Weekly Poll: Which Browser Do You Use?

As new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 become more prevalent, your choice of browser is becoming more important than ever. Browsers differ not only on their overall UI experience and feature base, but also in their support of newer standards and practices in web development.

Today we want to know which side you stand on in the browser wars. Vote in the poll on the right and let us know which option you use most frequently. If your browser isn’t listed, write it in!

After you vote, leave a comment below defending your answer. Do you prefer Webkit or Mozilla browsers? Or perhaps you like the unique offerings of another system like Opera. We want to know!

As for me, I’ve been a Safari fan since the early days of the browser. I’ve done my fair share of skipping around though, I spent six months as a Camino user a few years ago and recently had extended experiences with Chrome and Rockmelt, in the end I’m not entirely sure why I end up back in Safari but I always do!


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  • It is funny that nobody has chosen Opera yet, because I have been looking into it. For users with a slower internet connections it has a very interesting “turbo mode” which speeds up browsing. Might work in a overcrowded Starbucks to.

  • for firefox is the best, but dont know why when firefox upgraded to 6.0, the browser are slow and sometimes crash….hope mozilla think fast about upgrading to the next level with fix issue.

  • Safari 5.1 makes the job, but I miss the extra download-window from version 4.0,
    I don’t really like the new one, which disappears when you close the browser-window.

    • Have you tryed putting a download tab in your safari menubar?
      From 5.0 it looks fantastic and i like it a lot.

      • And how do you do that?

  • I keep trying Chrome and Firefox — and do use Firefox for Web development, but for everyday usage I keep going back to Safari. I like how it highlights search terms, its search of browser history, its speed, and especially the double-tap to zoom in Lion.

  • I’ve used Chrome 100% ever since it was released, until I switched to a Mac this summer. In Lion, Safari 5.1 is really awesome with the two-finger back/forward swiping, elastic scrolling, and dynamic zooming. That said, it doesn’t run web apps as fast as Chrome and I’ve still had some trouble with it crashing, so I’m playing with the idea of switching back to Chrome. I hate to, though … Safari really does feel nicer on a Mac.

    • Ya, I have noticed Chrome is still faster at some things. I really liked the gestures that safari provided so I started using bettertouchtools. It lets you add those gestures to any application, not just chrome. Hope this helps. :)

  • I really don’t understand how Safari can have such a lead here – Chrome is far superior and even Firefox is better.

    Last time i tried Safari i already got annoyed, when clicking the adress bar, that it doesn’t select the whole adress – you need to double click. Why? And it’s tons of those little things that are just better in Chrome.

    • About your problem with Safari, try ⌘ + L to go to address bar and select its content.

      I prefer Chrome too, but it doesn’t play nice with Lion yet. That made me –and a lot of other users, as I can see– to switch back to Safari.

    • You have to click on the favicon.

    • You have to learn how to use it. I, for one, like the fact I can click on and highlight just part of an address rather than have to retype “www” and “.com” – I find the opposite quite annoying in Chrome.

  • I use Safari, primarily, but have Chrome as a backup for Flash-enabled content. (I don’t plan on installing Flash as a system-wide plugin, for security reasons, and also because all the browsers are “crasher” with it.)

    I also hang onto a copy of Firefox, because of a few work web-apps that are stuck in 2007.

  • Well do you have any choice if you run Lion? Back/forward gestures with the magic mouse/trackpad only works with Safari. On my computer Firefox is faster, especially for sites with a lot of flash content, but the lack of gestures, and the fact that Safari is more elegant and simple keeps me using Safari as primary browser.

  • Using Safari. I feel like saying “still”, as I’ve loved Safari since I first started using it, but these latest versions haven’t convinced. I’m really not enjoying the way it’s (not?) storing tabs now.

    As I result I’ve been really thinking about changing. After what I’ve recently read about Chrome (instant/intelligent load page) that might be the way to go.

    As anyone tried it yet?

  • Safari was my main browser, but with the 5.1 update, I have a few issues with it. One of them is wonky text encoding (yeah, you won’t notice unless you’re browsing pages with special characters like æ, ø and å, but it’s a big deal if you do) and more importantly the old Evernote-plugin do not work and the new extension are just as poor as the ones in the other browsers. Hence, Safari lost its edge and now I switch between Opera and Chrome.

  • Primary is Safari 5.1. It IS the faster, have the minimalistic interface and the Reader feature is very needed.
    Secondary is Chrome when I need to open a Flash page.
    Third is Firefox, when I have to use it with TOR (for anonymity).
    Opera the last one. After a new release I give it a check but never surpasses MY expectations.

  • I voted Chrome. I have tried other browsers but Chrome handles page zooming the best; it zooms on a page-per-page basic, so I can zoom Facebook in while leaving other sites alone.

  • Also, everybody who is saying Chrome doesn’t support Lion gestures, try the Dev version, it is stable enough for everyday use and supports the gestures and elastic page scrolling.

  • Don’t know what the current status is on a separate issue, but you have any interest in real private browser (even when you have to turn on that feature instead of it being a standard selection), then you’d better rethink using Chrome or Safari. Both browsers were (?) known to report a user’s IP address via an obscure port using FTP protocols. Whether that has changed in current versions, I don’t know… and don’t care. The fact that Google and Apple both did this with their browsers (combined with what is well known about Apple portable devices and GPS info) is enough not to trust them when you want more than an illusion of privacy.

