Weekly Poll: Which Office Software Do You Use?

Office 2011 brings plenty of improvements over previous versions, but it’s still far from perfect. And despite the overwhelming dominance of Microsoft Office across Windows and Mac, it certainly isn’t the only suite of office-style tools available.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the iWork suite. After a sluggish and frustrating first release, I think that it has improved in leaps and bounds. I use Pages and Numbers almost exclusively for all my word processing and spreadsheet work (though I prefer to write in something simpler most of the time).

Another alternative is the excellent OpenOffice, which recently celebrated its 10th birthday. This has really become a viable contender in recent years, and version 3 felt considerably more “at home” on OS X. If you’ve never used OpenOffice before, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

So, which suite of “office” style applications do you use? Like me, are you an iWork fan? Or do you think that Microsoft Office still leads the way in this area? Share your thoughts in the comments – I’d love to hear what you think!


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  • You should add Google Docs, I’m sure a lot of people use that.

  • Wow, it’s hard to believe OpenOffice has been out for 10 years already. Happy Birthday OO!

  • iWork is a complete package that covers everything i need. and it came with unbeatable price.

    There are several free alternative to Pages. people who need laser-sharp focus in writings should take a look at OmmWriter. One of the most beautiful writing application on Mac. I did my thesis on it. But still, any formatting work was done on iWork. now Pages ’09 has full screen mode which is a nice feat.

    Bean is a decent alternative but the format always changes whenever i reopen it. MyWritings is now my main go-to writing apps. Its a lot faster and simpler.

  • For writing I use Bean (http://www.bean-osx.com/Bean.html), for spreadsheets I use Numbers, and for presentations I use InDesign and export as PDF. Also Keynote. So I guess I use iWork, but I literally have never used Pages.

  • I have only used Iworks since the beginning of my mac days a few years ago, and have never looked back. And to think you can get a 5 pac for a fraction of the price of one license of office, why would you even think of using office? I use pages, numbers, and keynotes. I do admit to also using Indesign.

  • You’ve left off the more Mac-centric fork of Openoffice.org – NeoOffice.

    • Here’s another vote for NeoOffice. OpenOffice doesn’t properly format pages for printing on my laser printer, they’re always offset, not centered. I don’t know what the difference is between NeoOffice and OpenOffice in the printer functions, but NeoOffice works and OpenOffice doesn’t quite. OpenOffice does everything else just as well, though.

  • I still prefer to use Microsoft Office. Why? because majority of people in my country (Cambodia) are still using Microsoft Windows, and therefore once in a while i need to cross plate form and use their computers, so i need to make sure i do good in microsoft office. what if i’m used to iWork, but once i jump to my friend’s computer which use Microsoft Office, it’d take me a while to get around it, and that’s time wasting. So i’d still following the majority even i’m a really big fan of Mac and having my own Mac for myself.

  • Google docs

    • Google Docs+1

  • I don’t use any office software at all, maybe add that to the list as well?

  • At home i use iWork, but in office today you can´t really use anything else than Office from Microsoft. The look and feel of Apple-Products are much more advanced, but there are more things to think about: Who large is you office? What does your customers use? Do you need Exchange? Are you happy with numbers or do you need something like pivot-tables? How are you planning meetings?
    The use of Exchange with Snow Leopard is a big step forward, but there is much more to do. And MobileMe isn´t a competitor.

  • Ragtime is the best Office Software ever!

  • I actually use all of them, which the poll doesn’t reflect. OpenOffice for files my students send that can’t be opened in Word iWork or Bean (Microsoft Works, basically), Word for writing, Keynote for presentations, Numbers for some of the spreadsheets I do and Excel for most of the rest. Pages for that very rare moment when I need crude layout (and I emphasize how crude that is). So, I can’t really take the poll, now, can I?

    • Same, I use Numbers and Pages for all my personal stuff. I have to use Excel and Word for work-stuff to ensure compatibility. I use keynote for presentations as it smacks powerpoint into the ground. :D

      Very occasionally, I have to do some Arabic copy and pasting into a document. Word and iWork do not like this and the arabic always comes out garbled. This is when OpenOffice steps in and saves my bacon.

      Does Google docs support Arabic natively? Means I can uninstall OOo and save some disk space if that’s the case.

  • iWork definitely.

  • LibreOffice until iwork 11 comes out.

  • LibreOffice. I’ve replaced it as my go-to before iWorks and OpenOffice, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

  • Bean + NeoOffice because they’re free.

  • I’ve used OpenOffice, LibreOffice and NeoOffice: all of them are dog slow on my Mac. Might give iWork a go to see if it’s any better.

  • Keylogger and GPS.