Weekly Poll: Which Omni Group Apps do You Use?

If you’ve used a Mac for any amount of time, you’ve surely heard of the Omni Group‘s popular Mac apps. OmniFocus, easily their most well known app, is the leading task management app for Mac users that want to keep up with everything about their tasks and get things done. Their other apps, including OmniOutliner for outlines, OmniPlan for project management, and OmniGraffle for creating drawings and diagrams, are all category-leading apps that have been popular for years.

The Omni Group got its start as a consulting company for NeXTSTEP, the predecessor to OSX by Steve Jobs’ second company, and later transitioned to making apps for OS X. Today, all of their major apps are on iOS as well, and are in many ways leading examples of the best iOS has to offer for productivity.

Back on the Mac, Omni’s apps are still popular, and continue to be some of the best ways to get things done, make outlines and diagrams, and more. They’re a big part of the Mac app scene, and a great example of the great software you can only get on a Mac.

That’s why we’re wondering: what Omni apps do you use? Do you rely on them every day? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Omni apps in the comments below.

…goes to check off this task in OmniFocus as I hit publish


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  • I used to use OmniOutliner, as it came with my Mac. However, at some point after an OS upgrade it started demanding a license, so I moved everything to vim outliner or Circus Ponies Notebook.

    Other than that, I use OmniDiskSweeper.

    I was interested in OmniFocus, but it’s not useful without a way to refer to my to-do items and update them from my phone, so I’m still using a simple to-do list.

    • There is an iPhone version of OmniFocus, with free sync via Omni’s servers, if you’re using an iPhone…

  • hmm i just tried some omnix stuff but all of them are not designed for me.
    i like nice and beautiful designs. omni products are all but beautiful.
    if i wouldn’t care for nice designed apps then i could also use linux or windows as base…

    so sorry to say but omni doesn’t do anything to get my money…
    (think about that – i never tried to get a illegal copy of any omni app – that tells tails and stories!)

  • My first (and only) Omnigroup app is Omnifocus for the iPad. Its features are enough for me to keep track of my projects and to-dos, so much so that I don’t find myself in need of the Mac version.

    • The iPad version is great. I bought it first, and it honestly is the best version of OmniFocus … except the Mac app is a bit quicker to use if you need to enter a lot of tasks with a lot of text.

  • I use them all periodically; omnigraph being the most frequent. The current omniplan has, sadly, like a number of other apps, followed Apple’s derisory design (mis)lead and become grey grey grey so its really hard to use. I have downgraded back to the previous version which still has icons with colour in them whilst I check out other project planning apps to use. Shame. Forklift has gone the same way. Shame. Can’t understand why these developers seem to hate any colour in their apps.

  • I personally use OmniFocus on the Mac, and OmniFocus and OmniOutliner on the iPad. Looking forward to the next version of OmniOutliner for Mac, and I plan to give it a try when it comes out.

  • I live by OmniFocus on my Mac and use it occasionally on my iPhone. I also use OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner a bit.

    It would be great if this was an actual poll.