  • I use Safari and Chrome. Right now mostly Safari, because of Lion gestures.

    I don’t like Firefox on Mac, because it doesn’t use the Keychain. Many people use Firefox for web development, but I try first with the web inspector and usually it’s enough.

  • I switched to Chrome a couple of weeks ago, after years of using Firefox. Firefox was getting annoyingly buggy, with scroll lag that I couldn’t seem to shake.

    I tried Safari briefly, but there’s always been something about it that I just don’t like, despite not ever being able to articulate what or why. Thus, Chrome.

  • Safari on my Mac, Firefox everywhere else.

    • I do the same. Firefox for Mac isn’t as polished as other OSes.

      Saw the new UI Mozilla is going to implement in 8.0 and it looks amazing. Hopefully Firefox will be my primary.

  • I used to use Chome, up until the Lion update, when I switched to Safari because Chrome just didn’t work right anymore. Still waiting for that Chrome update…

  • Personally, I’ve used Safari since I first got my Macbook. All the others just don’t seem to fit into the overall theme of OS X for me. But I have a Windows PC too, and Chrome is the thing I download right from the install.

  • Chrome. Since I first downloaded it, for my Windows, I was never able to change it. I’ve tried Firefox (which I used before Chrome), Safari and Opera, but I always came back. Better not talk about IE.
    When I bought my Mac, just downloaded Chrome. I logged in with my Google account and BANG, my Chrome was there, with my extensions, bookmarks, themes, etc.

    So, in case you haven’t caught it, Chrome.

  • Chrome all the way – simply because it natively supports userscripts and has a huge extension library that now rivals Firefox’s. Not to mention its blazing speed and frequent updates.

  • I use Safari. I briefly used FF to try it out and Chrome too (specifically for Flash at one stage when I tried to run a Flash-free system) but I kept going back to Safari because it’s the default browser, secure (ish), fast and really simple to use.

  • I use Chrome almost all the time. Part of the reason for that is that I still have a Windows desktop (for gaming) and some jobs require me to work on Linux (usually Ubuntu or RedHat) or Windows as well. The last time I tried Safari on Windows, it was simply unacceptable.

    Plus, Chrome has the benefit of automatic browser syncing on all my computers through my Google account. The way Chrome implements that feature trumps all other browsers on its own. Also, Chrome has clickToFlash built-in these days, no plugins needed.

    (I also use Firefox, but that’s strictly for work development/testing purposes)

  • Safari all the way, interface is clean and I like how the bookmarks don’t have icons next to them. Tap to zoom is really handy, makes things much easier to read imo Reader isn’t needed anymore.Don’t like the new download menu either though ugh…

    But how do you guys sync bookmarks on your iPhone devices with browsers other than Safari?

  • I’m not entirely sure why you end up back in Safari after Chrome either.

  • I use different browsers for different things… I like Safari for personal stuff and research. Firefox for web development cause you just can’t beat Firebug. and Chrome’s my default browser for work to keep things separated. This system has worked out really well and has helped me stay organized. Also helps me stay up-to-date with the latest browser technologies.

  • Chrome all the way. I am running the canary version which enables the 2 finger swipes for back / forwards which has sorted any issues I had. I find the developer tools in chrome to be better than Firefox as well.

  • Selected Chrome but I actually use the stable release of Chromium.

  • Chrome Canary (much more Lion compatible than Chrome Stable/Beta/Dev) with fullscreen, Magic Mouse back/forward swipe.

  • This poll would’ve been better to allow multiple selections as I’m sure there’s people who use more than one browser, e.g. Safari for browsing and Firefox for development. Not that long ago I used to have Safari, Firefox & Opera open every day, but now am just using Chrome.

  • I’ve used firefox for years but I find it more and more unreliable, slower and a bit of a drag. Also it’s getting updated every other week! Might have to move over to safari…

  • Chrome.
    I wish safari has shortcuts to switch between tabs (cmd + num).
    I know cmd + shift + left/right does similar job, but I need some simpler and more unified shortcuts because I use both mac and PC.

  • Safari all the way now!

    I used to be Firefox boy for ages, was installing it on computers I fixed for people and using it for web development.

    But then (I don’t actually remember when) I start using Safari and fall in love with it and its Web Inspector.

    I don’t need plugins, only one plugin I was in need were Firebug (that is one laggy webdev tool).

    Just brilliant, simple and brilliant.

  • I was using IE before , but ıve passed to Chrome after then. Chrome is the best. Also it is useful and fast.

  • I use safari on both windows and Mac. I simply like the over all features it provides. It is not perfect but none of them are perfect. I keep Internet explorer on the windows unit also because it would work better for some things than other browsers, as of lately safari seems to work well with all I do.

  • I use chrome and safari. I use safari most of the time until i encounter pages with flash content or a lot of ads.

    I prefer Safari simply because of the way it “feels” (scrolling, zooming, gestures)

    Chrome, on the other hand, seems to offer far superior extensions (adblock plus) and better RAM optimization than safari. Safari works and runs flawlessly yet eats up around 800mb of RAM after around an hour of use with extensions disabled.

    Despite the gripes I have with Safari and the benefits of Chrome, I always find myself using Safari as my main browser.