (www.taskcardosx.com). It’s kind of stickies with much better use. I’m big fan of Alfred (www.alfredapp.com). Other softwares I use and like most are here (http://pinterest.com/goguzo/softwares-i-like-and-use-most/).

  • Cheatsheet!

  • I found “Plex” fairly recently. Its absolutely amazing media streaming service, completely free!

  • OmmWriter Dana

  • MPlayerX – plays every kind of video and audio file you throw at it, and only takes up 15MB of your HD.
    TotalSpaces (0.10.3)- Sanedesk not working in Lion? This is. Basically multiple desktops, but you can’t have multiple docks.. yet

  • YouTube5 – Safari extension. Shows all videos in best resolution, better UI, can download videos and doesn’t require Flash to be installed. Love it.

    TotalTerminal – Ability to toggle a terminal window (show / hide) by pressing a key (cmd + cmd in my case).

    Cheatsheet – show shortcuts for _any_ active application by pressing a key.

  • Another +1 for Sublime Text 2. Just started using it, and it is amazing.

  • I prefer Pixelmator, 1Password and MultiBrowser

  • For me it’d have to be Emacs 24 which was released a couple of weeks ago. However I’ve been using nightly builds of Emacs 24 since last summer, so not sure if it counts :P

  • TotalFinder: a must have, using it every now and then.

  • Clipboard History – I don’t know how I lived without it.

  • CODA 2 !

  • Pandabar

  • YNAB 4. I’ve been obsessed with it’s beautiful new charts. It’s not just about how great they look, they are also quite informative with a lot of the comparison options allowing you to see exactly how your sending your money. At first glance I didn’t think this new release had much to offer than the last, but on further use of the program/software/app, it really does make budgeting and keeping track of your money more enjoyable, intuitive, and informative. Well worth the upgrade in my opinion.

  • Broomstick

    It hides/shows menu bar icons even if the program itself doesn’t allow you to.